Stuck On Stupid


Andrew Cuomo has to be the first openly retarded governor of a state in US history. While doing and thinking up “stupid stuff” is Andy’s stock in trade, his latest stunt is one for the record books. The mainstream media has also overlooked it. (Big surprise there)

It seems that Governor Cuomo of New York was so confident of Hillary Clinton’s election that he early booked 200 (that’s right two hundred) rooms at Washington’s Loews Madison Hotel for the Hildebeest’s inauguration and subsequent gala. (You know, the one that’s not going to happen) The reason for the large number remains unknown, but was most likely so that he could suck up to the Clinton’s and to advance his own LMAO presidential ambitions. Andy was forced to sell off his huge block of rooms to New York’s Republican Party, probably at fire sale rates. Just how much was the deposit and who exactly paid the bill?

Were we a bit overconfident here Andy? There’s an old saying about “not counting your chickens before they hatch.”

That Governor Cuomo is not the brightest bulb in the lamp is really an understatement. Here’s a guy who has made a lifetime living sucking off the teat of the government, yet questions the qualifications of Ben Carson to be HUD secretary. Hey Andy, do you really want to compare yourself to Dr. Carson? I hate to break it to you, but if it weren’t for your daddy, former governor Mario Cuomo, you’d be living in the Brooklyn Home for the Terminally Stupid, watching daytime TV and cutting out paper dolls.

The only question that remains is just how dumb is Andrew Cuomo? We know that low IQ runs in the family. His brother is the imbecilic Chris Cuomo of CNN. If Chris had a brain, he’d play with it. Daddy Mario, as governor of New York, left the state with a meager legacy, unsustainable programs and unbridled debt while becoming a demi-god of liberalism. He was, however considered a great orator. (Read this as BS artist)

Like his pappy, applying the FUBAR to New York, especially upstate is deep within Andy’s soul. (We know he doesn’t have a brain)

He has said that anyone who is pro-traditional marriage, pro-life and pro-gun has no place in the state of New York. Yep, nothing like that liberal tolerance.

Andy also pushed the $15 dollar minimum wage for fast food workers stating that “this is just the beginning” knowing full well that it would cost the state tens of thousands of jobs. At the same time he was the genius behind “Start Up New York”, a program whose goal is the relocation of business to the state by offering tax breaks and other incentives. According to blogger Matt Welch, the program, even with 28 million in advertising alone has created maybe 76 jobs.

One of Cuomo’s biggest screw-ups was the New York Safe Act, a draconian series of ineffective gun control laws. There’s been massive non-compliance especially with the assault weapon part. Many local law enforcement officers have said they will not enforce it.

Perhaps the dumbest provision was limiting handgun magazine capacity to just 7 rounds, while not realizing that 7 round mags for most/many handguns aren’t manufactured or available. Andy’s solution was to keep the current New York standard of a 10 round magazine however you could only load 7. Anything more was considered “illegal.” Simple liberal brilliance with that one. I’m sure the gangbangers were thoroughly amused.

Now Cuomo has declared that he is offering the Empire State as a place of refuge for anyone who feels threatened or under attack during the Trump administration. So Andy what exactly does this mean and how does this work? The boy is truly stuck on stupid. I’m surprised he can breathe on his own and am totally convinced he was infected with the Zika virus at some point in his early development.

It’s not that Andy demonstrates the intellectual capacity to be cast in the next Hollywood remake of The Three Stooges. That he’s intent upon destroying the economy of New York is a given. What’s dangerous is that this nitwit actually has presidential ambitions and intends to pursue them. Look for a lot more stupid shizer from this moron as he pursues the liberal dream of societal suicide and universal mental illness.


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