Stupid Is As Stupid Does


Or as AWD puts it, play stupid games win stupid prizes. The image on the left is that of the “late”(You already know where this is going) Corinna Mehiel 34, an artist and prominent social justice warrior. The man pictured on the right is El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure 28, (You have to love these names) who “allegedly” tortured and stabbed her to death. The homeless Mr. Toure, despite somewhat overwhelming evidence claimed innocence and has said he “dindu nuffin.” While a typical response, authorities are reasonably sure he wasn’t writing his Ph.D. dissertation on astrophysics or tutoring inner city children in mathematics while living in a variety of shelters in the DC area.

But first a little background on Corinna. She was an uber-liberal and SJW with a long history of embracing idiotic progressive causes. She saw “racism” in just about everything and was a firm believer in the myth of “White Privilege.” (Whatever that is) If there was something wrong with the world it was pretty much Whitey’s fault. Miss Mehiel was even photographed days before her death with Nancy Pelosi who later eulogized her and her work.

One of the lessons of this story is that despite Corinna’s credentials as an ultra-progressive and social justice warrior, it wasn’t enough to convince El Hadji to spare her life. I’m going to read a bit between the lines but there’s a lot to suggest that Mehiel may have even invited the killer into her apartment. As a nitwit liberal she probably saw him as one of the downtrodden, needing her immediate help. What he really needed was a double tap into the chest with something in 9mm or better. Anyone with half a brain would have recognized Toure as a predator of the worst kind. Even my beloved Anatolian Shepherd, Money Shot would have identified him as such and sized this thug up immediately. (I’m sure Money might have even enjoyed the confrontation) Instead her utter stupidity and absolute loyalty to liberal principles caused her demise. Corinna no doubt begged for her life. She almost surely told Toure about her progressive past and how she was on “his side” but to no avail. Hell, she would have given him anything he wanted without reporting a thing to the PD. She probably felt that her liberal background and beliefs would protect her, because after all she was “one of them” fighting against injustice. Wrong Corinna, it was not the NRA, Donald Trump, the Tea Party or even the KKK that killed you. It was the total FUBAR society that liberalism produces that murdered you. You also failed to recognize the most basic of human instincts and that is survival. In my day we called it eaten up with the dumbass. That is why you are dead and your family is grieving. Liberalism is insanity and a pathway to societal suicide. Nothing could be clearer than the example you have provided.

Another lesson revolves about El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, the rocket scientist who killed Corinna. Because of the Muslim name it was initially thought that he was an immigrant, possibly from Senegal. DC authorities refused to answer questions on his immigration status keeping with their standing as a sanctuary city. While having a number of aliases, it seems his birth name is Elie Brown a guy who happens to be a convicted felon. (Big surprise there) Brown had been sentenced to 8 years in prison for robbery but was released after only a year. He also had outstanding warrants at the time of his arrest. So much for our fine legal system.

The conclusions here are simple. If you think that being a so called progressive is going to defend you from what is nothing more than the militant arm of the Democratic Party think again. Glock has a fine reputation and is probably much more dependable that anything liberalism can provide.

You also have to realize that government is not going to protect you either. With the ongoing fight involving the status of sanctuary cities it’s clear that any Democratically controlled municipalities are more interested in the rights and well being of criminals and illegal aliens than yours as a citizen. They would rather prosecute policemen than criminals. They just happen to be easier targets. No wonder law enforcement in many urban areas has gone fetal.

Ultimately it will be YOU who is responsible for your own self-defense. I wouldn’t let someone like Elie Brown within 30 feet of my family or myself even with Money Shot off his leash. In the time of need there will be no one else. With the present liberal dystopia, you are alone. Deal with this fact. Arm and train accordingly. Corinna Mehial died because she was stupid. Don’t make the same mistake.

Stay armed my friends.



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