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If there is one new years resolution all conservatives must make, it is to rid ourselves of the scourge of the current lily-livered, wussypants Republican leadership. Never has any group of people in history perfected the art of losering like the current RINO Republicans. Time after time, Republican leaders twist and turn only to acquiesce to the Democrats in the end. At best, Republians are mere road bumps that slow down the big-government actions of Democrat statists. At worst, wussypants Republicans are working hand in hand with Dims in killing America.

Republicans never have learned rule number one of any conflict. Never take the advice of your enemy. Spaghetti-spined Republican leaders continually waffle on issues that are set in stone to real conservatives. But therein lies the main problem. Republican wussypants leaders are not conservatives. Oh sure, they might have been at one point. But that was before they arrived to Washington and had their core beliefs whittled away by RINO consultants and the sorry likes of Karl “the architect of Republican disaster” Rove. Some maybe just give up realizing real conservatives are too few in number to really effect change. After all, there’s always cushy committee and leadership positions available if conservatives only sell their souls to the RINO establishment. Why attempt to be a patriot and do what’s best for the country when you can bend over in the back room and be a “made man?” Can you hear me, Jeb Hensarling? I wonder if you’ve removed the mirrors in your homes yet?

The Founding Fathers created Checks and Balances to ensure balance. The Republicans have given up their part of that system without a fight, replacing it with the “Nod and Wink” with “their good friends on the other side of the aisle.” But hey, they’ll be invited to all those important inside the beltline cocktail parties. And Chris Matthews and Bob Schieffer will always pretend as if they’re interested in their opinions! I mean, would YOU want to hang out with Lindsey Graham and John McCain if there wasn’t something in it for you?

Politics with socialist thugs is a mean, nasty business. It requires brains, stamina, unbending beliefs, and balls. To be effective, Repubicans need to be much more like General George Patton and much less like Boy George.

The GOP is in turmoil as Obama and his minions play McConnell and Boehner for the weak fools they are. But this circus has been going on much longer than Boehner and McConnell. The RINO establishment has insisted on taking the Democrat-lite path for decades. Remember, the wussyboys hated Reagan and fought him until the day he arrived in the White House. The Bush family is a perfect example of wussypants Republicans. The nice guys. The sensible guys. The compassionate conservatives. The LOSERS! They went hand in hand down the path of huge, bloated government with Ted Kennedy and his ilk giving us programs we could never afford and putting us further down the slippery slope of totalitarianism we are facing today!

AWD gave Speaker Boo-Hoo Boehner the road map on how to handle this so-called Fiscal Cliff issue a week ago. I said the Republicans should grow a pair and do nothing! Absolutely NOTHING! Let the taxes increase. Let the sequestration take place. After all, isn’t that what the Republicans and Democrats agreed on in the spirit of bi-partisanship last year? Take your medicine!

Senate Minority Leader Mitch “Turtle-Head” McConnell has already had his session bent over a desk in the back room by agreeing to $41 in new taxes for the ‘promise’ of every $1 in spending cuts. McConnell is negotiating with Harry Reid who has not passed a budget in 4 years! McConnell should show up on the Senate floor next time wearing makeup and earrings, while singing “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” The answer is YES WE DO!

Conservatives are seeking a leader who will bloody some noses. Wussypants Republican noses, too. We need someone who will speak the truth and damn the torpedoes. AWD has had no less than 3 current US House Republicans tell me “you don’t understand how it works in Washington.” I reply each time, “but I understand how it doesn’t work.”

Republicans, if they have a hair on their chest (they don’t…they “manscape”), should shut the entire federal government down if they have to! Do nothing! Doing nothing is by far the better path instead of raising taxes and expanding the too-huge-already debt limit! Tell the Democrats and Obama that they can pound sand until they come to the table with real spending cuts to take effect now! Not 10 years from now. NOW! And tell them the debt limit increase will NOT happen. Let Obama, Reid, Geithner and the other cast of Ivy League statists figure it out. Just as every working household in America must learn to make do with our monthly incomes! Of course, we’re not Harvard educated…which means we can balance a checkbook.

AWD is not saying there needs a conservative purity test and every Republican must vote with us 100% of the time. None of us will agree all the time. But only 5 Republican Senators voted against this disastrous fiscal cliff debacle. Raising taxes, when out of control spending is the problem, should be kryptonite to any Republican! Republicans must learn to hate tax increases as much as they hate the thought of term limits.

