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Stupid Is As Stupid Does
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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Or as AWD puts it, play stupid games win stupid prizes. The image on the left is that of the “late”(You already know where this is going) Corinna Mehiel 34, an artist and prominent social justice warrior. The man pictured on the right is El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure 28, (You have to love these names) who “allegedly” tortured and stabbed her to death. The homeless Mr. Toure, despite somewhat […]

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I saw this at Ace of Spades and wanted to post Dinesh D’Souza putting a thump on a overeducated/undersmart Social Justice Warrior at Amherst College. I encourage readers to watch the entire exchange to see how brainwashed these little middle-class socialist brats are. AWD believes at least half of the universities in America need to be shuttered. Especially leftists hellholes like Berkely, Amherst, and especially those blue scum bellies at […]