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The CEO of Starbucks Coffee is asking his baristas (coffee makers, goat ropers) to discuss race relations in America with customers. What a beautiful, sensitive, caring gesture! And one guaranteed to get someone killed.

AWD, the old embracer of diversity that he is, thought he’d take the challenge and venture into the enclave of hipsters and “sensitive guys” at Starbucks drinking their mocha frappacinos to have an “open, honest” discourse on race relations in America. I might have me an opinion or two.

So I went up to the counter and said, “regular coffee, black.” The barista yelled back at me “who you calling black, cracka?” I think that was pretty constructive in bridging the great racial divide.

AWD is pretty sure what kind of discourse on race relations will ooze from the soft faces of Starbucks hipsters sipping lattes in Starbucks. Long on criticism of white privilege and zero on rampant black crime and mischief.

For example, how might we draw together in conversation to create a duet of brotherly love and respect when we watch this video of a savage black girl cheered on by savage black friends as she beats and kicks the bejeezus out of an innocent white girl and a 5 year old boy because they were caught walking while white through a black neighborhood?

[yt id=”JMHeJWZEyW0″]

My guess is the Starbucks CEO isn’t prepared for his people to discuss these racial relations that occur everyday in America. These have to be ignored and swept under the futon because there’s a whole hell of a lot more of these incidents than white cops shooting black thug criminals! You might have to go to the gun store for a real, honest discussion on race relations and forget about that latte, Clarence.

Thoughts on how this will go? My guess is this program will go south faster than a lead zeppelin.

BEAUTIFUL UPDATE: The Senior VP of Global Communications at Starbucks has deleted his Twitter account after receiving criticism about the #racetogether BS program. That didn’t take long! I told you this PC sh*t wouldn’t last!



  1. I stay away from black areas of Dallas.
    When I have to go thru them, like to Baylor Hospital, I am always ready.
    We have no black problem in Gun Barrel City, Texas.
    You already know the answer, don’t you.

  2. Spurwing Plover

    How about demanding all blacks be returned to africa the thugs who commit these crimes be hanged and tell where they can shove this BLACK LIVES MATTER, and HANDS UP DONT SHOOT and deport the parents of Trayvon Martin and Micheal Brown as well

  3. this is nothing but a ploy by libtards to shove white guilt down our throats………slavery was our fault……you and your white privilege… have to pay for being white………

    this is just one more tactic of the left-wing liberal elitists trying to denigrate white people…..another bullying tactic by the liberal left…………….

    the truth of the matter is blacks don’t go to Starbucks…..whites do…… the blacks aren’t there to “”have a conversation about race”” like Eric”my people” Holder want us to……remember we are nothing but cowards……….so the liberals come up with a way to shove our whiteness in our faces….and so called our “white privilege”…………

    if the truth be told, when whites do engage blacks in a conversation about race the blacks run for the ghetto and hide behind their perennial term “you are a racist”…….they don’t want a conversation about race……all they and the liberals want to do is to lecture us on race…..a one way conversation…..their way………

    Starbucks can stick their coffee up their sweet little asses……..and their race baiting as well……..

  4. Mr. Rational

    I haven’t bought coffee at Starbucks since the open-carry campaign with the $2 bills, but if I did I would order it the same way I do everywhere else:

    “Do you need any cream or sugar with that?”

    “I take my coffee first-lady style:  black and bitter.”

    I wonder if the baristas would dare to laugh as waitstaff do in my Whitopia.

  5. Pop quiz: You want to begin a dialogue on race relations, you start with
    A) Walter Williams
    B) Al Sharpton
    C) Dear Abby
    D) the kid who makes your coffee at Starbucks

  6. Our friends at Starbucks want to start a new dialogue on race?

    Me: “I’d like a coffee, black”

    Barrista: “What do you mean by that, honky?”

  7. I enjoy my coffee made with my machine Keurig that I bought at Sam’s Club in Tyler, Texas.
    Now I have several cans of Folgers in the pantry that one day I will just have to use up.
    Starbucks, et al, is just not for me.

  8. Sweet Baby Ray

    “I’m guessing you’re helping an old, white billionaire ‘earn’ a few more million just this month, instead of helping some brown person cover the rent on their Dunkin’ Donuts, has nothing to do with your white supremacist secrets?”

  9. Starbucks?? Really 6 bucks for a cup of Joe, Not me, I’ll go to Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds. I don’t need some asshole schooling me about race, Just give me my coffee. If they tell me to “Have a nice day” I tell them to f*** themselves!

    • You need a bank loan for a coffee at Starbucks and the coffee tastes bitter to me. Starbucks is a hangout for Dims anyway. I like Dunkin Donuts better and that’s what we use at home – buy the jumbo bags and make it at home. I’m a coffeeholic from my days in the Air Force, a fast food-aholic too. Yeah, just what we need – more racial discussions. I try to avoid such discussions and any others with liberals. As AWD says, liberals are usually stuck on stupid. When we went to Boston we saw Dunkin Donuts shops everywhere. I believe that’s headquarters for the company.

  10. The largest police bust in Arizona history was outside a Starbucks.

    What the hell did you think It was gonna be?

  11. Har! This is so funny, Starbucks the race arbitrators. I hope this CEO gets his ass sued off, and his golden parachute gets bag locked.

