November 1 is when food stamps get cut by $36 for a family of moochers. No more lobster tails, I guess. Or not as many as before! So watch out for the possible Day Of The Moochers this week. Might want to make sure you are carrying if you live in close proximity to food stampers! Since welfare moochers now outnumber producers, there’s a good chance welfare moochers are all around you! They’re the ones with the full shopping carts!

Question. Would you carry a .22 to a gun fight? I know! I know! Most of us well-armed will laugh at the prospect. Hell, AWD has his trusty Glock .23 in .40 S&W on his person 24/7 (unless attending to bidness in the boudoir) and a 9mm with two extra mags in the F150 at all times. Even if I am in the boudoir putting a sparkle in the eyes of the little filly, there’s a Rock River AR-15 with a 30 round mag just feet away. So why would the AWD consider using a .22 should the opportunity arise? Well, because it works! The .22 wouldn’t be my first choice to take into battle but it appears we all sell the little round short! Watch this!

Dayum! AWD couldn’t hit Earth at 400 yards but the .22 appears to have lethal power at that range.

I’ve heard more people are killed in America each year by the .22 than any other caliber. I’m too lazy to look that up but I’ve seen that statement more than once. I’ll have to ask Piers Morgan, I guess. But I’ve heard the .22 is so lethal because the bullet bounces around inside the body doing mucho damage rather than blasting clean through like more powerful calibers.

AWD subscribes to his “Gun In Every Room” policy. No need working up a sweat running to another room to acquire a shooting iron when you can just reach over on the table. While I have two .22 handguns and more than a few .22 rifles, I wouldn’t have thought much about using it to stop a miscreant making the mistake of breaking into the Casa del Amor.

I must say AWD was surprised watching that video and has given me a little more respect for the .22 caliber.

We have a lot of very knowledgeable gun guys here who know a ton about guns. So again I ask….would you use a .22 for self defense? For all you Yankee readers in New York, a .22 is a caliber of a lead projectile that is fired through a metal tube at a high velocity by a tool we in the South call a gun.


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