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November 1 is when food stamps get cut by $36 for a family of moochers. No more lobster tails, I guess. Or not as many as before! So watch out for the possible Day Of The Moochers this week. Might want to make sure you are carrying if you live in close proximity to food stampers! Since welfare moochers now outnumber producers, there’s a good chance welfare moochers are all around you! They’re the ones with the full shopping carts!

Question. Would you carry a .22 to a gun fight? I know! I know! Most of us well-armed will laugh at the prospect. Hell, AWD has his trusty Glock .23 in .40 S&W on his person 24/7 (unless attending to bidness in the boudoir) and a 9mm with two extra mags in the F150 at all times. Even if I am in the boudoir putting a sparkle in the eyes of the little filly, there’s a Rock River AR-15 with a 30 round mag just feet away. So why would the AWD consider using a .22 should the opportunity arise? Well, because it works! The .22 wouldn’t be my first choice to take into battle but it appears we all sell the little round short! Watch this!

Dayum! AWD couldn’t hit Earth at 400 yards but the .22 appears to have lethal power at that range.

I’ve heard more people are killed in America each year by the .22 than any other caliber. I’m too lazy to look that up but I’ve seen that statement more than once. I’ll have to ask Piers Morgan, I guess. But I’ve heard the .22 is so lethal because the bullet bounces around inside the body doing mucho damage rather than blasting clean through like more powerful calibers.

AWD subscribes to his “Gun In Every Room” policy. No need working up a sweat running to another room to acquire a shooting iron when you can just reach over on the table. While I have two .22 handguns and more than a few .22 rifles, I wouldn’t have thought much about using it to stop a miscreant making the mistake of breaking into the Casa del Amor.

I must say AWD was surprised watching that video and has given me a little more respect for the .22 caliber.

We have a lot of very knowledgeable gun guys here who know a ton about guns. So again I ask….would you use a .22 for self defense? For all you Yankee readers in New York, a .22 is a caliber of a lead projectile that is fired through a metal tube at a high velocity by a tool we in the South call a gun.



  1. Only if it was the only caliber available.
    I’ll stick with my .40SW and my Bushmaster 5.56.

    • Mr. Rational

      Yeah, ditto.  I don’t care if a .22 wound will kill the dirtbag coming at me.  It’s only good if he realizes he’s dead before he gets a chance to hurt me, and I will likely not have the time to make sure that the round goes through his skull or any other place where that realization will arrive in seconds instead of hours.

      • depends entirely on the slug your hitting your target with

        for instance CC stinger rounds for the 22 are made so that when they hit they split off into 3 separate pieces which then tend to bounce if they hit anything hard (like bone)

        This makes stinger rounds extremely deadly for a 22 round.

        That being said it would still likely take 4-5 shots to inflict the same kind of damage you would with a larger round like a 45.

        Still though since there are 22 simi auto’s that are extremely small it would be worth having on as a backup.

  2. Drs. hate 22 wounds, the bullet bounces around inside you and tears all kinds of organs up. It may not be a one shot stop but it will mess a person up. I’m not fond of them as defense pistols. In my experience rim fires have a tendency to misfire more than center fires.

  3. My sig p220 45acp is always ready to protect me and mines. Out of all my firearms, that one is my favorite.

  4. A 22 magnum preferably.

    Put alot of rounds on the target. Head shots would be ideal.

  5. Well… A .22 in the hand is better than a .45 at home…

  6. Quartierleblanc

    It’s not a matter of lethality, it’s a matter of incapacitation rate. One shot stops are at best 30% with the best ammo and the best ammo appears to be solids and not HP’s. You’ll make the Trayvon good, but maybe not before he puts a couple into your chest. The Israeli’s used modified Beretta’s in 22 short without suppressors as assassination weapons but they used two shooters and emptied the mags. They were very quiet and didn’t need suppressors. IMHO this is where the revolvers come in. No matter how good the pistol and how good the ammo, you’ll always get a dud with 22’s. The little 8 shot snubbys would enable you to fight back without worry about malfunction but you’d have to hit the Travyon with everything. BTW the latest data with short barreled pistols and 22 mags show no advantage what so ever over 22 LR.

