super tuesday trumpThink that’s a “conspiracy theory”? Thing again. The major fix took place right in front of your eyes. Think that it couldn’t have been fixed against Trump, because the billionaire had, on balance, a good night? Think again.

There is a phrase in circulation in cable news outlets, and its prominence is no accident. “Stop Trump” is on the lips of pundits and party operatives alike. The Republican hermaphrodite Lindsay Graham was clear about what that means last night, when he explained that Ted Cruz’s candidacy may have value, going forward, only as a rallying point for the “Stop Trump” movement.

If you have any knowledge of mass psychology and social programming, you shouldn’t imagine that the constant repetition of the phrase “Stop Trump” is any kind of coincidence.

But the hardcore fix came in the form of the “Trump = KKK” hit piece marathon, which began on all mainstream news outlets a neat 48 hours before Super Tuesday voting began. From NPR to CNN to Fox, the KKK feeding frenzy was nonstop, and it served to squelch out what should have been the most important news for conservative voters—Trump’s Jeff Sessions endorsement.

A brutal negative press blitz, coordinated across all major outlets, and timed so a candidate can’t properly respond before voting begins, is vote-fixing just as surely as altering ballots or lying about another candidate dropping out.

The fact that the KKK meme is ludicrous—Trump is being persecuted because someone he never met mentioned him—shows how dirty things are, and is a sign of how dirty they’re going to get.

To understand how obvious this fix is, realize that Hillary and Bill have people who they actually knew and spent a great deal of time with making detailed allegations about rape and terrorism. There is a rich trove of evidence regarding Hillary’s money laundering, email scandal and other assorted crimes, and the same media persecuting Trump for being mentioned by a stranger are perfectly silent about the lunacy surrounding the Democratic frontrunner.

For that matter, Cruz and Rubio have glaring weaknesses that could easily be spun into campaign-killers, and if there was impartiality or even any variation in our mass media agendas, these candidates would at least get bloodied along with Trump.

That Trump had a solid Super Tuesday is evidence of the masses of new voters he is bringing into the process, and that people in general are waking up to the MSM’s tactics. But the fact is that, had it not been for the fix described here—and doubtlessly some hands-on fixes in particular states (I’m looking at you, Texas)—the results of yesterday’s primaries would have locked up the nomination for him.

That is what the establishment was scrambling to avoid, and that is what they did avoid.

By keeping Cruz and Rubio in play, and forcing Trump to fight a war of attrition, they are creating opportunities to trip him up, and to erode his support. That’s the game. Hopefully, Trump has no illusions about it.

The KKK angle isn’t going away, nor are any of the other dirty tricks. Trump had better recapture control of the narrative, by any means necessary, or they may derail his candidacy yet.

Bill Matheson is the author of Under Bastard Christianity: A Handbook for Heretics in an Age of Equality Cultism. Consider leaving an Amazon review! Contact Bill through Facebook with any questions.


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