AWD just got back from hog hunting in North Texas. It was cold and misty in the stand last night. Didn’t see a single hog but had the great experience of watching seven deer feeding about 25 yards away for about a half hour. They had no idea I was there. Because I’m just that good. Had my mean, nasty-looking, black “assault rifle” with me but never had the chance to assault anything.

I had just a little time to peruse the news so I’ll make quick comments on some things that caught my eye rather than write on just one topic:

233 were killed in Brazil in a nightclub fire. Perhaps it’s time Brazil has a national discussion on discos and fire control. Oh sure, those right-wing Brazilians will say they have a right to dance samba all night long armed with lighters but there needs to be tighter controls on how easy it has become to acquire the ability to start a fire at discos in Brazil. Perhaps a national registry on who owns matches. And limit matchbooks to 10 matches or less. That should do it.

Do we need any more reasons to hate Republicans? Bigtimer posted Juan McPain’s interview how Republicans must embrace immigration reform that will include a path to citizenship. You know, sometimes I think the Republicans are so stupid they must be in bed with the Democrats. How else can you describe their constant efforts to destroy the country?

What reason under the sun would Republicans have to allow illegal aliens to become citizens with voting rights? Do Repubs not see the election results and voting patterns of Hispanics every two years? Look at California, South Texas, New Mexico and Hispanic areas of Arizona. Solidly blue! So Republicans like the idjit Juan McPain and his man-servant Lindsey Graham think it would be in Republican’s best interest to pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship? Well, kiss my ass, Republicans! Republicans are idiots to think uneducated, manual labor from the third world will ever vote for them. Illegals will vote for politicians who offer to give them something for nothing. And NO one does that better than Democrats and they’ve been playing that game with minorities and immigrants for far too long…with OUR money!

What about immigration laws? What about doing what’s right? What about those who have waited years and years and played by the rules? Well, they won’t matter because Democrats want more votes and Republicans want cheap labor! I hardly believe Texans are going to hand over their conservative state to a bunch of Hispanic voters who broke our immigration laws to enter the country and were given amnesty by corruptocrats in DC!

At what part do the Republicans in Washington do ONE THING RIGHT? Amnesty for illegals will bring about the separation of the United States. States will act in their best interest and no longer allow themselves to suffer under the rules of idiots in DC like John McCain! It really is becoming easier and easier to see the dissolution of the United States in the next few years. Mark my words. Amnesty of tens of millions of illegals will kill the United States of America.

Monkey-faced author Stephen King has written an essay on why America needs gun control. It starts out with an alien coming to America riding in a space-banana time machine where he travels to Des Moine to goes to a muffler shop that’s owned by a guy who used to be in a rock band but now fixes mufflers who knows a guy who likes astronomy and has a banana tree so the alien needs to talk to him about how flying in bananas is not as easy as it looks. Oh, and then the alien pulls out a AR-15 with a 30 round “clip” and kills everybody on Earth. So Stephen King says AR15’s and “clips” over 10 rounds should be banned. Oh, and he wants you to pay him $.99 on Amazon for him to give you the same liberal drivel that Dianne Feinstein gave you for free. I’ll pass, Monkey-Face. Thank you.

The laugher of the day is Obama says he “goes shooting all the time.” Yeah, we’ve seen all the news clips! I guess he thinks ordering hits with drones is shooting. No, Hussein, shooting guns is what the people you represented in your community in Chicago do. Oh, he shoots skeet at Camp David! That I’d love to see! I hope that half-a-sissy shoots a shotgun better than tosses a baseball. Don’t you know the Secret Service would laugh its ass off watching Obama trying to shoot skeet! He couldn’t hit the ground if he took steady aim! Reminds me of Lurch Kerry saying “can I get me a huntin’ license here?” I hate these people!

Nice to see the Egyptians are rioting in the street and killing each other over soccer matches. Well, AWD has been to a soccer match so I understand their feelings. I know! Let’s give those savages some more F-16s and tanks! Great job there with that Arab Spring thing, libtards! Now you can hand over Syria in a few more weeks to the Muslim Brotherhood and further tighten the noose around Israel. And don’t think all this Muslim nightmare will stop with Israel.

And lastly, today was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We must never forget what happens when a people have their means of self-defense taken by government. Six million voices cry out telling us it is far better to die on our feet than live on our knees under the bondage of tyranny. Molon labe.


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  1. James

    If Republicans had a brain they would realize that the Hispanic vote had zero impact on Romney’s losses in Ohio, Penn., Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois. In my opinion they are not much different than Democrats.

  2. MichaelT

    I really feel like I’m moving past all of the crap we see on the news every day, and just concentrating on what I need to do to survive whatever comes. The pols on both sides are becoming so much white noise to me. Their sound bytes and proclamations are meaningless. It’s like the old Peanuts cartoons, in which one of the kids is being lectured by the teacher and the teachers voice is represented by ‘wah… wah…wah…’

    “What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?

    “Forbid it, Almighty God-I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.”

    Patrick Henry.

  3. RidinShotgun

    Enjoying your musinmgs, however I’m getting sick of hearing about the holocaust. For the simple reasons that 1) members of the tribe aren’t the only ones who have been murdered throughout history. EVERYONE has been set upon by someone else at some point in history.
    2) we have three jewish families that I know of in our town and yet last year one of thier relatives decided to approach the town board and petition them to build a memorial here.

    Frankly they didn’t see the need for one and said no. The Mrs. was speaking with one of their wives and said wife thought the board was being a bit unreasonable, so the Mrs. posed the following question; “What if the Sons of The Revolution petitioned the Polish government to put up a monument paying rememberance to the Battle of Lexington & Concord say near Dachau. What would you say?” This woman said that The Battle of Lexington & Concord had nothing to do with the holocaust and that that battle took place during the revolution never happened in Poland, so why have the monument there? The Mrs. said, “Exactly, the holcaust didn’t happen here and yet people from the jewish community insist on putting up memorials regarding it here. Do you see our point.” Said jewish wife said, “That’s different, your mixing apples and oranges.” Sure, of course we are. Enough said about that.
    Like the Stephen King photo to round out the comments thought, befitting!