    • “No matter how good the pistol and how good the ammo, you’ll always get a dud with 22′s.”

      The only dud rounds I’ve ever had were .22s. Less than 200 rds at an Appleseed and I got one.

    • I don’t know, when I shoot prarie dogs of the deck, the 22 Mag seems to fly truer.

  7. I was at a party one night when a fight broke out. one fighter pulled a 22 auto and shot another in the side of the arm, the bullet followed the bone traveled down the collar bone and went through the heart, my friend dropped dead,

  8. neverunarmed

    I wouldn’t hesitate to use a .22 if i were a good shot, bot since i’m not i use a hi cap 9mm.

    .22 is the perfect zombie apocalypse round, when only head shots count. I don’t see that happening. anytime soon, it’s less likely that the commy liberal apocalypse.

  9. a .22 any where in the body is better than 15 9 MMs in the wall…..spend time at the range or leave the weapon in the gun safe.

  10. triangle whip

    No I wouldn’t take a .22 to anything. Can’t get any damn AMMO!!!!

  11. Quartierleblanc

    But where you can trade a 44 for a 22 and it not cost you money? Besides a pistol will function every day of the month without a hiccup and you can keep one at home and one on the road.

  12. Spurwing Plover

    John Kerry dirty rotten traitor

  13. neverunarmed

    Sorry for the confusion there xtron, that was meant to be funny. I spend plenty of time target shooting.

  14. A Ruger 10/22 with AR-15 peep sights, 1″ GI-type slings (Tech-sights $14)and Ruger 25 round magazines will make you one badass dude when a riot breaks out near a hip-hop region. Super fast handling, zero recoil, fast repeat shots, fast on target — the “rapid fire targets” will pile up up fast.

    Make one up today!

  15. No I wouldn’t take a 22 either. Some wacko may still be moving around easily while the bullet connects the dots. As a female, I prefer a one shot stopper.

  16. Crusading Conservative

    I like my .22 Sig, but I’m a little lady (er, filly?) … and I’d rather empty the magazine into a perp than try to take him out with our 9mm. Too much kick for accuracy for me, and who wants to have to repair drywall after the SOB is taken out in a body bag?

  17. I’m going to try real hard to not get into a gunfight. There was a guy running loose here yesterday with an AK-47, shot two police officers and county deputy, but they got him. I was sitting the laundrymat when all hell broke loose. Whatever you have make sure you know how to use it, and take it everywhere with you.

  18. Quartierleblanc

    It seems that AWD has gotten himself a “preowned” Ruger Single Six Convertible, the one with cylinders for both 22LR and 22Mag. Like all Ruger’s they’re built like tanks and will last forever. AWD’s grandkids will shoot the thing silly and it will still work like new. Ruger got into the 22 business early on and got it right. My favorite 22 is a Ruger as well, the Ruger 22/45. Women love this pistol. My wife and my son’s girlfriend took this one like they were related. I certainly wouldn’t want them to get after me with it. It seems AWD got the “fever” and had to buy something to cure it. It’s contagious and I think i”m coming down with the same thing.

  19. Spoke with a Game Warden a while back and he swears that most poachers prefer .22, hummm wonder why that is -snark-

  20. Hell yes, if it’s all that’s available, a .22 is clearly capable of doing the job. If it will pass thru a half inch pine board at 440 yards, then all you have to do is your part, AKA hitting the target. And most gun fights occur at a range of about 7 yards.

  21. Quartierleblanc

    I think what he’s saying is that the vast majority will occur at 7 yards or less with most of those at under 10 feet.

  22. yes in certain circumstances……for up close and personal work the .22 can be very effective…… cousin carried a .22……..told me “I’ll shoot them in the face.”………..he never had to do that but I know he would have if the situation arose………

    I like the .22……nice and quiet……..

  23. Yea… at least it would get a feral teen’s attention.

  24. End of an Era: Last U.S. Lead Smelter to Close in December

    Do you understand yet?

