THE POLICE HONG KONGED ON DR WANG! Here's the deal. AWD has taught his children this truth throughout their precious lives: Don't ever argue or fight with the police. You will lose. Something Dr Wang Chu...
Liberal Douchebag

Bitter Thursday

It’s been 13 years and another radical leftist revolution later, and DWLs are as delusional as they’ve ever been.

TAILS from the Crypt

So for any of you out there who, like myself, like to frequent sites or exchange communications that you know will land you on Big Brother's "watch list", I'd highly recommend leveraging this technology sooner rather than later.

George Zimmerman, I have felt (some of) your pain!

AWD normally doesn't post articles from other writers. I want y'all to suffer through my crappy stuff. And I almost never post anything that has been posted on another page. But AWD received an email fro...