SPLC writer David Ruenzel has set the bar for all disingenuous white liberals! Ruenzel wrote about the terrible phenomenon called white privilege that makes blacks drop out of school, have multiple illegitimate children, commit murder and violent acts, etc at multiples more than other races.

David Ruenzel so hated his white privilege that he gave his life as a sacrificial lamb to atone for the millions of years that his fellow whites have kept black people down. It was a beautiful and selfless gesture. AWD recommends all other disingenuous liberals follow Ruenzel’s example and go hiking through black neighborhoods where they too can be gunned down by appointed representatives of the black community for their sin of being white and enjoying white privilege. Remember, it was Ruenzel’s privilege to be killed by black thugs.

Bay Area NBC reported about Ruenzel’s atonement:

A man who was fatally shot at a park in the Oakland hills on Tuesday afternoon has been identified as David Ruenzel of Oakland, East Bay Regional Park District police said Wednesday.
Police didn’t disclose Ruenzel’s exact age but said he was in his early 60s. In a news release, police said Ruenzel was a regular hiker at the park and described him as “an upstanding citizen.”

They said they are investigating robbery as a possible motive for the crime.

Ruenzel’s son in a statement said his dad was a loving father, grandfather and best friend. He also described Ruenzel as a brilliant writer and educator who touched the lives of many

The police reporting robbery as the motive and ignoring the sacrifice of life over white privilege shows the racial bias against blacks and goes against everything David Runnel lived and died for. His killers are the real victims and cannot be blamed for their actions. You know…slavery or something.

AWD realizes that many racists will enjoy schadenfreude over the fact that a white liberal who made his living excusing black crime was gunned down by two black thugs. But I encourage you to celebrate the life of David Ruenzel as a white liberal whose last thoughts were, “Damn! Those racist rednecks were right! Black thugs do kill white people!” I only hope he raised his hands in a “Hands Up” tribute to Gentle Giant Mike Brown to show solidarity with his killers.

I do credit Runziel with living and dying in Oakland, a dangerous city rife with violent black crime. Most disingenuous white liberals live far removed from violent black crime while they pontificate against the common sense that many white people have against being in close proximity to young black people.

No, not all or even the majority of young blacks are violent killers but one stands a much greater probability of becoming a victim of violent crime at the hands of blacks than any other race. Not racism but reality. Eric Holder’s DOJ crime data proves that blacks commit violent crimes at multiples more than other races. Black males between 18 and 49 commit over 50% of the violent crimes and murders in America while making up 3% of the population.

AWD does not celebrate the death of anyone. Not even Ted Kennedy when he finally died. Nor do I gain satisfaction of Ruenzel’s murder because he has family and friends who are affected. But Ruenzel’s ridiculous, naive, politically correct beliefs played a large part in his death. There is NO WAY AWD would hike through Oakland! That’s one reason I’m alive to write this and he’s deceased.

Due to white privilege, whites cannot go to Heaven. I hope Ruenzel finds a nice cool place down there reserved for whites to pay for the injustices in which we have terrorized black people since Adam and Eve (known racist crackas who lived in the gated community Garden of Eden).

I only wish Chris Matthews, Geraldo Rivera, and numerous other disingenuous white liberals could have been there for the sacrifice.

While it is racist for AWD and NBC Oakland to show drawings of the suspected murderers, here they are. I hate myself for this!

Ruenzel murderers

But I’m sure they are “goot boys who ain’t never done nuffin’ wrong!” Just like David Ruenzel preached.

Here’s the news report:


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