    Posted on October 25, 2013

    In December, the final primary lead smelter in the United States will close. The lead smelter, located in Herculaneum, Missouri, and owned and operated by the Doe Run Company, has existed in the same location since 1892.

    The Herculaneum smelter is currently the only smelter in the United States which can produce lead bullion from raw lead ore that is mined nearby in Missouri’s extensive lead deposits, giving the smelter its “primary” designation. The lead bullion produced in Herculaneum is then sold to lead product producers, including ammunition manufactures for use in conventional ammunition components such as projectiles, projectile cores, and primers. Several “secondary” smelters, where lead is recycled from products such as lead acid batteries or spent ammunition components, still operate in the United States.

    Doe Run made significant efforts to reduce lead emissions from the smelter, but in 2008 the federal Environmental Protection Agency issued new National Ambient Air Quality Standards for lead that were 10 times tighter than the previous standard. Given the new lead air quality standard, Doe Run made the decision to close the Herculaneum smelter.

    Whatever the EPA’s motivation when creating the new lead air quality standard, increasingly restrictive regulation of lead is likely to affect the production and cost of traditional ammunition. Just this month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that will ban lead ammunition for all hunting in California. The Center for Biological Diversity has tried multiple times to get similar regulations at the federal level by trying, and repeatedly failing, to get the EPA to regulate conventional ammunition under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

    At this time, it’s unclear if Doe Run or another company will open a new lead smelter in the United States that can meet the more stringent lead air quality standards by using more modern smelting methods. What is clear is that after the Herculaneum smelter closes its doors in December, entirely domestic manufacture of conventional ammunition, from raw ore to finished cartridge, will be impossible.

  25. For general carry, a Glock 19 works for me.
    When in the woods I carry a S&W 357 magnum.
    At home the Mossberg 500 is tactically adapted for close quarter.
    For perimeter defense, Bushmaster AR 15.
    Sometimes when lightly dressed, shorts & T I might throw my Jennings .22 in a pocket but would probably use it a striking weapon,
    and when I’m just feeling mean My Glock in .45 Gap rounds out the gun fighter collection. And yes, in the right circumstances I would use a .22 but only if larger calibers were not available.

    Now for hunting, thats a different story.

  26. Would you feel outgunned with these .22LRs…

    American 180 AM180 2 at once

  27. Tony Diamond

    I have always enjoyed shooting a .22 round. I had a .22LR semi-automatic rifle, would fire 18 rounds, very accurately, as fast as I could pull the trigger. I used it once to put down two fighting pit-bull dogs. The first one was a head shot and died immediately, the second had gotten into some cover and took a shot to get him to move, and then two shots to the torso to put him down. It was an unfortunate, sad moment but that is another story. Had NO issue with the round at all, just make sure you hit them!
    Now that being said, for personal defense I prefer a .357 mag. Love that round!

  28. Contrary to popular belief amongst “flatlanders”, there is more to NY than just the F’kin City! Make the mistake of breaking into most houses above Albany, and you stand a good chance of leaving feet first. In case you forgot us “Yankees” have a long tradition of firearms proficiency: Bennigton, Saratoga, Ticonderoga; just to name a few.

    Around here, we consider the ’06 to be a minimum requirement. Poodle shooters are fine for varmints – be they two legged or four, but nothing matches the terminal performance of a full size cartridge. 22’s are for squirrels and rabbits, but any gun is still better than no gun.

    Whitehall, NY

    (if you don’t know what a flatlander is – and it isn’t a compliment, by the way – it’s probably you! )

    • 🙂 another NY-er who doesn’t live in the big city? YAY! I was beginning to think I was the only one around here.

  29. rightwingterrorist

    Seems some folks would argue for it.
    Personally, I’ll use my 1911.
    .45 that is.

  30. As a cop I saw quite a few kills with a .22, but my choice is my 1911. That said, my wife has a horrible problem with carpal tunnel and has trouble with recoil. She has a Ruger LCR in .22, and I’ve worked with her until she can put all 8 rounds in an area about the size of a half dollar (remember those?) on the forehead at seven yards. Granted that’s a stationary target but any hit should at least slow the bastard down. I’ve taught her not to display the gun until she’s grabbed, surprise the asshole with a round to the leg or stomach and then finish up to the face. With physical drawbacks, anything is better than nothing. ER doctors did hate .22 wounds because of the wild path they tended to take through the body.

