Don't Eff with the Zuck

Facebook’s “Community Centers”

“Diversity” destroyed our communities. And now Zuckerberg wants to replace those destroyed communities with his “virtual communities”…built on his software…that will suppress the free exchange of ideas…if those ideas are critical of the very thing that destroyed the communities he’s replacing.

The Fog of War

For the sake of Western Civilization, yet another white civil war looms. We are our own worst enemy.

What Changed

Lonely, confused, sexually frustrated, full of self-hate and guilt, bullied by racist and feral subspecies inside of school and out, adrift without proper parenting at home, and deranged by the endless sewage pumped into their brains via the Internet and TV, our children act out (or act in).


There he goes again...telling it like it is! Ted Cruz had some words to say to John McRINO and others on Wednesday, if you didn't get the chance to see what happened on the senate will now! He t...

Google is Evil

I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again: Google is Big Brother—accumulating every scrap of information it can about everybody and anybody it can, then leveraging that information and its internet dominance to aid and abet the Liberal Establishment and its anti-American agenda.