This fiscal cliff didn’t just show up. They’ve known it was coming for years. Yet both parties decided to sit back and do nothing until the bitter end. Well, that is what we face…the bitter end. And that is exactly what America needs to face. Americans must learn our government cannot continue spending trillions more than it receives. We must learn we cannot merely print money to rescue us. And Americans must be reminded that elections have consequences.

America reelected a community organizer socialist who wants to stick it to the “evil rich.” Let him. On his terms. Let him own it. The rich will continue to be rich, they only won’t invest in building jobs in America. Their money will go off-shore and the economy will suffer further. Let Americans realize that free market capitalism coupled with minimum government is what once made us wealthy and strong.

We all realize none of this will happen with the current cast of RINO clowns running the Republican party. They must be humiliated, denounced, and purged. New, strong voices with conservative ideas must replace them and do real battle with the statists.

Do not contribute one more penny to the Republican Party. Do not vote for one more Republican wussyboy chosen for his ability to “reach across the aisle in the spirit of bi-partisanship.” Support individual candidates who want to reach across the aisle to rip out the throat of big-government socialists in the Democrat Party. Go to your town halls and torture your Congressman or Senator if they vote with the Dims or Republican RINO leadership. Tell them you will support a primary challenger and do it! Call or visit their office. But, above all, do something.

The GOP is the right acronym for the Republicans. Only now it stands for Grand Old P*ssies! Hurt them. They deserve it.



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  2. Great post. Demos always say good things about RINOs, another good reason to get rid of them. RINOs are easy for Dims to defeat. Notice how many RINOs serve for a while then lose to even more liberal Democrats. Think Lincoln Chafee, Chris Shays (Conn.), Jim Leach (Iowa), Gary Franks (Conn.), Chuck Percy, Edward Brooke (Mass.) and others. A bunch of media-suggested supposedly “electable” Republicans (RINOs) lost to Dims for president. Why let the opposition pick your nominee ? When was the last time a moderate defeated a liberal anywhere ? Think Ford, Dole, Bush I, McPain, Romney. Remember media-hyped” frontrunner” Rudy Giuliani in 2008 ? Big media pushed Juan McPain over G.W. Bush in the 2000 Repub Primaries. They knew McPain would lose in November. Remember liberal Repub John Anderson in 1980 ? Find someone the media hates and you have a winner. The media hated Ronald Reagan.

    • The media loves a RINO if they’re liberal on everything and criticize their party as too far right (Huntsman, Hagel, Lugar). Otherwise they hate even the RINOs, even if they try to be liked. They hated Bush.

  3. Color Me Furious! I just got done with much at home today, in the meantime I have kept up with what is going on with the House/Boehner regarding this BS Fiscal Cliff Bill.

    Boehner and ilk cave AGAIN! – The numerous opportunities they had with this crap from the senate, especially with the msm, that is if they had any balls to begin with…this should have/would have been priceless if they weren’t scared of their own shadows!

    …but NO…we the people lose again!

    At my age…I’ve had it. Nothing is going to change…been around too long to see things never change, they just move the chairs on the deck and things really stay the same.

    • Big, it certainly looks that way. It’s easy to get discouraged….or just go Galt and quit. Not that I believe it will be but I wish you and your family a very happy new year! Thanks for all your tireless work here at AWD!!!!! Love ya, mean it!!


      • Big and AWD – gotta keep fighting. There’s no place to hide. Never cede power to leftists.

        • MM…

          I’ll keep fighting the good fight, it’s just some days I’ve had my fill. This is one of them. ~

          • feel the same bigtimer…..getting so depressed…….gets worse every day in our country………Washington needs an enema……they all suck the same……….clean house. Happy New Year to everyone at AWD. We are the only sane people left.

      • LYMI too…and you’re more than welcome. Plus, as always Prez Duderino…right back atcha and all those ya love.

    • Cinnamon Girl

      BT, I want to say I am with you and it makes no difference what we do. Perhaps what will happen is total collapse of the U.S. and unfortunately, that is what it is going to take to turn it all around. But the good news is that we actually want everything to go to hell in a hand basket first because nothing else has worked!

