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AWD long ago lost any interest in professional sports. It began with Deion Sanders and his “Deionization” antics of taunting opponents and going into spasms after every good play.

From that time to this, ESPN has become MSNBC with ‘sportswriters’ boring us to death with their politically correct, liberal BS official lines approved by the leftist thought police. Any dissenting viewpoints are quickly terminated from employment.

The latest fad this year was for spoiled black athletes to kneel during the National Anthem. I don’t believe any white players kneeled. But, then again, I’m not sure there are any white players in the NFL anymore.

San Francisco 49er Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was widely praised for being the first spoiled, stupid idjit to take a knee during the Anthem to protest who bad black people in America have it. He immediately become the toast of the left and despised by the majority of Americans. What is amazing is that the 49ers and the NFL allowed him to piss off so many people spending their time and hard earned disposable income to watch him insult the country so bad it pays terrible black QB’s millions to suck!

Many Americans realized they can live without the NFL and ratings and revenue suffered. Yet more players joined Kaepernick in kneeling. And the NFL allowed this!

Here’s something they must not teach at Harvard: First rule of business. Don’t piss off the customer.

So today’s the Super Bowl and the NFL selected Lady Gaga to perform at halftime. Let’s hope there isn’t a wardrobe malfunction as that girl’s face would make a train take a dirt road. However, Lady Gaga has announced she will have a performance that illustrates inclusion, equality, and the spirit of the country.” Cutting through that bullshit tells us she’s going to have a show that kisses the culo of Islam. You know, the religion that doesn’t stand for inclusion, equality, and the spirit of this country.

There are calls to boycott just the halftime performance but the entire Super Bowl itself. However, since most Americans can’t name their Congressman and don’t mind being spoon-fed a steady diet of politically correct, anti-American shit, the boycotts won’t affect much.

Then again, Americans are tired of being told what we believe and who we are as Americans by mindless morons like Lady Gaga, Hollywood tools, and corrupt DC politicians. Does the NFL believe Trump was elected because Americans want more unvetted Syrians living on their street living on welfare forcefully taken from hard-working American paychecks? When no Muslim countries will even consider accepting refugees? No, most Americans, with America-hating leftist morons excepted, are pretty sick of Islam in America.

Maybe Americans will begin to read, listen to music, turn off their cell phones and have a conversation, etc and realize pro sports is nothing but an insulting waste of time and money. And perhaps Americans will stop supporting other wastes of time and money like Hollywood movies and PC television shows. Maybe we will finally stop feeding the leftist hands that are killing us.

I hope Lady Gaga comes out and kneels during the National Anthem, wears a burqa and ends her performance getting whipped by a Muslim imam because she is a female who dares to play music. You know, that inclusion, equality, and spirit of the country thing.

Maybe next year the NFL will have a tattooed felon thug rapper perform at halftime to honor the tattooed felon thugs on the field. NFL? A bore-a-thon!




  1. Wow! It is good to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I gave up on team sports years ago. I was shocked at how easy it was and surprised that I don’t miss it … at all.

  2. As a young guy back in the 50s and 60s, I knew the team standings in all leagues and divisions, RBA stats, HRs, pass completions, interceptions, free-throw percentages, and the names of all premiere players.

    Howsomever, the last NFL game I watched had Joe Montana at QB, the last MLB game had Dale Murphy in CF for the Braves, and the last NBA game had Bill Russel at center for the Celtics.

    Gave up on tennis when it the last of the surgeons retired and abandoned the courts to graphite and muscle, especially the women’s side.

    Will still watch The Masters on Sunday afternoon because it’s so well done, and I always appreciate the A/V summary essay at the end.

    Otherwise, I’d rather watch paint dry than most pro sporting events.

  3. The last players I liked to watch were Y.A. Tittle, Elroy “crazy legs” Hirsch and Garland Boyette. Guess I am old

  4. All of football and ESPN are Liberal. I watched this superbowl because I had people over who watched it with me. We were all satisfied with the outcome but still I had a feeling that I should not be watching it because of the crap it stands for. I have cut most of my football watching this year by at least 90%. I am tired of watching farm equipment spread their anti-white, race mixing, unintelligible comments all over TV. The commercials were either leftist political messages or illusions to race mixing. The commercial, for the most part, were terrible. I will do better next year. Down with football until it caters to white conservative fans again.

  5. Sarge the Annihilator

    I really enjoy when someone tries to engage me about football, I say, sorry I can`t stand pro football. and I like basketball even less. I watch tactical shooting videos on you tube. and think about ways of killing you without getting caught. kinda don`t understand why I don`t have any friends.

  6. I slept through all but the first two series of the third quarter while my wife watched HGTV. Not invested in it, but since there is a certain kind of fan who hating players/teams like the Brady/Pats who are the also the fans of teams like Falcons, it turned out to be a good day after all.

  7. Quartierleblanc

    About the only reason I watched it was that Brady, Belichick and Kraft are Trump supporters. The big plus is that lemon yellow NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell had to hand the trophy to them. The guy should have gotten rid of Kaepernick and the rest of his ilk when they started “taking a knee.”

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