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The governing body of the Boy Scouts of America has voted to allow gay leaders into their ranks. Many see that decision as wise as letting Michael Moore guard your Oreos.

Former Secretary of Defense and current Boy Scout President Robert Gates said:

“For far too long this issue has divided and distracted us. Now it’s time to unite behind our shared belief in the extraordinary power of Scouting to be a force for good in a community and in the lives of its youth members.”

Yes, let’s all join hands in the big circle of unity! Who wants to hold hands with our new leader, Lance? Isn’t this Gates guy the one who got rid of the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell military policy? It seems getting gay people into organizations that functioned perfectly without them is his only raison d’etre.

AWD estimates the decision affects approximately ten homosexuals who, for what reasons we can only imagine, want to camp out with young boys. What could go wrong? Well, it will and the Boy Scouts will die a quick death once the lawsuits from boys molested by leaders start rolling in. And they will.

The decision to allow gay leaders is not being forced on religious organizations with BSA organizations who have moral issues with homosexuality. So just wait until the First Baptist Church of Lizard Lick with 50 parishioners is hit with a lawsuit from the ACLU for not letting the town girly-man take their boys on an overnighter to see how fast scouting folds. Church scouting groups will immediately end their relationship with the Boy Scouts of America forever.

Why do gays force their way into an organization where they are not wanted or welcome? If gay people want to be Scouts, why don’t they start their own Gay Scouting organization? That way they could do whatever they want without restraint. The reason? Because they can. The second reason is they would have nearly zero boy scouts. Who would let their kid participate in scouting with a gay leader?

Starting their own scouting organization is exactly what the Mormon Church is about to do! The LDS Church is the largest supporter of the Boy Scouts of America and pays a large percentage of Boy Scouts of America’s costs. Mormons will not allow gays to be involved in scouting as they see homosexuality as a moral sin. Scouting will crumble in a few short years after the Mormons go their own way.

I’m sad but not surprised that this venerable organization folded to the Gay Gestapo. It’s the way this country is devolving into a nation of cowards where it’s rare to find anyone who will defend tradition and beliefs. The 97% of of heterosexuals in America does not seem capable of standing up to the 3% who are homosexuals.

Again, nobody is stopping gays from being scouts. Let them form their own Gay Scouts of America the way the Mormons will soon form their Mormon Scouts of America. Who cares? But that’s not the way fascists work.

AWD has two sons who are Eagle Scouts. It is a wonderful achievement. It took many years of work and dedication to achieve scouting’s highest level. I am very proud of them and their accomplishments. They would not have been involved in scouting if they had a homosexual leader. Sorry, Gay Gestapo. My kids, my choice. Go ahead. Call me a name.

What we continue to see with the Gay Gestapo is the tolerance they demand for the lifestyles, beliefs, and opinions of others only goes one way.





  1. I leave you with the first sentence of my post on the same subject…..

    “Giving a gay man charge of groups of impressionable young boys is like making a horny middle-aged cougar the equipment manager of a high school football team.”

  2. Chump Change

    “Why do gays force their way into an organization where they are not wanted or welcome?”

    While there are – now, finally – a few gays actually fighting the war for social justice, most of the beat down force is delivered by non-Peter puffers. Just holding Little Johny down doesn’t make You a kiddy diddler.

  3. LDS prides themselves on boys who can achieve Eagle Scout status. They even honor them during services when a young man gains it.

    Probably not anymore!

    I was a girl scout. My mom went to every meeting. No bull dykes were in charge… The moms sitting on the sidelines wouldn’t allow it! I wouldn’t let my son or daughters in a den run by a flamer! Why the hell else are they there, if not to get one kid ‘away’ for a minute?!?

    This entire thing is yet another attempt by horrible leftists (but I repeat myself) to break a great institution based on morality.

    • Chump Change

      Not all queers are that selfish. Why pluck one tender, young fruit for yourself, when you can seed an entire orchard for the future?

  4. Chump Change

    ” it’s rare to find anyone who will defend tradition and beliefs”

    One of the most traditional of American beliefs is “Shut up and obey, or shut up and get out!”. When The Government has declared traditional values to be thought crimes, how can supporters of traditional values disobey?

    • Nostradumbass

      “Shut up and obey, or shut up and get out!”.

      is the traditional price you pay to live in Mommy’s basement.

