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Target is headquartered in Minnesota. Minnesota is heavily populated with politically correct libtarded idiots. Libtarded idiots are totally consumed with having freako men go pee pee or plop plop with women across America in public bathrooms.

What could go wrong? Well, as with everything liberals support, everything can and will go wrong. And Target, bless their little Minnesota-based PC hearts, is going to lose millions of customers over this stupid decision. It’s as stupid as Capital One putting black racists Samuel L Jackson, Charles Barkley, and Spike Lee on their commercials while alienating white people who actually own credit cards!

Libs are firmly behind the concept that anyone can be anything they believe they want to be, no matter how preposterous. Here’s an example of what your tax dollars support at public universities concerning the transexual/bathroom issue:

In the liberal mind (if it can be called that) a man can be a woman a la Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner because he thinks he is. Bruce is a woman to libs even though he still has his hombre hang-down attached. OK. Cher’s daughter is now Cher’s son even though she has….well, I don’t even want to think about what he/she has. You get the picture.

So if AWD firmly believes he’s a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, I should have the right to shower and loofah the backsides of Tiffani and Bambi after our hard practice. Right? Well, probably not here in Dallas but maybe I can listen to them tinkle if we all go a Target-ing.

This is @#*&ing madness! It’s ridiculously stupid! Something only the left could come up with. If I think I’m Brad Pitt do I get to do the flippy-floppy with Angelina Jolie? It’s just ignorant! And evil. And there is NO good that will come of it. Because nothing ever good comes from the diseased minds of libs. Just ask California.

As for Target, I rarely went there to shop before. Now I will never shop there again. Nor will millions of others, namely women who don’t want to be alone with Bill the Blonde Bombshell in the Target ladies bathroom. Think of the panic women will face when followed to the restroom by former President Bill Betty Clinton. Or Hillary.

I’m not sure how this will all play out in places like Texas outside of Austin. I’m sure the PC citizens of Nueva Jork and California are used to sexual freakazoids roaming the streets and prowling the bathrooms. Down here in Texas, it could easily result in an old-fashioned ass whooping by a pissed off, non-PC boyfriend, husband or dad.

Let Target lose tens of millions of shoppers so their CEO can go to Hollywood parties and brag how he supports trans-freakazoid rights that will accommodate 11 transexual nut jobs across America. Maybe Target should close all of their North Carolina stores since they so strongly believe in freako men using women’s bathrooms.

Liberals! They can @#&* up anything! But they can do it without my money!




  1. WAAAHHHH!!!! Now Target is going to lose millions just because those evil, hating, sexist, transwhateverist, racist conservative white men won’t shop there any more. We have to pass a law to make those evil, meanie, hating haterists have to shop here. And they have to bring their wives, girlfriends, and daughters so the transwhateverists feel safe and accepted.

    • This issue is easily resolved. A women goes to the restroom in Target, feels sexually abused secondary to a penis in the room, end of story, case goes to court, Target pays big time. I am encouraging my wife to go there every day so she can be offended, abused, or what ever it is this week.

  2. Unserious President. Under unserious

  3. I posted this under another blog post and it fits here so I’ll repost this here……

    Donald Tripe just came out of the closet……Tripe is in favor of queers, fagots, and all manner of sexual perverts using the women’s rest rooms…….good going Tripe…you stupid idiot…….

    and he also came out saying he intends on raising taxes on the wealthy….they’re not paying enough now so they can pay more…….what the hell is this guy doing…….

    now we are seeing the true Donald Tripe…a fu_king democrat…..a god damn liberal jack-off…..those of you that support this clown are selling the country right down the road…….I could say some things that would make you Tripe supporters fume so I’ll hold my tongue for now…..but this much is for sure, Donald Tripe is going to lose…….

    Tripe is a disaster…..and will get his ass kicked by Hildabeast in the general………

    maybe Tripe should go back into the closet……..

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Cruz will do NOTHING about immigration. If this most vital issue is not fixed, and soon, nothing else will matter. I don’t care if Ronald Reagan was on the ballot….I’d still vote for Trump. I realize that Trump is not perfect but then neither was Reagan. Ronnie bent to his donors and allowed 3,000,000 illegals to receive amnesty. Cruz is close to Reagan in many ways…including being controlled by big money donors. NOTHING has changed and Republicans still refuse to secure our borders. We FINALLY have a chance to vote for someone that isn’t being corrupted with big business payoffs. We finally have a chance to get rid of these third world invaders, criminals, terrorists and leaches. This is truly the last chance to fix this problem and yet there are “conservatives’ that will do or say anything to bury Trump. Fools all.

