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Well, it’s Tuesday. And it’s Super! Or supposed to be. I believe it will be Super for Trump and pretty much awful for Cruz.

Ted has depended on the South to put him over the top for the duration of the campaign. But, as much as his enemies have thrown his way, Trump appears to be unstoppable.

Ted will win Texas but it’s not a winner take all delegates state so Trump will walk away with a lot of Lone Star delegates.

Rubio. Marco, Marco, Marco. What are we going to do with your little corrupt, con-man ass? You’ve done everything you’ve been commanded to do by the Establishment and it’s just not working. Note: when you find yourself talking about the size of you opponents hands during campaign speeches, just stop. It is weird and nothing good will come from it.

Kasich? Yeah, I think he’s still out there waving his arms like a madman. Hang it up.

Carson? Nothing but ego is keeping him in the race at this point. And it’s becoming very annoying. Go do something useful and operate on a brain.

If it’s a wash tonight for Trump, I believe Cruz needs to hang it up and quit wasting our time and his money. Rubio won’t drop out because he’s on the Establishment payroll. He won’t drop out unless the Establishment brushes the cobwebs off of Mitt in what will be one final desperate move that will totally destroy the Republican Party for good.

It has been a long, bitter primary with a lot of bickering between candidates and their followers. I’m ready for it to be over. AWD voted for Ted but will enthusiastically vote for Trump when he wins the nomination.

Your opinions?

And for some Music That Doesn’t Suck, here’s some old Bob Wills (he’s still the King in Texas) playing “T for Texas, T for Tennessee” in honor of Super Tuesday voting in the Lone Star State.

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  1. Spurwing Plover

    Why are they so afraid of trump anyway maybe becuase he isnt a career politician

  2. FlyByNight

    I am all in for Trump. At this point (7 years of Obama), I wouldn’t care if he endorsed David Duke, was found to have ties to the mafia, and was found to have hands so small that he had to use both of them to lift a baseball.

  3. damn I was looking forward to a Cruz / Bernie the Bolshevik contest in the Fall……. but alas it doesn’t look like that is going to happen…….I know Bolshevik Bernie was a real long shot but I had hoped for a real communist representing the Bolsheviks….er, I mean the d’himicrats………

    what is pissing me off is this Rubio asshole… the hell is this piece-of-shit still in the race…..who the hell is voting for this illegal alien…..he sure as hell loves the illegals so I think he must be one of them…… Rubio dipshits…you’re the ones screwing things up…….I’d like to line everyone of you assholes up that voted for your favorite ice cream man and slap you right across the face………

    I am slowly coming to the realization that Trump is going to be the nominee….unless the establishment pulls a fast one on us……anyhow, the thought of a Hildabeast Cankles presidency is simply un-thinkable…….at least Bernie the Bolshevik came out and stated his commie views……Hildabeast is doing everything she can to hide her communism……….

    ok…..I’ll go along with Trump…….I have some serious reservations about Trump but it looks like he’s the one going to the dance…………

    • Bluto – got to be a reason why the RNC hates Trump, not to mention the news media is going ape shit over the thoughts of a Trump presidency. Cruz is my man, but I will sprint to the polls to vote for Trump should he be the nominee.

  4. Trump pretty much had a Super Tuesday…..

    What a few weeks it has been for the panic-stricken arrogant elite. Plus the media has been casting its vote all along. Every election they tell us who our choices are and ram their establishment choices down our throats. We’re told we just have to accept it. Well this time the tables are turned a bit in We The Peoples favor, for once in a very long time the RNC will have to accept it.

    Some say Trump is not the best choice. I say he is not perfect. No candidate seems to be. The RNC and every operator within the establishment has been scheming to oust the Trumpster. Who’d have thunk something would cause such a stir in the establishment? Romney, probably the king of the establishment, came out to personally launch an attack campaign against Trump. Little do these Party establishment elite seem to realize that more they dig in the more obvious it becomes who a large percentage of people of America want as their next President.

    Cruz did manage to win his home state and Oklahoma but, coming in second or third doesn’t mean much when Trump has such a huge lead in delegates. Does it?

    What I like about Trump is, he is bringing the country together in ways we haven’t seen in years. It’s not just a campaign he’s running, it’s a movement that is a long time in coming.

  5. the GOP establishment is planning on changing the rules at the convention to deny Trump the nomination……….

    you establishment sons-a-bitches had better watch out…………..

  6. SalsaChupacabra

    I just can’t bring myself to trust Trump when he claims to be a conservative. He’s taken too many positions that are antithetical to conservatism, in particular his frequently stated desire to change libel laws and sh!t all over the first amendment in the process. He’s also thin skinned and too all-over-the-map mentally/emotionally for me to take him seriously.

    That being said, I will bite the bullet and vote for him in November because Hillary is bought and payed for by the Muslim Brotherhood and I’ll be damned if I let those Islamo-fascists dig their claws any deeper into my country. If Trump wins the primary and you vote for anyone else, or abstain entirely, you’re casting your vote for the Muslim Brotherhood by proxy.

  7. This is how Trump wins the general. He takes the black vote from Hiliary in the north. See –

    On CNN, a wonk said: “Donald Trump is leading strongly among ‘telling it like it is.’” Doubtless he also won among “Na-huh”, “You-Mama” and “Oh-no-he-didn’t.”

    The tag line – ‘this is what they really think of you’…

  8. AWD

    You know Cruz has no chance of beating Trump, yet you vote for him. I don’t get it…..are you saying if you can’t have Cruz you aren’t voting in the general, because Cruz won’t be on the ticket.

    • Newbie, I voted for Ted because I agree with him and am happy with his work as my Senator. I will vote for Trump when he wins the nomination.


      • Poppycock…..

        This is not a senatorial race……Cruz ain’t too bad but Trump is better and you’ve said as much so. We don’t know what Trump will do and equally we don’t know what Cruz will do. By far, Trump is the fav. but of course Texans know better, while I understand that a lot of peeps who live in Texas are not really Texans or even Americans.

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