  31. No 22 for me

    Vepr Tactical Sniper Rifle 7.62x54R

    Vepr Tactical Sniper Rifle 7.62x54R , 23″ barrel, semi auto New imported rifles from the Russian Molot factory . If you are searching for a rock solid accurate rifle to eat the 762 x 54R round then this is the gun for you . These rifles are a much better rifle than the Romanian PSL or FPK series with top quality Russian Heavy Duty parts and build.


    Base Russian rifle imported from the Famous Molot Factory
    Heavy Duty thicker receiver and other componets for superior accuracy
    23 Inch Russian Cold Hammer Forged Chrome lined barrel with threads
    SVD /Dragunov Style flash hider
    Quad Rail tactical front hand guard upper & lower
    Hogue Rubber Pistol Grip with Finger Grooves
    Black poly rear buttstock
    G2 Fire Control

    Veprs are built for extreme demands above and beyond all others with extra heavy duty receiver, extra heavy duty reinforcment each side and an extra heavy hammer forged chrome lined target like barrel. The combination of years of proven design with attention to detail has produced legendary dependability and legendary accuracy from the jungles to Siberia!

    Enhanced against weather and mechanical wear the cartridge chamber, barrel bore, gas cylinder, and bolt- support rod are chrome lined.

    Enemy at the Gates (2001) Official Trailer #1 – Jude Law Movie HD

    • “Mosin-Nagant: The $100 .30-06” by Nutnfancy

      For the $100 or so you can pay for a rack grade Mosin-Nagant, it is a superb centerfire rifle. Proven the world over in combat since the turn of the century (and before!) the venerable 91/30 Mosin-Nagant has won many fans for this amazing high value. Coupled with currently available and high quality 7.63mmx54R European surplus ammunition, the combination provides amazing levels of fun, utility, and training without putting you in the poor house. This ammo, usually a 147 gr LPS load in copper-washed steel cases with Berdan priming, is corrosive but it shot accurately and reliably in the 2 yrs of testing in TNP. Cleaning the rifle after corrosive ammo is simple and I recommend Hoppes #9 for the task. POUs on the Mosin include “fun gun,” project gun, collectible, affordable WROL option, and hunting rifle…all discussed in the vid

  32. Guns…….some people much like these Arabs below should simply not play with them……………………..

    • Don’t kid yourself, American and British Muslims are getting plenty of training in the middle east -going back and forth AT WILL -while the police state focuses on American citizens who might be “patriotic” (Oh My God! eeEEK!). Our Minnesota Somalis are being actively recruited.
      Hell, they’re training on american soil as we speak!

      • American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us [Paperback]

        Steven Emerson (Author)

        AFTER SEPTEMBER 11, 2001…
        …the federal government detained several hundred people suspected of terrorist involvement, and continued to search for hundreds more. Some were overseas, some were on the run, but most were already at home — in America.
        Who are these people? Where did they come from? And how could there be so many terrorists or suspected terrorists living among us without action being taken? In American Jihad, Steven Emerson, the world’s leading authority on domestic Islamic terrorist networks, tells the full story of the rise of those who wish to destroy the United States from within.
        From the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, to foiled attacks on the New York City subway system, to a stunning range of murders across the country, there were numerous warning signs that the “American Jihad” had been gaining momentum. With an up-to-the-minute afterword that explains the stops and starts of the post-9/11 investigation, American Jihad reveals the full story that only Emerson knows — and the reasons America failed to stop the most devastating attack in history on our own soil. This is a frightening and crucial book for anyone who needs to understand the threat within our borders.
        Show more
        Show less

      • Did you say eek?

  33. .22 mags are a nasty little round I would not like to be on the business end of one of these little guy’s there not that very much smaller then a .223 fire one sometime you might be surprised by their capability. Better than throwing rocks anyway.

