GOOD! So the world will stop if Congress can't reach a new budget guaranteed to waste billions of dollars on moochers, benefits for illegal aliens, foreign aid to countries that despise us, and funding of e...
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A Post I Wish I’d Written

Devoid of inspirational qualities, bereft of qualifications, utterly useless in any system or setting besides the 21st century First World managerial state, Hillary personifies our society like no other person before or since.

A Yankee in La-La Land

This is it, folks. Two weeks left before the big showdown for the future of America—an Hieronymus Boschean diptych of good vs. evil, success vs. failure, lw-and-order vs. anarchy, American exceptionalism vs. perpetually imploding socialism.
Empty Chair Hanging

“Trouble with the Curve” AIS Weekend

This weekend, Eastwood's new movie, Trouble with the Curve, opens in theaters across the country. It has received middling reviews—much to the delight of said "elites", who are snickering about "empty chairs" being the common sight at showings of the film. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate our elites and their pretentious, hubristic, narcissistic, smug, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou attitude toward all things patriotic? Well, what would be better than to make a mockery of their mockery by filling said "empty chairs" with the asses of patriots this weekend and thereby sending Eastwood's latest effort into better-than-expected territory?
The Great Uniter

License to Ill

Give the president his due: It's true that someone who disagrees with President Obama can't be labeled "unpatriotic"—rather, anyone who disagrees with the president is almost certainly patriotic.