    Lol, overpriced java bar gets a screaming monkey on its back

    Last Saturday I took my lovely wife out to dinner, as we exited the strip mall we passed the local Starbucks full of white people. And right next door to Starbucks, sharing a wall, was the local ABC Store full of black people.

    My wife who is oblivious to racial realism and black animosity was shocked when I pointed out this cultural difference in purchasing habits.

    This is the perfect location for Starbucks to start a dialogue on race relations and I can’t wait for some white college kid to get his ass beat by a drunk brother, because his boss told him to ‘get down with the struggle’.

    This is gonna be the richest cup of schadenfreude evah!

  12. My feet would burn and my head explode if I walked into a filthy Starbucks!

  13. Timmy T. Bone

    Daily reminder: Starbucks tastes like dirt and is over priced.

    Its my wet dream to go get a cup of joe and have to be lectured by some hipster about race. Hint: I dont care and dont want to hear it. Here in commie lib central ie. The People’s Republic of NJ, Starbucks is the flavor du jour. All the filthy hipsters and the rest of their ilk love to go there and than walk around all day with their annoying coffee cups.

  14. Never been to a Starbucks. There’s one more reason not to go.

    If you guys ever do darken their doorstep–make sure you have a piece of paper with statistics written down. Point out that most of the time when a black is killed it’s by another black. DOJ statistics would be handy. Also point out that since the “civil rights” movement black behavior has gotten worse.

  15. Ahhhhh..Coffee and PC racist chat….what a combo…

    glad I have my coffee at home..

  16. Breaking News from the Jigg Digg News Minute…!!!
    This Just In…
    We here at the JDNM..realize that during your future chats at Starbucks about race in America …
    you will find the needs to hurl a few insults…well if so do it with some class…here is a handy -dandy guide to use …

    I hope this makes for a more civil discussion..
    this has been Jigg reporting from my local I-hop

  17. White people have no one to blame but themselves. We have elected these white, racebaiting worthless politicians who would sell their mother out to win an election. Additionally, the school system has turned a sizeable portion of the younger generation into gutless, limp wristed girly men. Myself, if I were so damn oppressed and hated where I lived , leaving would be a very real possibility. But, I suppose if all I had to do was sit on the front porch, drink 40’s, smoke blunts all day and wait for the check to come in I may stay too. These damn uppity boons need to be shown how to step and fetch again.

  18. ThisObamaNation

    If there ever was a place that seems to cater to, or thrive on, so called “white privilege” it’s Starbuck’s. If Starbuck’s really wants to help black people out, they might try HIRING A FEW OF THEM. Then they can have some first hand experience with diversity. (warning it’s not the Utopian picnic that you imagine)

  19. screw Starbucks

  20. No Starbucks barista is going to talk to me about race. If they do there will be a riot and the police will come and spill everyone’s coffee. Let’s talk about a racist government that discriminates against white people every day. Let’s talk about black on white crime. Let’s talk about how the Sharpton blacks have literally ruined the United States. I’ll bet they don’t want to hear any of that. If I go to a Starbucks (not anymore) I go for coffee and not to hear some idiot give me propaganda.

  21. Nope. Dont go to schvartzebucks. Im happy with the mud I make here in the trailer park. I get all the cultural diversity I need there while cleaning my AR.

  22. PS. Thats one handsome brutha in the photo displaying the tool of his trade. I noticed the hammer was back. Must be on his way to work, ay? Couldnt say I appreciated the video there other than being made aware of the attrocity. Bet Al and Jessie are on their way to console the victims and put the animals on notice. Definately not a race based crime. The white bitch probably spurned the advances of the street gorillas and it pissed em off. She got what she deserved for not wanting to breed with da bruthas.

  23. I make my coffee at home. Don Francisco’s, made in my $14.00 coffee maker I got at Walgreens. I like the Hawaiian Hazelnut the best, however I do have a Starbucks travel cup, it keeps the coffee nice and hot most of the morning. Going to SB’s is just an invitation to trouble for me.

  24. Blanco Whitey

    Yes, let’s discuss ‘race’ while we both hold scalding-hot cups of coffee. Perhaps next we can discuss Israeli/Palestinian relations while standing on the edge of a cliff. And why the f*** would you say “regular coffe, black” to a black person?..and at work no less! Her response should have been “regular coffee, drip.” But she probably wasn’t in the best frame of mind for pithy adversarial discourse in the wake of your sudden and unprovoked racial attack. So you got the answer that you got.

  25. Oh sure it starts with Starbucks talkin bout race…until finally every damn place got ta talk about it…even when ya go fer a burger..


  26. Here’s a convo we as Americans should be having, and not just at Starbucks:

    If Starbucks coffee costs $5 per cup, give it up and buy French Market coffee from Amazon. It will save you $130 a month, enough to buy an nice Krups Expresso-Cappiccino maker, so you can make your own silly coffee with sugar and hot milk without the intrusion of an idiot $8/hour barista.

    If you want a conversation about race, start with this question: Why are 50% of the rapes and 50% of the murders in the US committed by 1.8% of the population – black males between the ages of 15 and 34?

    If you continue to avoid Starbucks, in 3 months you could use the savings to buy a nice concealed weapon such as a BersaThunder 380. Handguns are able to speak to race in their own unique way.

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