Leftists are nothing if not thugs at their roots. They seek total control and despise our freedoms and liberties. Liberals demand tolerance of all of their misguided, freaky-deaky beliefs but refuse to grant the same to their ideological opponents.

Leftists cannot defend their beliefs so their only tools are to silence those of us who utilize logic, reason, and fact to form our own belief systems. Generally, leftists have used political correctness against us. Now they have added technological tools.

Last week, AWD was hit along with other conservative websites with DDOS attacks. This brought down our server. We were attacked by a bot that overloaded our site with requests for information. It’s a hacker trick that crashes servers and websites.

This is the second time in a month AWD was hit with a DDOS attack. The first was just before the election and was tracked to its origin in Washington, DC. Hmmmmmm. But why does the left want to silence those of us they say are too stupid and ignorant to exist? Because they fear us because they fear the truth!

Here’s the deal. The Mainstream Media is dying a rapid death due to the fact that it is nothing more than the propaganda organ for the Democrat Party. But the MSM was the tried and true method leftists had to brainwash the unwashed masses. As long as they control the narrative, liberals could control the population.

I posted this video of Obama voters not long ago but it perfectly illustrates the power the media has over the stupid:

The idjits in the video know nothing about the election or government but each could quote the amount Sarah Palin spent on clothes for the campaign. Because the MSM ran story after story on Sarah Palin and her clothing in 2008.

Now that the Mainstream Media has been exposed for the corrupt propaganda organ it is, Americans are looking to the internet for news and opinions. And that is the entire reason the Democrats are fighting against the so-called “fake news” epidemic. Fake news is nothing more than anything the left cannot control. Do you really trust Mark Zuckerberg and his socialist minions to decide what news is fake or not? The NY Times? Washington Post? Brian Williams? MSNBC?

Since they are losing the war of truth, leftists seek any means possible to silence those who speak it. Hence the DDOS attacks on conservative sites. This will not end soon. So we arm our servers with protection to fight against those who would silence us.

Yes, this protection comes as added cost. We’ve changed our server and now have protection against DDOS attacks. The costs for blogging goes up. But what is the price for not?

AWD considered, for a brief moment this past weekend, about shutting the page down and being done with it. Was it worth the hassle and added expense? But I started receiving emails from readers and calls from blogging friends about these pathetic attacks on our First Amendment freedoms. I decided that I could not slink away from the battle and let leftist thugs win. No, not a chance.

So here we are! AWD is back up and I will refocus my efforts to post my opinions on whatever the hell I feel like. You can agree or disagree with me. If you disagree, you’ll be wrong! But, we will continue the dialogue and exercise our freedoms to speak our minds.

Our enemies are well-funded and will not go away. They will continue to silence us because they fear us! But I feel rejuvenated with Trump being elected as POTUS. It’s time for each of us to stand and fearlessly fight for our beliefs.

Thanks for your patience while the site was down. Please let your friends know we are back up and ready for business! And that business is to destroy the Mainstream Media and its vile propaganda!



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