    • Trump is going into the primaries in the very stupid region called the Northeast. He must win those states, he will say stupid things to win, just like Cruz, Hillary, and all of them. To me, he has more sense and ability than Cruz or any of the rest. He is not perfect, but we need someone to reverse the tide and he seems to know business and that is good for me.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Well Bluto…in my state, Lyin Ted is running ads touting his endorsements from establishment stooges Carly Fiorina and Scott Walker. That speaks volumes about the company you keep.

  4. why don’t I think so……..not a fu_king chance in hell……..

    leave it to the d’himicrats……you god damn fools………

    • Rebelpatriot

      You know Bluto. I was a Trump supporter up until he said he supports the freakazoids using any restroom they desire. I now have changed my mind. You just never know how stripes will change.

      • Nathan Higgers

        So the bathroom thing was your one topic to care about?
        Christ man, you got to let the little things go – beat a man in the ladies room if you have to, but abandon a candidate for these small potatoes – no wonder the commies clean our clock.

        • Rebelpatriot

          Hey Nathan. I am man enough to say you are correct. I will still support Trump if he is nominated. The restroom thing is a battle for another day. We do have a hell of a lot more important issues/problems to deal with. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Spurwing Plover

    Targets courting trouble again and its a wonder some whining little liberal patytard hasnt demanded they chhange their nat after all a Target is something many aim at when testing their shootin irons and the nearists Target store is some 80 miles from where i live and i,ve only been their twice

  6. Crankywhitewoman

    Back when I was living in California, I used to go to Target all the time. Once I moved to Canada, there were no target outlets, until several years ago, when they took all of the Zellers stores up here, and turned them into Targets. It wasn’t too long after that that they went out of biz in the Great White North. I imagine this bathroom stance will cause them to lose a lot of business in the States. But, hey, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and Ringo Starr will shop there.

  7. captainmike

    This whole thing is just another media/Democrat/libtard diversionary tactic. First of all we need to differentiate between transvestite and transgender and I’m not sure people are doing this. I’m not sure which state or company is doing what but let’s face it, there are a lot of transvestites that could, and probably do, go into a ladies room unnoticed by anyone. I don’t know if they plan on legalizing that or what. A transgender person for all intents and purposes is physically/morphologically whatever gender they have chosen to be. I don’t know how they do the addadicktome (one of my favorite Rush terms) procedure but apparently it has been done.

    I avoid public restrooms as much as possible but if someone of either or indeterminant sex is going to accost me they are going to be staring at a .40 inch orifice. As far as my wife and daughter are concerned, I always wait at the door for them at any public restroom. Armed.

    I see this whole thing as just another bullshit minor issue that the Left is using to attempt to discredit certain individuals and divert our attention from the real issues. It will be nothing but an afterthought once the Left has finished its “fundamental changing” of America into a Third World sh-thole.

  8. Spurwing Plover

    So with transgender latrines and someone gets rapped by some sex freaks can target be sued for this kind of poppycock?

  9. Jumpin Joe

    Could this move be designed to ensure that once Bafh House Barry Sortero and his trans sexual wife Michael leave the dictatorship. Michael is free to use any Target piss house of his/its’ choosing? Just asking.

  10. Some retail stores have “family” rest rooms where you can change a diaper etc.These are single occupancy rooms with a lock.Let them use these as only one person at a time can go in there.To let actual men use the ladies room is just plain stupid.A man in a dress is still a man.Just wait until some woman or worse, some little girl gets molested and see the lawsuits fly.I do not shop Target for other reasons as well. They wont let the US Marines do their toys thing charity at Christmas time on the store property.They are un American Commie liberals.Never shop at target !

    • Isn’t Target owned by the French? They hate our guts!

