AWD just got back from hog hunting in North Texas. It was cold and misty in the stand last night. Didn’t see a single hog but had the great experience of watching seven deer feeding about 25 yards away for about a half hour. They had no idea I was there. Because I’m just that good. Had my mean, nasty-looking, black “assault rifle” with me but never had the chance to assault anything.

I had just a little time to peruse the news so I’ll make quick comments on some things that caught my eye rather than write on just one topic:

233 were killed in Brazil in a nightclub fire. Perhaps it’s time Brazil has a national discussion on discos and fire control. Oh sure, those right-wing Brazilians will say they have a right to dance samba all night long armed with lighters but there needs to be tighter controls on how easy it has become to acquire the ability to start a fire at discos in Brazil. Perhaps a national registry on who owns matches. And limit matchbooks to 10 matches or less. That should do it.

Do we need any more reasons to hate Republicans? Bigtimer posted Juan McPain’s interview how Republicans must embrace immigration reform that will include a path to citizenship. You know, sometimes I think the Republicans are so stupid they must be in bed with the Democrats. How else can you describe their constant efforts to destroy the country?

What reason under the sun would Republicans have to allow illegal aliens to become citizens with voting rights? Do Repubs not see the election results and voting patterns of Hispanics every two years? Look at California, South Texas, New Mexico and Hispanic areas of Arizona. Solidly blue! So Republicans like the idjit Juan McPain and his man-servant Lindsey Graham think it would be in Republican’s best interest to pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship? Well, kiss my ass, Republicans! Republicans are idiots to think uneducated, manual labor from the third world will ever vote for them. Illegals will vote for politicians who offer to give them something for nothing. And NO one does that better than Democrats and they’ve been playing that game with minorities and immigrants for far too long…with OUR money!

What about immigration laws? What about doing what’s right? What about those who have waited years and years and played by the rules? Well, they won’t matter because Democrats want more votes and Republicans want cheap labor! I hardly believe Texans are going to hand over their conservative state to a bunch of Hispanic voters who broke our immigration laws to enter the country and were given amnesty by corruptocrats in DC!

At what part do the Republicans in Washington do ONE THING RIGHT? Amnesty for illegals will bring about the separation of the United States. States will act in their best interest and no longer allow themselves to suffer under the rules of idiots in DC like John McCain! It really is becoming easier and easier to see the dissolution of the United States in the next few years. Mark my words. Amnesty of tens of millions of illegals will kill the United States of America.

Monkey-faced author Stephen King has written an essay on why America needs gun control. It starts out with an alien coming to America riding in a space-banana time machine where he travels to Des Moine to goes to a muffler shop that’s owned by a guy who used to be in a rock band but now fixes mufflers who knows a guy who likes astronomy and has a banana tree so the alien needs to talk to him about how flying in bananas is not as easy as it looks. Oh, and then the alien pulls out a AR-15 with a 30 round “clip” and kills everybody on Earth. So Stephen King says AR15’s and “clips” over 10 rounds should be banned. Oh, and he wants you to pay him $.99 on Amazon for him to give you the same liberal drivel that Dianne Feinstein gave you for free. I’ll pass, Monkey-Face. Thank you.

The laugher of the day is Obama says he “goes shooting all the time.” Yeah, we’ve seen all the news clips! I guess he thinks ordering hits with drones is shooting. No, Hussein, shooting guns is what the people you represented in your community in Chicago do. Oh, he shoots skeet at Camp David! That I’d love to see! I hope that half-a-sissy shoots a shotgun better than tosses a baseball. Don’t you know the Secret Service would laugh its ass off watching Obama trying to shoot skeet! He couldn’t hit the ground if he took steady aim! Reminds me of Lurch Kerry saying “can I get me a huntin’ license here?” I hate these people!

Nice to see the Egyptians are rioting in the street and killing each other over soccer matches. Well, AWD has been to a soccer match so I understand their feelings. I know! Let’s give those savages some more F-16s and tanks! Great job there with that Arab Spring thing, libtards! Now you can hand over Syria in a few more weeks to the Muslim Brotherhood and further tighten the noose around Israel. And don’t think all this Muslim nightmare will stop with Israel.

And lastly, today was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We must never forget what happens when a people have their means of self-defense taken by government. Six million voices cry out telling us it is far better to die on our feet than live on our knees under the bondage of tyranny. Molon labe.


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