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Substantial Communication


1. Bullshit; 2. ???; 3. Profit!

A great teacher once told me to write for the trash can and suprise yourself now and then.  It is preferable to writing for the Pulitzers and falling short every time.  Today, I write for the trash can.  This isn’t because what I write inspires no confidence in me; it is because what I write can, under no circumstances be construed  as anything but organic.

Now, take notice, that I have completed one full paragraph without really saying anything at all.  If you were reading my journal, in fact, you would immediately notice that this marks the end of the first page.

Now what, if anything, does this have to do with my opinion, political views, or creed?  One could say that it is nothing but an excersize in gum-flappery or even penmanship (as I originally wrote this out longhand).

No, this is an example of how the Obama administration  can speak to us, day after day for five years and manage not refrain from saying anything at all.

Smooth words, clever catch phrases, inspiring rhetoric; they are all ways to dazzle those who are seeking, or at least receptive to, the pageantry of bullshittery.  It is the opiate of the masses, and the drug dealer who deals it is the most dangerous man/organization on earth.

Another great teacher of mine once told me to never be “wow oriented”.  In other words, do not be taken in by fantastic nothingness, and concentrate on substance.  A fireworkds display at a concert may be visually stunning, but how was the music?  A flashy paint job and spinning rims on a Geo Metro doesn’t make it anything but a Geo Metro.

You can put a Cindy Crawford mask on Rosie O’Donnell, but when the mask comes off, unfortunately, you will find the face of Rosie O’Donnell.

Be wary of those who speak much but say nothing.  They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.



  1. Ah yes, the old “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit” Works on the Obama voters every time.

  2. Buzz words, Baffle them with bullshit. Modified Framistan,,,
    The blacks,cant even pronounce them, much less understand them.

  3. rightwingterrorist

    …and always watch what the other hand is doing.

  4. Nostradumbass

    Billy Flynn for Community Organizer in Chief:

  5. They don’t even need the BS to be dazzled. Just free phones.

  6. Great post Red. Even tho I can,t understand a word of King O’Bummer I know when his lips stop moving , he’s finally done lying.But I also know that a new lie is on it’s way shortly.

  7. I find it just a little bizarre……

    to see John “Swift Boat” Kerry……

    …as the US Secretary of State……

    …and advocating for the US to go to war …with anyone……

    …much less on al qaeda’s side in Syria.

  8. Went to hear a man speak one night about how to become a success in life, soon in the program he revealed that he had been divorced 3 times and filed bankruptcy 3 times, I left shortly after cause I felt he was a bigger failure than a success.

  9. The post is so true, but people never learn; and, with life’s turnover it will thus be the case, it’s how evildoers(democrats)thrive.

  10. The way the lefties try to make Obama into a great President when he’s not reminds me of the saying ” you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear”. Hope you had a good Labor Day RSR.

  11. Maybe, you can’t make a Thoroughbred out of a Jackass would fit better.

  12. “the drug dealer who deals it is the most dangerous man/organization on earth.”

    Cue it up boys, and dedicate it to The Obama Presidency.

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