Destruction of a People

Would it be any surprise to see an uptick in the degree of antisocial behavior victims of this racist, genocidal onslaught increasingly exhibit?

Why Now?

So, again, motive is clear; conspiracy is clear. But, again, what is not clear (to me, at least): why now?


The lie of racial egalitarianism sounds oh-so morally superior, and has thus proven the perfect smokescreen for the enemies of our nation and our peoples.
Laocoon and His Sons

Surviving the Flood

After roughly half a century of systematically dumbing down our population, importing worse-than-useless third-worlders, and infiltrating every hall of power, the lefties have finally achieved their goal: A democratic majority content to consume itself into oblivion while rabidly defending the cabal of sociopaths who have engineered their very destruction.