Glenn Beck can eat again and hopefully Rafael Cruz will receive a prophecy that Donald Trump will destroy Our Corrupt Lady of the Cankles in November. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race last night. Now Lindsey ‘Fredo’ Graham can enjoy a nice wine spritzer in celebration.

Here’s the deal. It wasn’t Ted’s year. AWD reported this last Fall. No one expected Donald Trump coming along and resonating with the American people. And no one, even the Big Sexy AWD his self, expected Trump to withstand his own gaffes and the hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads aimed his way. But he did. In fact, throughout the media onslaught, he became more popular.

Here’s what AWD wrote about Cruz in February in a post titled HERE’S WHAT THE REMAINING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES SHOULD DO:

Ted Cruz – Ted will do better in NH than expected. He is the one the Establishment hates. They realize they can manipulate Trump because Trump doesn’t really know what he believes. Cruz is another story. He’s a conservative who wants to destroy the Establishment and has the chops to do so. Cruz should stop his attacks on Trump and concentrate on Rubio. He should concentrate on destroying Obama, Hillary, the Dims and the Establishment. Even if 2016 isn’t his year, he will set himself up for ’20 or ’24. Ted should stop preaching religion and concentrate on the Constitution and destroying Washington.

Ted didn’t listen to ye olde AWD. He stayed on the attack against Trump until the end, even saying Trump would call for riots from his supporters if Donald doesn’t win the nomination. This is after he blamed the leftist riot in Chicago (aka Barackistan) that shut down a Trump rally on Trump!

In March, AWD wrote HERE’S WHY TED CRUZ LOST ME AS A SUPPORTER. Certainly I would have voted for Ted but when his campaign pisses off a conservative like AWD, you’re doing it all wrong, junior.

Ted made a few yuuuuge mistakes in his campaign.

  • As mentioned, he centered his message around attacks on Trump.
  • Next, he allowed Neal Bush onto his finance campaign team. For conservatives, this is as repulsive as salad is to Rosie O’Donnell. The Bush family disparaged Ted but there is no doubt there is a strong connection. Smells of Establishment and just another politician who says one thing but does another and allows himself to be bought to win office. Sorry Ted, we’re full up on those!
  • Glenn Beck and Ted’s father Rafael Cruz did him no favors. Being told Ted is the Anointed One chosen by the Almighty redlines the needle on the Kook-o-Meter. Especially when Beck delivers the message while rolling his face in Cheetos. Really, Beck? Did you think that one up yourself? Something tells me more layoffs are a coming over at Beck TV-landia!
  • Rafael Cruz has always been Ted’s biggest cheerleader but, let’s be honest, Evangelical preachers and the Religious Right run off a whole hell of a lot of voters. Does anyone REALLY believe abortion is the biggest problem America faces? America is at it’s least religious time in history. I’m not saying that’s good but Ted allowing his campaign to be taken over by two nutty preachers didn’t help him. How quickly everyone forgets the Tea Party movement surged to relevancy in the early days of the movement by keeping social issues out of its platform! That was before the Establishment got their hooks and dollars into Tea Party pockets and usurped the movement.
  • His bragging of a landslide victory in Colorado when the people of Colorado were not allowed to vote didn’t sit well with primary voters across the country. Colorado’s vote was made by delegates. It’s legal but it ain’t right. And bragging he won a landslide vote in Colorado was disingenuous at best.
  • Lastly, choosing Carly Fiorina as his VP when he had no viable way to win the nomination without backroom skullduggery was sickening to watch. Carly Fiorina is another Establishment hack and a loser. Choosing her as a VP will hurt Ted in the future. As it should.

I am very disappointed with Ted after his campaign. His behavior certainly raises questions about his honesty and ethics. I love what he has done as a Senator in taking on the Establishment. He needs to stay there and do more. Maybe he can help us forget he looked like a desperate man who wanted to be POTUS so bad that he forgot who he was. Or did he?

Should have listened to AWD.


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