  34. In High School/College I had a Remington 22/250 which I used to load myself to 4000 fps muzzle velocity. Think about getting hit with that .22 Now that’s a Knife (croc dundee)

  35. Quartierleblanc

    The “official” kill score in Chicago is now 415. Of course with Rahm and company cooking the books the real score will probably never be known. With the count unlikely to reach last years total of over 500, even money says Rahm will declare victory even with about 6 more weeks of shooting/murdering season left.

  36. Quartierleblanc

    Hold the presses. Word reaches me of kill # 416 from the Windy City. A shooting of another yout who looks just like Obama. The number of shootings there is simply astounding. Well over 2200 and that’s shootings and not stabling or assaults. Guess who they look like?

  37. Quartierleblanc

    Meanwhile the Chicago Gun and Knife Club has confirmed kill # 417. All of this before another long holiday weekend with “Black Friday” coming soon. Looks like the bangers will break the kill record for 2011, but fall short of 2012. They have a friend in Rahm, Garry and the ME who know how to manipulate the stats.

  38. Quartierleblanc

    This is one I’m going to call and it’s kill # 418, a woman found with her throat slashed. It’s only still a “homicide investigation” so it not officially listed as a murder, but who cuts their own throat? Garry, Rahm and company are once again shooting their mouths off about how murders are down in Chicago and are touting a “high 300 number.” Once again liberal lies, it represents the GUN homicides and not total numbers. Anything to keep the official count down.

    BTW AWD you have look at the stories of Sharkiesha. The name is classic and you just can’t make this up

  39. Quartierleblanc

    The countdown begins with only 29 more shooting day left. Kill number 419, 420 and 421 confirmed with more on the way. Looks like last years kill rate won’t be beaten but hey, even Alabama loses once in a while. It does look like the Trayvon’s will break the 2011 record. Stay tuned for breaking news.

  40. Quartierleblanc

    Hold the presses, more information coming in from the land of Obama. Kills # 422, 423 and 424 now confirmed. Still not a single NRA member or Tea Party member involved. Hell, there’s not a KKK member involved. However, a whole crapload of them look like Obama and Trayvon. Go figure? Remember bangers only 29 more shooting days left till a new season begins.

  41. Quartierleblanc

    Kill # 425 now confirmed in the City of Obama, another Trayvon made good by someone who looks just like Obama. Go figure.

  42. Quartierleblanc

    Meanwhile confirmation of kill #426 is now available. Will the cold once again put a damper on the shooting machine known as Chicago. Only 21 shooting days left.

  43. Qaurtierleblanc

    With a break in the kill rate of Chicago, I suggest that all and AWD google up Robert Bateman and his plans for firearms in America. An interesting guy. A commie US Army officer, he appears to be a reserve type, probably an MP who likes to shoot his mouth off. Interesting read with a recent article in Esquire Magazine.

  44. Quartierleblanc

    Kill #427 confirmed with the race towards breaking the 2011 record well on it’s way. Only 23 more shooting days left. The weather is just putting a damper on the process. Then there is Robert Bateman, a guy who wants to pry your guns from your cold dead fingers. It seems the good colonel is now employed by Homeland security and boasts guide a resume in the process.

  45. Quartierleblanc

    Kill #428 and 429 now recorded. 428 was a standard banger shooting. 429 was something new, a 2 year old killed by a dog and counted as a homicide. Simply astounding. And the libs are worried about guns?

  46. Quartierleblanc

    Here it is folks. Kills 430 and 431 recorded, scored and in the books for 2013. Nothing like the city of Rahm, Garry and Obama. Only 19 more shooting days left in the year. Looks like the real record for 2011 of 441 will be broken.

  47. Quartierleblanc

    Kills # 432 and 433 now on the books in that liberal Utopia once known as Chicago but now renamed Obama City. Yes, a place where guns are outlawed and only outlaws ( who look a whole lot like Obama ) have guns. In such a place where Black victims and perps predominate, how is that possible? I forgot. It’s YT’s fault. All that slavery, all dat rayciss shit n stuff. All those 40’s and dope. Look at Detroit, Camden, Baltimore, etc, it’s your future Chicago.

