It’s pretty clear to those of us who pay attention and don’t breathe out of our mouths that the Deep State in Washington aims to overthrow the Trump administration. Trump has few allies in the Swamp and the alligators are circling.

James Comey knew Trump was innocent of the bulls*t charges of collaborating with Russia but he refused to admit it before Congress. But he did admit to leaking confidential information to the NY Times. He should pay a huge price for that. To the fullest extent of the law.

Comey’s BFF and predecessor at the FBI Robert Mueller is of the same ilk as Comey and is packing his investigative team with Clinton cronies. This will not end well.

It should have never started. Trump should have fired Comey on day one. He should have ignored the ridiculous Russian charges thrown against him by the Republican and Democrat Establishment who seek to destroy him and return to destroying America.

If Trump doesn’t watch real close, the traitors like McCain and his ilk will soon join the Democrats in impeaching Trump. For nothing other than opposing the Deep State that controls America. And that is the only crime Trump has committed!

Trump must call in the heavy artillery if he (and the country) is to survive. It’s interesting that a Secretary of State can have an unsecured, illegal server in her basement, lie to Congress, etc and not a @#&* thing is done about it! Obama shipped guns to Mexican drug cartels, funneled slush funds to violent leftist groups, flew $150 billion to Iran in the dark of night and none of the culos in office in DC give a rat. Why is that? Because Hillary and Obama are part of the Deep State. Trump is not.

President Trump would be wise to listen to AWD’s words. He must immediately have the Attorney General investigate the Clinton Foundation. And Obama and his team for illegally spying on Americans and everything else. He needs to go on the offensive and quit taking unnecessary blows from morons. Put some asses in prison.

I guaran-damn-tee you some asses will be squirming if Jeff Sessions announces he is investigating the Clinton Foundation. Greedy little fingers from both parties have been feeding at that corrupt trough for decades. It’s time the corrupt are held to justice.

Trump needs to get real serious about destroying his enemies. And who are they? Basically everyone in Congress, the CIA, the State Department and the multitudes of corrupt leeches who infect Washington.

It won’t be easy but Trump still has the support of those who elected him. We are so done with Washington. Many of us are done with America as a republic. We view Trump as the last chance to save our way of life. If Trump goes down, America likely goes down with him in a few years.

One of AWD’s mottos is “If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.” Trump is playing panda with those who seek to slit his throat. He needs to have some serious conversations with Ryan and McConnell who are content to sit back and waste away Trump’s presidency and help him achieve nothing of what he was elected to do! Trump needs his enemies to FEAR HIM!

Get off of @#&* Twitter and start getting blood on your tomahawk, Mr President! Smoke all whom get in your way! Including those worthless traitors in the Republican Party! Especially those worthless traitors in the Republican Party!!

You’ll never drain the swamp if you’re dodging bullets. Lock and load and get some enemy scalps on your belt! Be a @#*& grizzly!!!!


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