  5. Gays cannot multiply themselves. They cannot make little gay people even if they did have sex with the opposite sex to try and multiply. There is a very slim chance they would have a kid that is gay. They must influence people or kids. Most people are set in their sexuality by the time they are adults; Jenner not withstanding. So a lot of gays influence kids. They have molested kids. They get their curriculum in elementary schools or in middle-schools where children are still vulnerable and seeking their identities. Do not give me that crap that all homosexuals are not pedophiles. There may be a few that aren’t but I believe that a large amount are. I think many homosexuals are made homosexual by another one when they were kids. They are a powerful political group because they are being used by the liberals/communists as a battering ram against America’s well-being. They usually have no one to take care of but themselves so they usually have extra money to give to campaigns are special interests groups etc. If I still had small children (mine are all over 20)they would NOT be in the boy scouts nor girl scouts. We have sat on our azzes and let gays and others ruin every institution in America that we hold dear. Do you understand that?? Anything Americans revered is being attacked under the guise of civil rights or anti-discrimination. Don’t let them do this. Look at the Army. Now they have to allow trannies (to add to the homosexuals) in the Army. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have been corrupted. The Churches are under attack now using the same “gay” weapon. Neighborhood schools are destroyed because of extreme civil right laws. Everything that is American in America is ruined by the LEFTIST (democrats). We must stop them in any way possible.

    • I agree with everything you said, except for *1* thing. You said, “They cannot make little gay people…”

      Sadly, that is not true.

      When a homosexual sodomizes a child, the trauma programs the boy to use that incident as the template for his own sexuality, sometimes not even waiting for puberty to start acting out with other boys. Gays DO “reproduce,” in a most predatory and disgusting way, which is why they must be screened out of all organizations that work with boys.

      I hope that all religious organizations currently hosting Scout troops leave the BSA, which now stands for “Butt Shagging Aficionados”.

      • carnac123

        I see your point. I was speaking about ‘baby’ homosexuals being created just because their father or mother was one. I don’t think that is possible.

  6. Well, I for one can’t wait to get my new “Glamping” patch!

    • Yo Gomer!

      How’s Opie taking to his new Scout Master, the one one with perfectly manicured nails and a hosts tupperware parties?

      Better question, how’s Andy taking to him? Rumor has it Barney is watching the new master like hawk, which certainly explains how he got caught in that oak tree yesterday. 😛

  7. BTW….
    When a gay man begins flaming and speaks very feminine, waves his hands like a woman, walks and stands like a woman, begins speaking like a Southern bell or a black woman, …………………..

    That gay language is call ……………Gaylick….
    Yes….a gay speaking like a woman is speaking their own language called ….Gaylick.
    So…we can use that as a short cut. When we type “he was speaking Gaylick” one will know how the gay was talking and acting.

    • Billy Jeff

      I always thought those Irish guys wuz kahweers. They were telling me that “Gaylick” was the first language used there.

      • carnac123

        LOL! Spelled different!

      • CAN IT, Bill!!! I can’t afford to lose Boston, too! There’s already some screaming for “Fauxcahontas” to get in the race. And what’s with the “kahweer” pronunciation?

        • Billy Jeff

          I thought we was tryin’ to get the southern states. I’ve been honing up on pronunciations. Listen to this:

          Hey y’all – Go Joejah Bull Dahawgs!

          Now ya tell me I got to learn “Bahston” pronunciations, too?

          Hell with this, I need me an “Energizer”.

  8. homo’s, fag’s, queers, and perverts…….didn’t you know these are today’s heroes……it’s so heroic to be a homosexual or a transvestite…….or both……..

  9. After years of $$$ to BSA legal to help fight the queers in court, I am done! The battle is lost, hopefully not the war.

  10. Spurwing Plover

    The same bunch of media scum suckers that support same sex marrage also oppose our right to keep and bear arms typical bunch of lie-a-day news reptiles

  11. in line with this post ..I give you music that DOES SUCK……

    America …taken over by Homos…..who would of thunk it???


  12. O.K QueerScouts, got it. It’s all legal now.

    When they go to Jamboree is it don’t ask, don’t tell how Johnny got his Jambo badge.