      AWD, you hit the nail utterly and completely on the head with regard to how wussiepants the RINOs are. It is time to kick them all out out out! Dems have the “tyranny of cool” on their side, they have the “gimme” people on their side, they have the entire media on their side, but they do not have what I believe to be the majority of the American people on their side. We were the silent majority, but no more!

      There will be revolution. My dad predicted it for twenty years or more and I’ve picked up his torch. I, for one, will never, ever vote for another Republican because it is time to sweep the floor clean. We must do so non-violently, but we must do it.

      In many ways, America has become, through terrible leadership, worse than European countries because while we have a Constitution, our leaders ignore it. Our leaders waste, lie, cheat, steal, and f*ck with our freedoms and rights on a daily basis while we sit back and take it. They’ve got us placated with electronic devices, endless television chatter, and slavery in the form of work where most of what we earn goes to taxes. They’ve got too many of us convinced we have no power. They’ve pushed us back into the proverbial corner and that has been their biggest mistake.

      It is human nature to desire comfort, satiation, and safety but it is also human nature to fight when we’re being rounded up and thrown into cages.

      This, dear RINOS, dear Dems, dear leaders, is the last straw!!!

      • Cinnamon, did u get the Big Sexy’s email?


        • Cinnamon Girl

          Yes, and I responded in that other post. I’m going to start going to liberal/democrat/socialist rallies and gatherings here locally. I work mostly nights so there is plenty of time during the day. Of course, there aren’t very many opportunities now that they’ve gotten their Messiah re-elected and their Dems and RINOs are doing their bidding. Still, I’ll be there at every one that I can make it to.

          As a matter of fact, I had the pleasure this morning of rebutting a lib friend of mine who lambasted the Reps that voted against the Sandy Relief Fund. She didn’t even know about the pork attached. See, I am convinced that many or even most liberals or RINO voters don’t even know what they’re voting for. It’s high time they knew.


    Im a 100% Tea Party type and both parties need to go the way of the dinasour they have lost their way and need to go extinct

  5. Most Americans are uninvolved, uninformed, and sheep like. Most can’t name their senators like alone their representative. They have no idea what the Constitution says let alone means.

    If the parties are lost whose fault is it?

  6. Michael Quontez Murray

    I think the only party that aligns to my beliefs is the Constitution Party. Replace the GOP with the Constitution party and we have a chance to change the country. Boehner is not a good leader. We need men of conviction and principle in Washington.

  7. The “rino’s”fall for all that hugging,handshakes with a “loving”hand on the shoulder,stuff the demons do. I watched them “welcome” Scott Brown like that,and, he fell right into their phony bs. They,(Gop) feel so guilty going against these people who show them how much they “care”. Call me mixed up but, I see the same shiite going on with Boehner, Obama is always touchy feely with him too,and,playing golf together, how sick is this ,then,can’t get tough when he has to know Obama is dead wrong,and,knows people who see this crap going on are pizzed. Boehner,and,the rest of the rino’s, Obama is NOT your friend. You have to go.

  8. bluffcreek1967

    Great post AWD! I totally concur! I’m a hard-core conservative, but I’m no longer a Republican. I too am fed up with all the RINOs in the party, and their last effort to push Romney (although a decent man) was the last straw for me! I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up, but I can no longer in good conscience support the GOP.

    Happy New Year to AWD, bigtimer and everyone else who makes this a great place to visit!

    • Happy New Year right back atcha bluffcreek…I really enjoy reading your input here, most likely more than ya know. ~

  9. … its exactly how they will handle the gun debate also. They really don’t care about us little people except every 2 years when they need the Money. Checkered Pants Ticks.

  10. “Rip out the throat of big government socialist”… big brother coming to visit AWD.

    Actually I prefer beating the RINO’s and Dims like baby seal pups… and I actually like baby seals.

  11. James Miller

    Nice job Dude, I agree 100%. May I offer a different point of view? My second favorite Blogger is Ann Barnhardt, she has a very similar hatred for this corrupt, misguided, dare I say evil government. She has advocated complete and total rebellion. Trying to change the current rotten two-party syndicates is damn near impossible.