  48. Quartierleblanc

    I don’t mean to just pick on Chicago. One of my favorite cities is Camden NJ, which is more of third world craphole than an American City. Camden, one of the most dangerous cities in America and is the most dangerous of those under 100 K population Current population is below 80K but in its heyday it was over 125K. It’s also only less than 5% White if you throw out the other 10% or so of ” White HIspanics.” Essentially the city is 95% minority and should be representative of our “diversity” as a country, whatever that means. Camden, a city where the police dept was disbanded and law enforcement taken over by the county. Camden, a city where the last supermarket closed in Sept and a place now considered a “food desert” by the government. Camden, a place who voted for Obama at a greater than 90% rate. How’s that hope and change going for you guys? Camden if really ruled by roving bands of armed minority “yours” who are obviously in training for Obama’s Civilian Defense Force. Campbell’s Soup was one based there. Now it’s Mogadishu USA.

  49. rightwingterrorist

    Keep on preachin’ the truth QB.
    Someone out there is reading it.

    Like the McGaggald’s 365 ad says, “I’m lovin’ it!”

    P.S. If you don’t know what McDonlald’s 365 is, look it up.
    It tops the many reasons I boycott the cesspool of a fast food joint.

  50. Quartierleblanc

    Another favorite city is Gary Indiana. It was once known for steel production, but it’s really the hometown of Michael Jackson and others of the family. Yes, Gary went from a population high of over 178K in 1960 to around 80K while at the same time the city demographic changed to about 85% Black. Are we finding something familiar here. During this period Gary transformed itself from a economic powerhouse to something more akin to downtown Harare, Zimababwe. Get lost there on foot at night and you probably couldn’t tell the difference. Did I mention it’s also a staunch Democratic stronghold? The common denominators should be so easy to see. But we all really know that it’s really YT’s fault and raycism that makes the place the cesspool it is.

    • rightwingterrorist

      Ah, good old Gary, Indiana.

      Used to be one of my hot spots when my job was pushing specialty welding rods and wire, about 20 some odd years ago.

      It was bad then, I can only imagine the hell hole it is now.

      One of my favorite war zones was in Chicago though.
      If you really want to see 3rd world, go hang out on the corner of Cicero and Roosevelt.

      I grew up about an hour west of the Big D “Detroit.”
      I can still see in my minds eye the mayhem that was committed there in my youth.
      If you liked to light fires on Devil’s Night, it was the place to be.

  51. Quartierleblanc

    Here’s another wonderful small town brought to you by Progressive America and the Democratic Party. East St. Louis was once a bustling industrial and railroad town of over 82K in 1950. Now at the end of 2013 its population is less than 27K with an astounding 98% Black demographic. With this population shift comes an even more astounding homicide rate of over a 100 per 100K making it not only the most dangerous town in America, but one of the most dangerous in the world. Hell, Somalia is safer. Here’s your equality of outcomes. Here’s your ” I had a dream.” Here’s where the money from our space program went, into EBT cards, Obama phones and supporting a people who cannot sustain much less create a modern society. East St. Louis. Remember the name. It’s a microcosm of the future.

  52. Quartierleblanc

    Continuing our tour of BRA, we’ll examine Birmingham Alabama, a place where you’d want to bring more than a 22. Birmingham is home to three of the five law schools in the state including the unaccredited Miles Law School. It just gets worse. The city went from a population high of over 340 K in 1960 to around 212K today. The demographics is what you’d expect, it’s share of Blacks is a tad under 75% and that’s probably low as some now rate the city at 80%. Once known as a steel town it’s more known for the rapid White Flight and the subsequent high crime rate that its remaining citizens bring out. USN&WR rate it as the third most dangerous city in the US. The only thing keeping the place intact is the industry which is still based there, however it’s moving out as rapidly as possible. It’s just another Detroit in the making with the same common denominator found in every failing city in the US; Democratic Party politics and a particular demographic who owns the crime in this country as well as EBT cards, Section 8 housing and Obama phones.