    • MichaelT

      You’re right about that. Jews weren’t the only ones exterminated during the Nazi terror. I will defend the Jewish people here all day long, but they were not the sole victims of the Holocaust. Some folks look at it like the Jews were the only ones who suffered.

      • Mike W

        I am with you. The holocaust is not relevant to me or this country.

        AWD is right about an illegal alien amnesty destroying this country. We are done if this happens.

  4. Rebecca

    Heres one picture you posted and i knew who it was immediately for a change!!! SO unfortunate about Steven king – I loved Delores Claiborne, I loved IT (man that was a scary book!!!) – now this?!!! (I mean the books. Although Kathy bates was fab, I never saw IT the movie, old, never saw it.)

    For crying out loud…!!!

    In every book they save themselves by faith!!! Wtf?

  5. Rebecca

    All these books have a common theme – good versus evil – good wins through faith, hope, charity and hard work.

  6. Rebecca

    I’m reading the stand now – my boss says thats his best book. I may not live long enough to finish it though…its 10000000 pages long. .I may just quit reading it.

    • AWD

      Rebecca, your AWD shirt is on the way. You should have it by tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks again for the donation!


  7. 79firebirdman

    I’d love to see obamao empty a 12 guage shotgun with a full magazine and one in the chamber of high brass rounds or a empty the magazine of a 30-06 loaded with 180 grain rounds. Pansy boy couldn’t handle it.

    • Major

      You know .. in the interest of bipartisian ship ( I loath the corrupt power hungry punks that are majority in both parties) maybe there could be a skeet scramble like a golf match. Democrat Obama could be paired with a suitable Republican celebrity say maybe ex-v.p, Dick Cheney??

  8. Blaine Dunning

    Wouldn’t you love to see Obama try to shoot, you know that would be funny if the secret service didn’t give him lessons first. We know this will never happen, can’t upset that freedom hating base of his.


    So 233 die in a fire in Barzil Dont expect much from the news media maybe some headlines but no big time feeding frenzies from the media sharks But the fact is that 233 inocent people died in a fire will Obama go over there and gather some kids around and call for a ban on fires?

  10. majorityofone

    99 cents for Steven King’s liberal drivel is a real bargain. Whinestein’s drivel has cost the taxpayers millions, most of it unearned.

  11. eekalouse

    Love to see pansy-boy shoot some 7.62x54r, might just knock the queer out of him.

  12. RedStaterNYC


    Bobby Jindal: GOP Needs to ‘Stop Being the Stupid Party’

    “We must reject the notion that demography is destiny . . . .”

    jared taylor says it all with that excerpt.

  13. olds442

    A hoax?!

    “Excerpt from Muad’Dib’s January 7th, 2013 Critical Mass Radio interview:

    ..They used a poster child for this to get everybody’s sympathy and to get everybody’s emotions up so that they could hopefully bring in a gun ban. They used a little poster child, a little blonde-haired blue-eyed six year old girl. She was the face, the poster child. She was supposedly killed along with the other 19 six year olds and seven year olds at Sandy Hook. Three days later Obama was there doing a photo op and she’s sitting on his knee. She’s supposed to be dead, used as a poster child, this little girl died – she’s sitting on Obama’s knee three days later. The same little girl.

    And then they have her parents interviewed. It shows that they’re all actors. It never really happened, because the guy that was supposedly her dad, is shown in the video where he’s to the side and he’s laughing and joking with other people and then he’s called up in front of the camera. He’s off to the left. Then he’s called to the center, to the focus of the camera to be interviewed and to give his speech about Sandy Hook and about his daughter. And he goes from on the side from laughing and joking with everybody, he comes up to the center and … he takes the joking, smiling face off and you can see him physically trying to force his face to look sad and then he starts talking about how his daughter’s been killed. They’re actors. There were no bodies.

    It was a made for TV drama to try to ram through the gun control laws, because they want to kill the American people and they can’t kill armed people. That’s why Hitler disarmed the Germans, it’s why Stalin disarmed the Russians, it’s why chairman Mao disarmed the Chinese and they killed between them something like 120 million of their own people. And that’s what they want to do in America and they can’t do it because the people have the Second Amendment and they have guns. So they have to do all of this, and they’ll keep doing it. There will be more incidents like this, which are made for television, until they manage to persuade the American people to give up their guns. And then they’ll start killing the Americans. Because the Americans are the only people stopping them from doing what they want to do already. They know they can’t put their next phase, which is reducing the world’s population, they can’t put that phase into operation whilst the Americans have got millions of guns.”


    In his book CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF made into the movie SILVER BULLET a kid uses a gun to kill a werewolf

  15. Tim

    What do you mean, Obommi shoots skeets with one hand while riding his girls bike while suited up in his mommy jeans and gay little helmet. When he runs out of ammo he brings them down with baseballs.

  16. anotherangrywhitedude

    I love Stephen Kong’s novels and I paid the money to read his opinion. I knew he was a typical liberal, but I figured I would hear him out. Typical nonsense and only after I bought it did I learn the money goes to the Brady gun control nuts. King advertised it on Facebook as the money would go to the victim of the Connecticut school shooting. That was completely dishonest. So, to atone for my sin I donated an extra $20.00 to the NRA of which I am a proud member.

  17. JD

    “You know, sometimes I think the Republicans are so stupid they must be in bed with the Democrats.”

    That’s what I’ve thought all along.


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