      • Vito Corleone

        Target is owned by a French concern. Why in Gods name did they ever give a sympathy seat to France after the second World War? On the security council 5? If not for their traitorist butts the Germans would have never gotten away with most of the crap they pulled! Oh well Target represents France in the 21st century, a nation and culture that no longer exists. Bow to the muslims ,get some planes or bombs thrown at your population. Target sucks anyway an overpriced K Mart,last of the retail dying business models.

  11. Target is owned by the French. They hate our guts.

  12. Target also bans the carrying of guns concealed or open. And now with homosexuals and transvestites in the restrooms, that is even more of a reason for me to not shop there.

    If there is a right to privacy somewhere to be found in the Constitution we need to find it. Is a man wearing women’s garments to be understood as a woman in training or a nutjob? Why do we have to battle everything we already fight, plus this exhausting quest for the tender accommodations of an infinitesimal percentage of people who undergo this alteration?

    Don’t women – and men, too – have any right to privacy, security, and peace of mind – even when they use the restroom?

    The law of unexpected consequences is sure to kick in, too. What egregious mess will be happening that we’re not now even thinking about?

    And if the transgender folks are aghast because they don’t feel comfortable using the public restroom that their plumbing dictates, that’s too bad. They seem to have no trouble trampling on MY comfort level, or that of any other women who doesn’t want to share a bathroom with strange men.

  13. We shouldn’t be kissing up to these freaks. LBGTQWXYZ creeps are only about 3% of the population, so why are we letting a minority group dictate policies, laws, and morality? This nation is supposed to be run by majority rule. Just because some freaks who are in the minority feel excluded or ignored, is no reason to put the majority of the population in danger or make them feel uncomfortable.

    Curt Schilling is right, if you have male junk, then you use the men’s room, I don’t care what gender you identify yourself as. The same goes for the population that has female goodies.

    As a male, if any woman wants to use the men’s room, fine, you got the stones to be in the stall next to me and smell my stench, more power to you, but don’t complain about the smell. And don’t be standing next to me at the urinal, and hike your skirt to take a leak if you don’t have the equipment to use it, that shows very little class. If a woman comes up to me, and says that there is a man in the ladies’ room, and she is uncomfortable, he’s going to get an ass whooping’ as soon as he comes out. (whether wearing a skirt or not)

    And I don’t give a shit who calls me ‘transphobic’, there’s right, and then there’s wrong, and common sense should rule.

  14. We should all have the courage of Curt Schilling and speak up and tell the TRUTH!

    If they can redefine gender by decree, then they can redefine anything. This is not about LGBT rights; it’s about absolute authority and control.

    If that is true it is time to take down other discriminatory and bigoted institutions like Affirmative Action admissions to universities and colleges.

    My sons will be applying to the colleges of their choice as “African American” this Fall in order to receive the favorable treatment minorities receive. We are African American because we feel African American, at least during their college term they will.

  15. Jeff Stanton

    Target’s first big mistake was not allowing concealed carry inside of their stores, something that was issued by the corporate bigwigs maybe a year or two. What do you expect from the most liberal state in the Union next to California, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts!

  16. Quartierleblanc

    The country has gone truly insane. The politicians and the courts are normalizing insanity by fiat and expect the sane people to follow them over the cliff. Luckily my wife is going to cut her Target card up and send it in with a letter. She did the same thing to her Macy’s card. If you haven’t noticed Macy’s is in huge financial trouble.
    However, like most things liberals do, this “restroom” issue is poorly thought out. Every pervert and his brother will be going to Target with the expected consequences to follow. Of course the “protected” class will be protected in many parts of the country. But some of them will get their just due. I look for “incidents” to follow shortly.

  17. Look what liberals have done to America. The country cannot even decide who are men and who are women. That is the liberal’s job;….to blur everything. Once the population has had enough they come up an say they have the answer. I am tired of liberal interference. It is absurd and stupid. The idea that if John decides one day that he is really ‘Deborah’ he can now go to women’s restrooms is completely stupid and unbelievable. The very idea that we are talking about this and making it an issue shows the depths which liberals have brought the nation. In reality most Americans (probably 90%) do not feel that men can go to women’s bathrooms but the libs and the media make it sound like the whole nation is on the liberal side. They make an issue that no one agrees with and debate it among themselves to get their answer. Do not let the libs win this one (or any). It is stupid and sickening. One day…all libs will be in camps.

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