    What I want to know is how are your kids, learning all that tolerance, are gonna survive their kids learning this

  13. EagleScout

    I work for the Boy Scouts in Texas, insult to injury about this entire thing: the LDS asked that they delay the vote until after the church meets later this year to give them time to think about the situation. The board went ahead and held the vote anyway, basically telling the LDS to go Fu**themselves

    I’ve never had a problem with gay people, but I have always had a problem with the gay agenda…..the need to stick their sexual orientation into everything, after all, that is how they identify themselves so they believe everyone needs to comply to their way of seeing things — and if you don’t agree you are a bigot, just ask any baker. There will now need to be sexual orientation awareness training for the boys and adults, “hate speech” training, gaybo meriet badges (I’m guessing there will be one that revolves around how many fingers you can fit in your azz (ha, – sorry had to lighten it up a bit.)) All of this into an organization that has NO SEX Agenda; with the exception of “abuse awareness” sex is not discussed anywhere in any of the Scout Programs, that “was” left up to the parents. Sex is not what the program is about, building strong willed boys and leaders is.

    Leftists and gays essentially want to destroy the Boy Scouts and it looks like they’ve gotten their way. Why you may ask? Because Boy Scouts develop leaders and boys that think for themselves. Boy Scouts has always taken a boy and made him into a stronger (willed & physical) person, you can’t shout down an Eagle Scout. Through the merit badge program, Boy Scouts learn that they can rely on themselves and each other when the chips are down, they don’t panic, they don’t have the “herd mentality.” So if you can think for yourself and are not afraid of standing up to a crowd, well, that isn’t good for leftists and gays when they try to tell you that the government needs to take care of you, and any one of the other thousand lies that come from the corrupt media. Be a good little marxist and do as you’re told & tell on your neighbor if you see him doing something against the leader, like exercising free speech.

    I have to look for a new job now, our council is a smaller council and we will most likely loose close to 30% of our units, so there will be layoffs. The sad part is, that kids now need the program more than ever. I would urge you to find a local Boy Scout Unit, talk to the Charter Organization (usually it’s going to be a Church) and see where they stand on the gaybo leaders, they still have the ultimate say as to who is a leader or not – if you agree with their point of view, support that unit any way you can (money/gear/etc) – to give up and give in now is just what the socialists and fags want.

    • carnac123

      We must keep fighting for the day that these gay extremist and their leftist handlers will all be looking out at the world through a concentration camp barbed wire,…forever. That is what we need to aim for. If we don’t they will do it to us.

      • CoolStoryBro

        Do you even Nazi, bro?

        • EagleScout

          I’m glad you like my story douche……but what you don’t know is I’m a hardened troll with over 10 years trollin’……so I’ll tell you……….this faggot shit is going to blow up in their faces….and not the creamy white shit that they like……..
          the nonsense that is spewed by the likes of a dingleberry like you isn’t going to silence me or others that have had it with baseless accusations…….I’m a libertarian ****tard, that means I believe in free association that also means that I’m not ever going to cow-tow the likes of someone like you……..when I see someone pointing the finger of “nazi” that is nothing more than you projecting onto me…… I know that you are in fact the real nazi………….you think that I’ll shrink……you ****ing internet tough guy………I’ve used my real email address, and the admin here can prove it, along with my IP………… sad the level of trolls these days……you can’t even really put together a proper sentence, thank your lower level public education……..hit the bong again and pretend some more that you are smarter than (do you know the difference between than and then?-google it) you actually are

  14. Tis nothing more then the infamous far lefts “Re-Education” experiment in abolishing hatred and inequality by tearing down conservative enforced restrictions, especially those that hold to any Christian social moral codes and ethics. I would say theistic but I’m yet to see any far liberal try and re-educate Islamics by allowing gays into mosques and having woman do call to prayer. So until then, it’s clearly obvious this is an attack on old fashion church folk.

    I honestly have nothing against the gay community, the vast majority of my most trusted and loyal friends are gay and I’m by no means wanting any harm to come to them. However, the difference between my gay friends and LGBT freedom fighters is my friends have virtues where the LGBT don’t.

    My friends keep their ways to themselves and within their own groups. They dress respectively, like not going around (at least not in open public) with shirts that read suggestive or dressing up in leather, dresses and questionable outfits. Can the LGBT freedom fighters say the same? Long story short, abolish hatred/homophobia by coerced re-education doesn’t work well! It often dose the exact opposite for it causes people to either become jaded, disgruntled and so on.

    Acceptance/tolerance begins with both groups establishing a comfortable social ground with a neutral/respective code of display and conduct. Best analogy I can think of at the moment is like going in for a job interview. You’re most likely not going to get the job if you look, act and dress rebelliously, life is not a Ted movie after all, first step is making a good impression with common decency. Tis what is known as a virtue, displaying good social moral fiber and keeping the personal life at home, be it gay, straight or questionable animal husbandry.

