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Look, this is getting pretty old. Liberals need a boogie man to keep their mouth-breathing morons excited and engaged. The Boogie Man has been any number of conservatives in the past from Rush Limbaugh to Andrew Breitbart. Now it’s Steve Bannon. Yawn.

AWD has met Steve Bannon on a few occasions. Of course, he’s not some anti-Semite, KKK member that the Propaganda Media is currently (on the orders of the DNC) portraying him. What he is, like Andrew Breitbart, is fearless in the unending name-calling from the left. AWD has always believed Bannon to be very intelligent, driven, and sure of his mission. And that drives the left and the Establishment crazy.

The Establishment that runs this country has done a great job of keeping the American populace divided while they make off with the money. The Establishment has destroyed the middle class by outsourcing jobs overseas to fatten their wealth. But they have the Mainstream Propaganda Media to do their bidding in keeping the country divided by political correctness and false assertions of racism (ever second of the day). They use political correctness to brainwash (doesn’t take too much soap) the lower echelons of society. You can see tens of thousands of of mindless morons protesting in the streets. What are they protesting? They have no idea except someone told them to protest. That someone is the Propaganda Media following commands from The Establishment.

Zero Hedge posted a very interesting piece this week that summarizes AWD’s past paragraph in much greater detail. You should read this:

The Great Con: Political Correctness Has Marginalized The Working Class

Here’s the deal. Liberals are not bright. They are, however, loud and excitable. And they are incapable of individual thought. Which makes young college morons the perfect foils to portray a political divide in the country. The Smart and Informed vs the Morons.

Here’s an example of The Morons. Notice the girl who is majoring in Government and Politics. Her parents should ask for a tuition refund and send the girl to work at McDonalds.

These youngsters are complete morons and a perfect indictment against college loans outside the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Last week, a young employee of AWD’s told me she voted for Trump but was so afraid he would ruin the environment. OK. I asked he what he has said or done that would lead her to believe Trump would declare war on the environment. She said, “I don’t know but you know the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is dying because of Global Warming and Trump doesn’t believe in Global Warming. AWD quickly went to Snopes and asked if she knew of the page and, if she did, did she realize it was run by liberals. She did. Snopes posted that the Great Barrier Reef story was a hoax. This is our young. Lots of opinions but zero knowledge. And so easily led.

Back to Steve Bannon. Trust me. Andrew Breitbart was not concerned with racial or religious politics. His goal was to destroy the Mainstream Media because of the very reasons we are seeing concerning the false media circus surrounding Steve Bannon. The Mainstream Media does not consist of journalists. They are propagandists! Nothing more, nothing less. And they are a danger to America.

Bannon is determined to further the Tea Party mission of free market capitalism, the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, and national sovereignty. Trump is very wise to seek his counsel. Bannon won’t bow to the trappings of DC and the BS of the Establishment. He’s too smart for that. And he’s not afraid of being called names. He wears them as a badge of honor.

Alt-right. Heh. Bannon is fighting the Alt-Wrong known as the Establishment! The Establishment must be destroyed. It contains Republicans and Democrats (but I repeat myself) and they have stolen our country for their own gain. It’s either Bannon and Trump or open Revolution. Either way, the Establishment must go.



  1. Democracy Now, a liberal media outlet and whose podcast I really enjoy listening too, mostly because I’m lonely and have no one else to argue with but my phone. 😛

    Anyway, ever since soon to be (hopefully) President Trump became the announced winner, Denocracy Now has been nonestop attacking and an recently they have gone into full blown panic over Steve Bannon.

    Their claims are he’s a white nationalist protector, KKK endorser, anti-Semitic and so on!

    I’m just shaking my head and saying, “Yah and Reverend Al Sharpton, Obama’s trusted The Whitehouse Adviser, was a saint who brought all of us together and we went dancing on rainbows with pink fluffy unicorns!” In case no one gets the hint, I’m being obnoxiously sarcastic! 😛

    At this point in time, I’ve gotten to the point where if the liberals hate it so much, it must be good! I’m sure I’m not the only one, just hope it isn’t some reverse psychologly prank but I confident the left isn’t that clever let alone cognitive.

    Popcorn anyone? Liberals Gone Wild is becoming a box office hit right now! 😉

  2. Quartierleblanc

    I just love the fact that the lefties are absolutely scared shizerless of Bannon. I can foresee a business with Trump Administration Christmas ornaments.

  3. Laura Wesselmann

    I hope our newly elected senate and congress have the fortitude to confirm President-elect Trump’s cabinet.

  4. Why is Trump walking back his campaign promises?

    • Calm down, he’s not walking back anything important, and you know it.

      • Prosecuting Clinton? Climate change? Key provisions in Obamacare? The Wall? Sounds like it to me. Don’t talk down to me, I didn’t vote for that fraud, I went 3rd party, no, not The Pothead…lol…I know what Trump is, a con man, and he’s fooled all of you…

        • Aww, poor baby didn’t get who he wanted, and now he’s (still) throwing a tantrum. Somebody get a fresh diaper in here, STAT!

          Presidents do not prosecute anyone, that’s the job of the DOJ. They can suggest, they can recommend, but that’s it.
          Climate change? Seriously? Who really gives a shit about the climate change lie?
          Obamacare is going away, period. Don’t worry your little head about it, junior.
          There may not be a wall, but immigration will be fixed.
          I didn’t hear you complaining about Ovomit walking back any of his campaign promises, hypocrisy much?

          If you don’t want to be talked down to, then don’t talk down to us, dickhead. Now head back to HuffPo, where you belong.

  5. And after all the bashing you’ve done on Reince Preibus you just love him now because he’s on the Trump team right AWD?

    • outlaw, Nope! I think Priebus is a mistake. But Trump needed an Establishment puke with connections with McConnell and Ryan. I can’t stand any GOP Establishment hack. Unfortunately, Trump needs them in Congress. I prefer we just vote them out!


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