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The little middle-class Bolsheviks at Berkeley should be glad it wasn’t ’12 Gauge Man.’ How long do they believe Trump supporters will allow themselves to be pummeled at the hands of these little comm-a-nist bastids? These attacks seem to happen a lot in California. Texas? Not so much.

Not surprisingly, the leftist terrorists attacked last weekend’s Spirit Of America rally showing support for President Trump in Berkeley. I must admit, a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley is about as odd as running into Al Sharpton in the library. But, into the breech they went. And all they had for protection was….TA DA!…STICK MAN!

Oh, that might be the best thing on video or film all year! Stick Man should receive an Academy Award for “Best Konk To The Melon Of A Leftist.” He’s sure got my vote.

What’s surprising is not more pro-Trump supporters jumped in for some fun. It’s California so the only people who can carry guns are criminals. But they could have put up a tsunami torrent of pepper spray (I’m not sure if that’s legal in Cali as I really don’t give two sh*ts about the place) to keep the unwashed street terrorists at bay.

AWD has some friends who attended the rallies in Dallas/Ft Worth. I know they were carrying. I don’t have to ask. And guess what? No leftists wanted to tangle with their rally. Go figure.

I once thought these little violent tantrums/riots by stupid leftists would have ended by now. Now I’m beginning to think we may be in for 8 years of this. If so, someone on the left is going to hit someone on the right and the someone on the right will open up until there’s none left. Did you see what I did there?

I have long said that if we’re going to dance with the leftists in the street then let’s strike up the band! Get it over with. It’s not like any of those morons on the left will ever amount to more than a pinch of dirt. And George Soros will be the only one who misses them.

This may sound harsh but what does a country do with those who don’t contribute but only use up scarce resources while destroying anything with which they disagree? How does a country make the unproductive leeches productive? The lazy ambitious? The criminal element law abiding? I don’t believe it is possible unless the federal government ends all forms of welfare, college loans, food stamps, Section 8 housing, etc and moochers must choose between working and starving. And does anyone expect the federal government to ever entertain those ideas?

Short of that, it will be a civil war with, as many liberals have called for, blood in the streets. I believe many on the right have been preparing for just that over the past eight years. We are peaceful and law abiding until the time comes for us to unchain the dogs of war. And God help those Berkley punks when the wrath of middle class and middle age men rains down upon them.

One thing is sure. America is a tinder box and this cannot continue too much longer. We simply won’t tolerate it. Try attacking conservatives outside of California!

And Stick Man, you’re the Dude of the Week! I’d be honored to replace your broken stick with an ax handle!




  1. Quartierleblanc

    It’s amusing how the leftists pick and choose the places they decide to “protest.” The certainly don’t go in my neck of the woods. Lucretzia, my prized Ruger 38 LCR goes with me just about everywhere just in case there is a problem with the progressives.

  2. Sticks now, bullets later. It’s just a matter of time. We can only take so much before we start to fight back.

    By the way, has it not become obvious by now that the Left’s not really interested in a ‘conversation’ with their political opponents? They’re not interested in reasoning together nor ferreting out our differences via rational discourse. That would expose them too much if it did occur. No, they want to dominate us and shove their beliefs down our throats. This is about subjugation, controlling what others say and believe – namely, those of us on the Right.

    Besides, it’s hard to have a conversation with those who see us as nothing more than ‘evil, xenophobic, racists’ in which every physical assault is justified because we dare to have contrary opinions. It’s also hard – nay, impossible – to have a conversation with those whose only response is screaming incoherently, shouting prearranged slogans, and performing childish antics. You also can’t have a conversation with those who are trying to kick the snot out of you.

    It would be nice if we could just have an amicable separation from the Left. We go our way, they go theirs. But that’s not possible because the Left won’t allow it. They will not give up power that easily. So it appears that we are moving toward a serious national conflict, a civil war of sorts, that will divide the nation even more than it already is. But that’s okay with me, it will only separate the men from the boys, or should I say the men from the effeminates, the Transgenders, the metrosexuals, the SJWs, and all the precious snowflakes that today’s college racket produces.

    Who knew that things would move this swiftly in just over a year? The lines are being drawn now. Choose now which one you will stand behind.

  3. These tantrums are the result of realizing that White America could no longer be cowed into submitting to their will with calls of “racist/sexist/nativist, etc.”. Instead having the executive branch firmly under the control of a Presidentrix ready to deliver the knock-out punch to Heirloom America, the Trump nightmare had just begun. The abruptness of that change shocked their collective system, so they lost it.

    Disenchanted traditional democratic voters decided to give a Republican who sounded a lot like democrats used to sound a shot. Disillusioned Bernie Bros and disenchanted Hillary supporters stayed home or voted third party. And more importantly, the Silent Majority who had nobody to vote for decade after decade could finally pull the lever for someone other than a protest candidate. It was this silent majority acting in it’s own self-interest that made them lose it. Whites in America finally grew a spine and, that is what they are reacting to.

    Peak Leftism and Globalism hit the West sometime in the 2010’s, and desperate times call for desperate measures. They are in a race whether they know it or not. Most of those brainwashed AntiFa hordes malleable enough to support self-destructive Leftism will be Red-Pilled back to reality with the day-to-day experiences that go with living off campus or getting mugged back to reality. Once that happens, the same insanity they supported will eventually be turned on it’s head, and the Left that played them for suckers (useful idiots) will be on the receiving end of their scorn.

  4. Ron Tolbert

    Stick Man needs to get a stick made from hickory or oak.


    • Fred Reed has a slightly different take: “people deserve what they tolerate.”. As AWD points out, these asshats avoid any place where the populace will not tolerate childish tantrums.

  6. Whitehall

    Back in 1969, Reagan was governor and faced such antics in the streets of Berkeley.

    His response?

    “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with.”

    Think Governor Moonbeam would say or do something similar?

    Trump would.

  7. That’s what I would love to see, complete separation. Like a bad marriage that stays together for the kids, it’s time to split this country up. We the right can’t stand them and I’m sure they feel the same.

  8. That video was a great way to start the day!

  9. survivor50

    I noticed “STICKMAN” has a “TEXAS” flag on his shirt… “GOOD MAN” !!!
    It went well with the Captain America shield, and red Imperial Storm Trooper Mask… One must accessorize properly for the riot… Good job!
    Now … Please bring on Mr. 12 Gauge Man…

  10. Sarge the Annihilator

    Nice I would love to buy stickman a nice hunk of 2×4.


  12. Quartierleblanc

    I wonder how Michael Savage feels about stick man. The guy who assaulted him would have never done this in Texas.

  13. He should try rattan…doesn’t break…and hurts like hell

  14. Quote from Kipling: (paraphrased)

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them at the very last
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the patriots began to kick-a$$.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy; willing to let it pass
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the patriots began to kick-a$$.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their gaze was level and vast .
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the patriots began to kick-a$$.

    It was not preached to the crowd,
    It was not taught by the Mass.
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the patriots began to kick-a$$.

    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly pass,
    Through the chilly years ahead,
    When history shall count from the date
    That the patriots began to kick-a$$.

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