Surviving the Flood


Laocoon and His Sons


Outlets like HotAir, Drudge, AmRen, VDare,, etc., dutifully report the news that the entirety of the MSM assiduously avoids. Hence readers of actual news rightly detest Obama and his administration, while consumers of the MSM’s pro-regime propaganda are, unsurprisingly, much more ambivalent on the whole.

The Obama regime was caught in yet another instance of incompetence and insouciance towards our warriors in the Veterans Affairs scandal. So what did they do? Freed five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world for a traitor so that they could get the VA scandal out of the headlines. Then they spun the Bergdahl scandal as a non-issue fomented by evil Republicans, and the cattle ate it up…er…hook, line and sinker.

How’d that work out for them? Here’s a headline from yesterday over at

Polls: No damage to Obama’s job approval from VA scandal

Hillary Clinton will be our next President. Why? Because the entirety of the Liberal Establishment wants it to happen, and the cattle—who far outnumber those who are awake—are too stupid to do anything except follow the dictates of the corrupt media.

After roughly half a century of systematically dumbing down our population, importing worse-than-useless third-worlders, and infiltrating every hall of power, the lefties have finally achieved their goal: A democratic majority content to consume itself into oblivion while rabidly defending the cabal of sociopaths who have engineered their very destruction.

Here’s my current suggestion: Dissolve the USA. Retrench in a red state. Quarantine ourselves from liberal insanity. Rebuild our civilization upon those time-tested principles we all recognize work. Meanwhile, let the blue states fall to the genocidal megalomaniacs. Once they’re crying for a savior, march in; [redacted] every goddam politician and every sycophant who helped put them into power; then reclaim the land for freedom-loving Americans.


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