    Here is where I want to go. I want my state of Kansas and your state of Texas and all the other states that still have men with balls to begin to exercise independence. We have a giant life sucking leech that is the federal government. Laws in NY and Illinois do not necessarily apply to you and me. We need to tell them, that little miss Feinstein over there in Californication will not tell you Texans or us Kansans what kind of guns we can or can not posses. We saw in the last election that Oregon and Colorado gave the big middle finger to the feds over the marijuana drug laws. Why can’t we do the same? Why not we tell them how we choose to handle immigration, guns, marriage and ever other thing that affects our pursuit of happiness?

    I think it is too late to take the fight to federal level. We need to fight them at the state level. We need to push back and we need to do it soon. Happy New Year my big sexy friend! God Bless you and yours.

    • James, happy new year to you. I think what you are talking about will happen sooner than later. I’ve said several times to friends over the past several weeks that I really have no interest in being countrymen with the socialists in Massachusetts, Vermont, Delaware, Illinois, etc. Screw them.

      It will take a brave governor or two to stand up and say, “no more! We will not go along with what Washington says.” Others will follow. The only real future for America is division into the current socialist USA and the Constitutional States of America. I choose to live where the Constitution is followed.


    • Hey James,

      Can Missouri please follow Kansas and Texas… screw this stinking government. Certainly not the same U.S. I grew up in where people actually believed in work instead of sucking the teat of government.

  12. The house just caved, and caved big, 11:38 pm

  13. The Arrogant American club welcomes ya’ll.
    Honor , integrity and reason are the membership requirments. .

  14. Rides A Pale Horse

    We need REAL leaders on the right. Ones who won’t “compromise”.

    Compromise as defined by the left: Abandon your core beliefs and principles and agree with us no matter what. Screw that.


    Or “reach out” (ie: “across the aisle”). Good way to get your arm cut off. Screw that too.


  15. http://weaselzippers.us/2013/01/01/breaking-house-passes-crap-sandwich-fiscal-cliff-bill/

    I’m never voting again. Just tore up my voter registration and tossed it. I’m not playing the game anymore. I’m done. Happy F***ing New Year. F*** this shit, I’m through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Angry White Dude this has been the Republican Establishment game plan for years now. They purposely bitch and whine for months for show, wait until the game clock is at zero then pretend they were forced into a deal for the good of the country. They Republican Party is as addicted to taxpayer money as the democrats. I wrote about this back in December at Flopping Aces if you care to look.


  17. Note: The above post read like some snarling jack ass was deriding Angry White Dude for finally seeing the light. That was not the intent or the impression I wanted to come across. Though a jack ass, I wasnt snarling when I wrote it and beg forgiveness from our host.

    Stay angry White Dude. Soon the day of reckoning comes for The Republican Establishment.

  18. Lets quit talking. Lets get it done. We need to establish an infrastructure with committees of correspondence. There is no reason to appeal to the politicians. If we elect an individual, the system changes him in 6 months so that he is totally compliant with the will of the central tyranny. The majority of the US is conservative, so we need to take back the government or move to secession.

  19. Saw where Gov Christy of N.J. is pissed at boo hoo boner for not approving his request for money, I hate it for the people that are suffering but Christy ran and kissed obamas ass and helped throw the election to obama so Christy needs to go kiss o’s ass again,

  20. Let Justice Roll

    The Republican Party is dead, there is no true leadership and nobody with any balls. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave. It’s time for the Tea Party to seperate itself from these limp wristed wimps and form a seperate party that actually believes in the Constitution and the enforcement of it as the law of the land. We need leaders who will stand up to the liberal media and the ultra liberal Democrates running this Country. We the Conservative voters in this Country need to come together and speak with one voice, plainly and clearly that we will no longer accept the left wing adgenda that Obama and his henchmen have been shoving up our butts with the help of the milk toast Republican leadership.

  21. the republican party is beyond hope.
    first they are seen, rightly so IMHO, as weak flip sides to the tax and spend big government statists democratic party.
    second, they are tarred and feathered forever with the socon label. as long as they can be labled as Bible thumping, antiwoman, anti abortion, antiscience, pro wealthy, anti wealfare, anti poor…they will never have a chance with the low information voter.

    it would be far better and easier to form a third party..or as suggested by others, to hijack the constitutional party(it’s platform would need some rewriting) and trying again without all the baggage and garbage that is the present day establishment republican party.

    P.S. do you really think the founding fathers would not be in open armed revolt over what is happening to the country they fought and died to form???

