AWD likes liked Ted Cruz. I was Ted when Ted wasn’t cool. I mean, more uncool than he is these days. Readers will know AWD endorsed and supported Cruz during the early days of the Republican primary. That was before Ted ran the most disastrous campaign in the history of disastrous campaigns and showed his true colors.

Ted is in deep Dukakis and he knows it. Hence the last-minute endorsement of Trump. And just like the other #NeverTrump types who are begrudgingly beginning to endorse Trump. They realize it’s better to jump on the Trump train rather than be squashed by it. So their endorsements are, shall we say, suspect at best. From politicians, media types, Tea Party leaders, etc, AWD believes the #NeverTrump last minute Trump endorsements are more to do with future revenue and continued employment than support of the Republican nominee. Can you hear me, Mark Levin? Unlike you, I don’t have to scream to make my point.

Back to Ted. Ted made a massive mistake by trying to become a preacher instead of running for POTUS. Allowing Glenn Beck and Ted’s preacher dad, Rafael to attend rallies and say Ted was chosen by God to be president brought on the kook factor and alienated non-religious types who just want our government to follow the Constitution. After all, how many Saviors does one need?

When it became obvious Trump was going to run away with the nomination, AWD counseled Ted to stop the Trump-bashing and realize it wasn’t his year. Cruz is a young man with great potential and would have been a shoo-in for the GOP nomination the next go round. Until Ted acted like a petulant child and Establishment stooge.

Not only did Ted continue to bash Trump at every turn, he even was behind a movement to free up delegate votes at the RNC convention to keep Trump from the nomination. Think about that. Trump won the nomination with a record number of votes and Ted, along with the Establishment GOP tried to change the rules in the bottom of the ninth to keep Trump from being named as the Republican candidate. In the wise words of Aristotle, “that shit ain’t right.”

And the speech. The Speech. Never has a politician chosen a more public and bad platform upon which to commit political suicide than Ted Cruz at the RNC Convention. Instead of heartily and graciously throwing his endorsement to Donald Trump, Ted instead told voters to “vote their conscience” to a chorus of boos. Didn’t he realize they were already “voting their conscience” when they voted for Trump by record numbers?

Ted is screwed. AWD is a Texan. Ted has lost legions of Texas conservatives and will most certainly face a primary challenge for his next Senate run in 2018. And he damn well deserves it! That it took Cruz until October to support Trump when the other candidate is Hillary f***ing Clinton is just pitiful, son.

I cannot say with certainty that I will vote for Ted again. I probably would if he is primaried by the idjit Rick Perry but won’t if he has a conservative challenger. You see, Ted, when you act like the Establishment, you are judged to be Establishment. Those who supported you in Texas do not want the Establishment. We already have that in John Cornyn.

So Ted, take the next two years and astonish me. Stop the giveaway of the internet to China next week. Get rid of ObamaCare (yeah, right). Knock that smirk off of Paul Ryan’s smarmy face. Be bold. Because you have a lot of work to do until what you did in the primary is forgotten and forgiven.

And get your wife a job the hell out of Goldman Sachs! Or it’s just too little Ted, too late. Or maybe you can depend on Beck and your old man to whip up a miracle from heaven to save you.

Ted, you had us. You lost us. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Here’s The Onion’s take on Ted’s RNC speech:


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