  53. Quartierleblanc

    Meanwhile lets go back to other places you wouldn’t want to carry a 22 and that’s Chicago aka Obama City. Money says that when those who look like Trayvon become the majority there the name of Chicago will officially change to Obama something or other. Kill #’s 434 and 435 have been record overnight, both shootings. Nothing like a liberal Utopia. BTW did you know that when Garry and Rahm quote a lower number of homicides they’re usually just counting “gun” homicides and not deaths by other means. It’s like it really doesn’t matter.

  54. Quartierleblanc

    Kills 436 and 437 recorded, one a standard banger shooting and the second a (gasp) stabbing. I guess looking like Trayvon is not a evolutionary advantage after all. Just think how they would act and behave if there were not police and some sort of system of laws to keep them in check. All of this in a liberal utopia once known as Chicago with a future as clear as Detroit or even Harare. Could you even tell the difference?

  55. Quartierleblanc

    Kill # 438 recorded. Provided that the bangers and Trayvon look a likes don’t get serious religion, the lords of Obama City will break the 2011 record. Alas 2012 is still a dream, especially since the powers that be will do everything to hide the real homicide rate. You really have to love those liberal utopias like Chicago, Newark, Baltimore, etc.

  56. Quartierleblanc

    What a day in gang banging Chicago. Kills 439, 440, 441 and 442 recorded all in one day. With that the “boys in the hood” break the 2011 score of 441 homicides. Yet there are still a few more shooting days left in the season to solidify this landmark achievement by a people who cannot sustain, much less create a modern society. Nothing like peace on earth, good will to all mankind.

  57. Quartierleblanc

    Kills 443 and 444 now in the books as some real killers are coming up to the shooting line, making good some more bangers who frankly look like Trayvon each and every day. It’s amazing what lack of self control, intelligence and future time orientation can do to a community. Brought to you by the fine people of Baltimore, Camden, Newark etc and coming to a community near you.

  58. Qaurtierleblanc

    The new Chicago shooting numbers will be out in a few hours so I will update then. BUT, lets continue on our tour of towns. Here’s a small town that’s up and coming. Wilmington Delaware once sported a population of over 112K in 1940 but now it’s down to around 70K. With that decrease the demographic changes to close to 60% Black. In 2010 Wilmington sported new record numbers of homicides at 27. Sorry I don’t have the numbers for 2011 but the “Trayvon” boys had connected for 20 sometime in late November of this year. Here’s what really telling. A city council person states that the reason for all the violence is because of “collective” mental illness brought on by of all things slavery, which if you didn’t know was continuing to this day. She, of course, neglected to mention just who the slaveowners were, but the usual suspects are YT. Why don’t I see slave markets like I do supermarkets or car lots? You’d figure they’d be out there somewhere?

    • rightwingterrorist

      Look no further than the gov’t plantation.
      Everyone is for sale there.

      • Quartierleblanc

        How could I have forgotten about government plantation, my employer. Hell, they make sharecropping look good. In the interim I have news from Chicago with kill # 445 and several more to confirm. We even have a head shot in critical condition in the batter’s box. Nothing like peace on earth, good will to all men with this bunch.

  59. Quartierleblanc

    Hold the presses. Confirmation of kills #446 and 447 with another probable. Status of the “head shot” remains unknown. The bangers will not break the 2012 mark, but will go down shooting. Still there are 9 more days shooting days left in the season and the Trayvon’s look to finish strong.

  60. Quartierleblanc

    We’re waiting on confirmation of even more Chicago kills. Money says we’ll see the bangers break 250 by the end of the shooting day.
    Meanwhile lets take a tour of another American city, brought to you by progressives. Say hello to Newark NJ, the car jacking capital of the US. Newark shares a lot in common with the other cities profiled. Once boasting a population of over 440K it’s now down to about 270K. It’s also about 85% minority with well over 55% of the population being Black. The city holds a number of “Most Dangerous City in the US” titles. Already at 98 homicides for the year, city leaders boasted about not having a single murder for the month of March, something they think is an incredible accomplishment. Newark has about 40% of the recorded population living in poverty and the true number is probably a lot higher. They should change the name of the city to third world craphole, as it would be accurate and descriptive.

