Target is headquartered in Minnesota. Minnesota is heavily populated with politically correct libtarded idiots. Libtarded idiots are totally consumed with having freako men go pee pee or plop plop with women across America in public bathrooms.

What could go wrong? Well, as with everything liberals support, everything can and will go wrong. And Target, bless their little Minnesota-based PC hearts, is going to lose millions of customers over this stupid decision. It’s as stupid as Capital One putting black racists Samuel L Jackson, Charles Barkley, and Spike Lee on their commercials while alienating white people who actually own credit cards!

Libs are firmly behind the concept that anyone can be anything they believe they want to be, no matter how preposterous. Here’s an example of what your tax dollars support at public universities concerning the transexual/bathroom issue:

In the liberal mind (if it can be called that) a man can be a woman a la Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner because he thinks he is. Bruce is a woman to libs even though he still has his hombre hang-down attached. OK. Cher’s daughter is now Cher’s son even though she has….well, I don’t even want to think about what he/she has. You get the picture.

So if AWD firmly believes he’s a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, I should have the right to shower and loofah the backsides of Tiffani and Bambi after our hard practice. Right? Well, probably not here in Dallas but maybe I can listen to them tinkle if we all go a Target-ing.

This is @#*&ing madness! It’s ridiculously stupid! Something only the left could come up with. If I think I’m Brad Pitt do I get to do the flippy-floppy with Angelina Jolie? It’s just ignorant! And evil. And there is NO good that will come of it. Because nothing ever good comes from the diseased minds of libs. Just ask California.

As for Target, I rarely went there to shop before. Now I will never shop there again. Nor will millions of others, namely women who don’t want to be alone with Bill the Blonde Bombshell in the Target ladies bathroom. Think of the panic women will face when followed to the restroom by former President Bill Betty Clinton. Or Hillary.

I’m not sure how this will all play out in places like Texas outside of Austin. I’m sure the PC citizens of Nueva Jork and California are used to sexual freakazoids roaming the streets and prowling the bathrooms. Down here in Texas, it could easily result in an old-fashioned ass whooping by a pissed off, non-PC boyfriend, husband or dad.

Let Target lose tens of millions of shoppers so their CEO can go to Hollywood parties and brag how he supports trans-freakazoid rights that will accommodate 11 transexual nut jobs across America. Maybe Target should close all of their North Carolina stores since they so strongly believe in freako men using women’s bathrooms.

Liberals! They can @#&* up anything! But they can do it without my money!


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