    Yes I know, preaching to the choir and all! 😛 Well, like the good reverend says, “Take whatever you can get, even if it’s just the choir or church mice, least someone is listening to the sermon and is all the more better from it.” 😀

    Back to the topic at hand…

    I think I pointed out in another posting, that when I was a kid, my friends and I would call the scouts “Wuss Scouts” because they became so PC, they were nothing but a bunch of wussies. Protesting harvesting lumber instead of basic survival 101, camping out in the gymnasium instead of the woods because you might upset the chipmunks and badmouthing the senior citizens instead of helping them. For a while, a number of parents got together and started an of branch called “Tiny Troopers” which basically was orthodox scouts but with a military theme and small game hunting, the hunting part was strictly optional but it was still an added feature in basic survival.

    T.T. aka Tiny Troopers, went on for a while until a nasty number of a woman came in and had it shut down ASAP. She complained it was turning children into weekend warriors and encouraging them to wanting to join the military instead of going to collage and becoming hippy liberal duchbags and future Occupy “Gimmie-Gimmie” ne’er-do-wells. Granted I’m being facetious here, but the remark isn’t far from the truth.

    Me on the other hand, I was a rugged wild farm boy and whatever they learned in scouts, I learned on my own and from my great uncle who taught me everything from slipknots to sailor’s knots, which are not easy and I can barley remember anymore! Lol! And NO I did not learn the hard way about poison ivy and oak with the infamous wiping yourself gag that laughed at within the scouts. I did however, fall for the snipe hunting gag and guess what…I CAUGHT A REAL SNIPE!

    Trust me, they are a NOT easy to catch and especially with only a bag and club, took me almost all day and night…and…well…okey, I confess! I cheated in the end and got my .22 rifle! 😛

    Did you know, it was because of this bird, camouflaged long distance sharpshooters got the name Snipper? Weird ah?

  15. Uncle Dude

    Kids probably stand a better chance of not being molested by a gay scout leader than they would by a right wing, evangelical, Bible toting, family values, conservative Republican. They are the ones who will bear close watching. Have a blessed day.

    • Yeah, you must be that creepy, pervy uncle (Uncle Ernie from Tommy) right?

      Kids stand a better chance of NOT being molested by Straight, religious males. They also stand a better chance of not being coerced (read: Brainwashed) into believing that overt faggotry is ok, acceptable, and normal—it isn’t. Fags and dykes are a dead end for the species, and they should not be allowed to poison young minds with their deviant and perverse views. In fact, they should not be allowed around children at all. Yes, I know that it would mean no fag doctors, teachers, day care providers, etc., but tough shit, you won’t be corrupting any kids, and that’s a good thing. You also denigrate right wing, evangelical, bible toting, family values, conservative republican males, then go and wish a Blessed Day?

      You are also a hypocrite, You may want to extract your gerbil from your rectum, it seems to be having a negative effect on your common sense.

    • faggot…………

  16. Every parent whose child is in the boy scouts ,should pulled them out. Then who are the homosexuals going to be able to brainwash?

    • EagleScout

      No, every parent that has a child in scouts needs to get involved and find out where the charter and the leaders stand.
      Scouts isn’t a ****ing baby-sitting service, it’s a program to grow your son stronger then he could be without the program……..don’t fold to a non-thinking, base reaction…….national isn’t going to bus faggots into your scout program, it lies with the Charter Organization to determine who the leader is.

      It’s obvious by your lack of grammar that you don’t have much going on upstairs, read what I posted above. THINK, what is better for a boy, a program that you believe in? Or nothing? —– the Leaders in East Texas, are not going to be the same as the Leaders in West Hollywood……
      I’m sure you’re a very nice person April, but you need to put a little effort into critical thinking and know that the scouting program is a great program…….but again, you need to be a little more aware of who is running any particular program…… make general statements about things you really know nothing about is retarded beyond belief.

  17. They whine about Christianity being forced on people (it’s not) but look what they’re doing.

    A lot of us Christians–those who actually believe what the Bible says about homosexuality–are concerned that pastors will be forced to let poofters use our churches for their parody of a “wedding.” My pastor pretty much said now’s the time to stand up for the truth no matter what it costs.

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