  61. Qaurtierleblanc

    Here we have it Obama City fans, the bangers have broke through to the 450 mark. Confirmation of kills 448, 449 and 450 for the weekend box scores in that lovely, Democratic Party led windy city. Is there any doubt as the city heads toward third world status, that the name will be changed to Obama something or other? Hell, even Al Sharpton has an apartment there, Jesse still lives within its environs and Rahm Emmanuel still calls it home.

  62. Quartierleblanc

    Sorry for the delay in the update. With less than 48 hours left in the shooting season we have confirmed kills #451, 452 and 453. With the advent of cold weather in Obama City, this number may stand for the year. The Chicago bangers started the year out fast, but were unable to keep the momentum to break last years mark of well over 500. No doubt Rahm and Garry will lay claim to some sort of victory, but we’ll no doubt never the real rate of the carnage involved. Should we keep score for next year?

  63. Quartierleblanc

    The final countdown begins. With less than 24 hours left in the shooting season, we have confirmation of kill # 454. Still not a single Tea Party or NRA member involved. For that matter not a KKK member involved. Go figure.

  64. Quartierleblanc

    While waiting on the final countdown, I’m going to do some public service here.
    Due to the inherent dangers in ” Da Hood” I’m going to leave some guidance.

    You might be in the hood IF?

    1) Men say they find chest tattoos on women attractive.

  65. Quartierleblanc

    You know you might be in the hood IF?

    2) You see people haggling over $50 prostitutes.

  66. Quartierleblanc

    You know you might be in the hood IF?

    3) 6 year old kids are responsible for waking themselves up for school.

  67. Quartierleblanc

    You know you might be in the hood IF?

    4) You’re at the movies and people start talking to the screen, expecting the actors to respond.

  68. Quartierleblanc

    You know you might be in the hood IF?

    5) The women outweigh the men by 75 lbs on average.

  69. Quartierleblanc

    You know you might be in the hood IF?

    6) You see fresh crime scene tape every other block.

  70. Quartierleblanc

    You know you might be in the hood IF?

    7) Bondo is the predominant car color.

  71. Quartierleblanc

    You know you might be in the hood IF?

    The roaches in the house have names.

  72. Quartierleblanc

    Meanwhile word reaches me on confirmed kill #455 in the city once known as Chicago. They’ll shoot till the ball drops even as cold weather drives the rats inside.

  73. Quartierleblanc

    You know you might be in the hood IF?

    9) KFC dinner rolls are considered a delicacy.

  74. Quartierleblanc

    Finally kill #456 recorded and on the books. With only a few shooting hours left in the season this might be final count. Midnight is the start of a new year and with the increasing polar temps in Obama City, it might start slow. Still, I look at the bangers to break 500 kills next year in an orgy of murder, not seen in decades.

  75. rightwingterrorist

    May they have better luck next year in their attempt to wipe themselves out.
    Unfortunately they breed like rats.

  76. Quartierleblanc

    Well we’ve arrived at a new year and like Texas A&M a season of high expectations was tempered by diminished production. There was however a very strong finish. In the last 7 days of the year over 40 people were shot, with multiple fatalities. Since I like to deal with hard data the final tabulation for “official” kills will still be in the very near future. The MSM in Obama City sometimes make this difficult and there is clear cut ongoing effort at hiding what is essentially becoming a third world city. What I can report is confirmation of kills 457, 458, 459, and 460. But there’s more shooting fans. There are probably a few more floating out there. Of course the “official” kill count issued by Garry and Rahm will be somewhat lower. Still in 2013, there was not a single homicide involving an NRA or Tea Party member. By extrapolation, we can also concur there were few if any conservative or even registered Republicans involved. The number of Whites as perps was also very very very low. But yet we know who commits these crimes. It’s the( LMFA0) the NRA and all of you slave holders out there.

  77. Quartierleblanc

    The lies begin. My final tally of homicides is 464 with shootings recorded at over 2500. Yet somehow, Rahm and Garry now claim victory by saying that there were only 415 killing and 2300 or so shooting. Do they not know how to count? They had a press conference stating these new numbers and not a single one of the MSN called them on this. Lies, more lies and damn statistics. What happened to the truth?

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