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Strawberry Pop Tarts, Hello Kitty Bubble Guns and Other Terroristic Threats!



Josh Welch, a seven-year-old Park Elementary second-grader in Baltimore was suspended from school for two days for biting his Pop Tart into the shape of a gun.

This isn’t about safety or common sense or preventing a crime. This is even beyond political correctness. This is insanity on steroids. These are morons who are supposed to be educating our children and they pull this kind of non-sense. It’s time we speak out to the ridiculousness of this behavior and protect our children. There is no way I would want my children spending 6 or 7 hours a day being indoctrinated by people to stupid to know the difference being a real danger and a gun shaped strawberry Pop Tart.

The school made the incident even worse by sending a note home with all children that said, “a student used food to make an inappropriate gesture,” Fox reported.

Think this is the only incident of bizarre school behavior? Think again. Here are three more examples I found that have occurred since January of this year.

*”A 5-year-old girl was suspended from school earlier this week after she made what the school called a “terrorist threat.”

Her weapon of choice? A small, Hello Kitty automatic bubble blower.

The kindergartner, who attends Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Pennsylvania, caught administrators’ attention after suggesting she and a classmate should shoot each other with bubbles…”

*For the second time in less than a month, a Maryland child is kicked out of school for using his finger in the shape of a gun.

*A kindergartner at Alice Drive Elementary in Sumter, SC has been expelled from school for bringing a clear plastic gun to class for show and tell.
Public schools or what I now call government schools have become the conduit of propaganda for our socialist federal government.

Until our schools return to educating our children instead of indoctrinating them, it is our duty to pull them out and either send them to private school or educate them at home.



  1. Not only are they feeding the children of America propoganda on a daily basis, but also they’re *frightening* them in to submission! Think about it. How does that impact a group of children? Your 7 year old friend is suspended or expelled for a simple gesture or word. I’ll tell you what happens, those kids- unless their parents are strong enough to rebut the asinine actions of the school staff in the privacy of their home- are cowed in to submission. They grow up to be adults that are afraid of the establishment. At that age, kids want to get along and have fun.

    I remember distinctly at the age of about 10. I was playing in my first flag football league. The referee whistled the play dead and I was charged with “illegal holding.” For days I felt like a criminal. I had done something illegal!

    Now magnify that experience by a thousand fold. That child will never stand up to the authority figures again. An obedient sheep is created.

    Homeschool your children.

    • Cinnamon Girl

      Perfectly said, Roy. But, it’s probable that the opposite will happen with many who will instead rise up against this tyranny in all the wrong ways.

  2. Parents and other adults need to confront these paranoid assholes and put the fear of GOD and reality back into them..This BS of over reaching 0 tolerance is not now or ever was what this country is all about.Take it back people ,before its too late…

  3. Not only do public schools indoctrinate, they train them to be stupid. They never learn to think out of the box. Imagination and creativity are snuffed out. Instead, only what is on state tests are actually taught. That way, the schools can pump more mindless drones, keep their rating, and keep the tax dollars flowing in.


    The liberal school boards need suspended and especialy the principal and this idiotic ZERO TOLLRENCE poppycock has got to end Its getting so rediclous becuase our schools are run by the nambdy pambdy pacifists doofuses hippy freakos from the 70s


    Dont forget that in WINNIE the POOH and the BLUSTERY DAY when winnie is guarding his honey using the POP GUN wouldnt that realy scare the pacifists pansies

  6. eekalouse

    I think it was a high capacity pop tart, that was the problem.


    They wont be happy till all kids grow up to be HERB GARDENERS they want all boys to take ip BALLET DANCING or PIANO PLAYERS like LIBERACE and they want a school program where they get all the kids to sit lotus style around trees going OOOOOOOMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOMMMMMMM OOOOOOMMMMMMM or some new age eco-wacko summer camp where they get the kids to howl like wolves at the Full Moon or live like the blue wanks from AVATAR

  8. I don’t even know how to comment on this. A Poptart shaped like a gun?

  9. I believe this principal needs pop tarts sent to him/her/it in the shape of The Finger.

  10. Winston Smithereens

    Junior has now been fully educated in his “3 R’s…….”

    Radical, Reactionary and Red.

  11. Cinnamon Girl

    This is yet another example of hysteria that will backfire (pardon my pun).

    I fear that a kid or a group of kids will pull another Columbine just to protest (as sick as that would be).

    The insanity never ends, but it surely begins with our government.

  12. not2latenow

    Great read from The People’s Cube on the left’s insanity about zero tolerance:

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