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Stone Soup


This is a wiki intended to encompass everything a patriot needs to know, from canning food to dressing a wound…

…rhetorical strategies; secure communications; alternative communications; weaponry choices; media development; martial arts; home schooling; [social] networking; boycotts; buycotts; alternative monetary schemes; etc…

There’s a ton of knowledge out there; it’s a shame so much of it gets lost in the flotsam and jetsam of our information-overloaded society. Hence my mantra: accretive action, accretive action, accretive action.

Be gone, ephemera.

If anyone has anything to contribute—anything at all—please let me know and I’ll provide access.




    Resist Obama and world goverment we must

  2. My nephew sat for the SAT this morning, and despite instructions not to share the writing topic after the test, he shared it with me, and it makes me suspicious that it was designed to exonerate Ovomit’s failed record…. In part, this morning’s SAT writing prompt said:

    “Leaders should be jduged by how well they treat people,and not on the achievement of their goals.”

    The test takers then had to write an essay which developed their point of view on this. Is it just me, or is there some timely connection between Ovomit’s re-election and the attempted brainwashing of SAT takers?

    • No…it’s not you, you hit the nail directly on the head!

    • Seeing how our children are attending marxist run government/public schools… Why should we be surprised that they are trying to influence ( brainwash ) our children ( future voters ) into accepting their ideology

    • Reading what our young people are being taught and indoctrinated with scares the crap out of me.
      As Spurwing says,RESIST WE MUST.

  3. I agree …..nail meet hammer.

  4. My son, who took this SAT this morning, has photogenic memory. Here’s what the actual SAT prompt said:

    “People admire leaders who effectively achieve their goals. But some leaders are dedicated to achieving their goals at the expense of caring for the very people who support them. Leaders should be judged on how well they treat people, not on the achievement of their goals. Should leaders be judged according to how well they treat people?”

  5. Rides A Pale Horse

    File under:

    “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

  6. All I know about prepping is how seriously Eff’d I am. Physically anyway.

  7. I was trying to find your wiki Patriot Field Guide to read…is it not published yet?

  8. Red-
    Personally, I would start with the ‘skilled’ items, skills that take a while to develop and be comfortable with…ie, first aid, food preservation, reloading and so forth.
    Then, while on that path, you will run into similar minded people, discard the nuts and you will have a loose group of mutual supporters…and build a very loose confederacy (southern era forgive my use of the term).
    Once you start developing these skills and gear you will sort of focus on what your good at and what your weaknesses will be or are. Your loose group will self-level.
    At surplus stores there are always boxes of old field manuals, doesn’t have to be the most current unless it is for something that goes boom. The knowledge is what you are looking for and to be comfortable in using and applying it.

    Blistered, out!

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