If there is one new years resolution all conservatives must make, it is to rid ourselves of the scourge of the current lily-livered, wussypants Republican leadership. Never has any group of people in history perfected the art of losering like the current RINO Republicans. Time after time, Republican leaders twist and turn only to acquiesce to the Democrats in the end. At best, Republians are mere road bumps that slow down the big-government actions of Democrat statists. At worst, wussypants Republicans are working hand in hand with Dims in killing America.

Republicans never have learned rule number one of any conflict. Never take the advice of your enemy. Spaghetti-spined Republican leaders continually waffle on issues that are set in stone to real conservatives. But therein lies the main problem. Republican wussypants leaders are not conservatives. Oh sure, they might have been at one point. But that was before they arrived to Washington and had their core beliefs whittled away by RINO consultants and the sorry likes of Karl “the architect of Republican disaster” Rove. Some maybe just give up realizing real conservatives are too few in number to really effect change. After all, there’s always cushy committee and leadership positions available if conservatives only sell their souls to the RINO establishment. Why attempt to be a patriot and do what’s best for the country when you can bend over in the back room and be a “made man?” Can you hear me, Jeb Hensarling? I wonder if you’ve removed the mirrors in your homes yet?

The Founding Fathers created Checks and Balances to ensure balance. The Republicans have given up their part of that system without a fight, replacing it with the “Nod and Wink” with “their good friends on the other side of the aisle.” But hey, they’ll be invited to all those important inside the beltline cocktail parties. And Chris Matthews and Bob Schieffer will always pretend as if they’re interested in their opinions! I mean, would YOU want to hang out with Lindsey Graham and John McCain if there wasn’t something in it for you?

Politics with socialist thugs is a mean, nasty business. It requires brains, stamina, unbending beliefs, and balls. To be effective, Repubicans need to be much more like General George Patton and much less like Boy George.

The GOP is in turmoil as Obama and his minions play McConnell and Boehner for the weak fools they are. But this circus has been going on much longer than Boehner and McConnell. The RINO establishment has insisted on taking the Democrat-lite path for decades. Remember, the wussyboys hated Reagan and fought him until the day he arrived in the White House. The Bush family is a perfect example of wussypants Republicans. The nice guys. The sensible guys. The compassionate conservatives. The LOSERS! They went hand in hand down the path of huge, bloated government with Ted Kennedy and his ilk giving us programs we could never afford and putting us further down the slippery slope of totalitarianism we are facing today!

AWD gave Speaker Boo-Hoo Boehner the road map on how to handle this so-called Fiscal Cliff issue a week ago. I said the Republicans should grow a pair and do nothing! Absolutely NOTHING! Let the taxes increase. Let the sequestration take place. After all, isn’t that what the Republicans and Democrats agreed on in the spirit of bi-partisanship last year? Take your medicine!

Senate Minority Leader Mitch “Turtle-Head” McConnell has already had his session bent over a desk in the back room by agreeing to $41 in new taxes for the ‘promise’ of every $1 in spending cuts. McConnell is negotiating with Harry Reid who has not passed a budget in 4 years! McConnell should show up on the Senate floor next time wearing makeup and earrings, while singing “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” The answer is YES WE DO!

Conservatives are seeking a leader who will bloody some noses. Wussypants Republican noses, too. We need someone who will speak the truth and damn the torpedoes. AWD has had no less than 3 current US House Republicans tell me “you don’t understand how it works in Washington.” I reply each time, “but I understand how it doesn’t work.”

Republicans, if they have a hair on their chest (they don’t…they “manscape”), should shut the entire federal government down if they have to! Do nothing! Doing nothing is by far the better path instead of raising taxes and expanding the too-huge-already debt limit! Tell the Democrats and Obama that they can pound sand until they come to the table with real spending cuts to take effect now! Not 10 years from now. NOW! And tell them the debt limit increase will NOT happen. Let Obama, Reid, Geithner and the other cast of Ivy League statists figure it out. Just as every working household in America must learn to make do with our monthly incomes! Of course, we’re not Harvard educated…which means we can balance a checkbook.

AWD is not saying there needs a conservative purity test and every Republican must vote with us 100% of the time. None of us will agree all the time. But only 5 Republican Senators voted against this disastrous fiscal cliff debacle. Raising taxes, when out of control spending is the problem, should be kryptonite to any Republican! Republicans must learn to hate tax increases as much as they hate the thought of term limits.

This fiscal cliff didn’t just show up. They’ve known it was coming for years. Yet both parties decided to sit back and do nothing until the bitter end. Well, that is what we face…the bitter end. And that is exactly what America needs to face. Americans must learn our government cannot continue spending trillions more than it receives. We must learn we cannot merely print money to rescue us. And Americans must be reminded that elections have consequences.

America reelected a community organizer socialist who wants to stick it to the “evil rich.” Let him. On his terms. Let him own it. The rich will continue to be rich, they only won’t invest in building jobs in America. Their money will go off-shore and the economy will suffer further. Let Americans realize that free market capitalism coupled with minimum government is what once made us wealthy and strong.

We all realize none of this will happen with the current cast of RINO clowns running the Republican party. They must be humiliated, denounced, and purged. New, strong voices with conservative ideas must replace them and do real battle with the statists.

Do not contribute one more penny to the Republican Party. Do not vote for one more Republican wussyboy chosen for his ability to “reach across the aisle in the spirit of bi-partisanship.” Support individual candidates who want to reach across the aisle to rip out the throat of big-government socialists in the Democrat Party. Go to your town halls and torture your Congressman or Senator if they vote with the Dims or Republican RINO leadership. Tell them you will support a primary challenger and do it! Call or visit their office. But, above all, do something.

The GOP is the right acronym for the Republicans. Only now it stands for Grand Old P*ssies! Hurt them. They deserve it.


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