    • You are right, Xtron, but remove “third” from your vocabulary.

      Before the elections lots of people were already on board for a “third party,” and too many good conservatives shied away in fear of “splitting the vote” and getting Obama elected. Well Obama got elected anyway, because conservatives were split among themselves, either voting GOP as the “safe” route, or not voting because the whole thing was a sham anyway.

      I think it is clear now that we have to change our habits of thinking. We are NOT a two-party system anymore, as many here have pointed out. The US is run by ONE party. Republicans have morphed into Democrats. Together, they are the “anti-tea party” Party.

      If anyone still has a shred of hope or political fight left in them for 2016, it will necessarily have to be fought via a whole new party. Not a “third” party, since we only have one at present; simply a conservative “opposition” party. The designation “third” scares people away, and it’s now inaccurate anyway.

      P.S. Yes, I think the founding fathers would have been in open-armed revolt long before things got this bad, but they were organized.

  22. The other day I did a dump on a number of assholes in public life. Today a GOP asshole , Jeb Bush, flapped his gums again about elevating Hispanics in America, how the GOP needs to accept the changing demographics of America. The son of a bitch has all Hispanic blood in his veins. What a tarado!!!

    Will it ever end???

  23. I think the last circus has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the system is completely broken and corrupt. Voting does not work. Only approved puppets are allowed on stage.

  24. I get it that RINOs aggravate everybody and why….but what really bothers me and what I don’t get is how they keep getting re elected term after term. That indicates that the voters in the areas they come from are demented, dumber than dirt, bought off or are closet deocraps just like their representatives are…………

    • They keep getting elected because they promise people stuff, just like the Democrats. Who else do we have? A new congressman gets up and says all the right things, and we say, ‘maybe this one can effect some real change in Washington.’ And then they do something stupid like vote for the Pigford Act, or they vote with Democrats on bullshit legislation.

      We put them in office, and then they stab us in the back. Tea Party candidates won several seats in 2010, and what good did it do? I said in another thread that I am not playing the game anymore. I’ve cast my last vote. The things I will concentrate on from here on out are just what I need to do to survive the next four years.

      America now has a one party system. Republican and Democrat are one. The America that I never knew, but have only heard old timers talk about is gone. And I was born in 1958. Conservatism is a great idea, but nobody will really fight for it.

  25. Boehner didn’t want to give Christy the relief money because it was loaded down with pork. When Obama went to myanmar he promised them 170 billion,did Boehner agree to that?

  26. In 2002, before the Tea Party was cool, I ran for County Commissioner as the only RINO alternative: a Libertarian. I was shocked and dismayed at the voter ignorance in my conservative county. My platform was simple: lower county real and personal property tax rates, which were just increased by a “no new taxes” Republican County Commission. Cut county spending by asking this question for each item in our budget: “Is the government supposed to do this?”.
    Our county tax rates were higher than in all of our neighboring counties, including one that contained the largest city in the state. By far the most asked question by voters was, either directly or a variation of, “What are you going to do for me if I vote/support you?”. My answer was consistently lowering taxes and cutting unnecessary spending. More often than not, my response was met with a smirk.
    Until the sheeple wake up, I expect we will continue down this road. I pray the sheeple will not sleep too long.

  27. Both parties have long betrayed the American people and need to be cleaned up. There is a difference between Republicans and Conservatives or Libertarians. We ran to establishment Republicans in the last two elections for President against a leftist liberal and couldn’t win. The RINO’S are the problem, Obama lost 4 million votes from 2008 and Romney only gained 1 million. Those four million didn’t vote for Romney even though they disliked Obama and his policies. The RINO’S have to go and Conservatives need to be bold and defend what they believe. It worked for Reagan, so it can work again with the right people running.

  28. Boehner, now that he is re-elected as speaker, has the same authority he had before…the power of the purse.

    If he really wanted the WH and senate to negotiate, he would have passed a clean bill defunding O-care w/out any amendments…play that in the media and to the public and how much it would remove from the fiscal cliff…see the WH squirm and come to the table.

    Just an idea.


  29. “AWD has had no less than 3 current US House Republicans tell me “you don’t understand how it works in Washington.”

    Name names. Tell us, AWD, who these three shysters are. Who were they?

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