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AWD was unavoidably detained tonight and didn’t watch the GOP Convention. I have been disgusted by the way the Establishment has disrespected the man who won the Republican Primary fair and square. Many of the Establishment have chosen to stay away and not endorse Donald Trump. Screw them!

Ted Cruz chose to disrespect Trump from the stage tonight. And with his speech, it appears Ted sealed his doom for ever being POTUS.

AWD was in parts unknown when I received a phone call from Mr Pinko from Pinko has long been a Trump fan. Tonight, he was on fire as he described Cruz’s speech and his lack of an endorsement for Trump. Even worse, he told Republican voters to vote their (((conscience))). Yes, we know what that means.

I have to hand it to Cruz. He’s taken me from being his staunchest supporter to now comparing him to the loathsome John Kasich, Mitt Romney, and the Bush bunch.

Cruz ran about the worst primary campaign he could have. Instead of keeping the focus on the issues and conservative principles, he turned into a preacher. His ever-present father Rafael and the neurotic Glenn Beck were citing ‘prophecies’ that Ted was sent from God to save the world. Yeah, OK.

Ted chose to make his stand in this primary and he lost big. He apparently hasn’t learned that even though he lost this battle, he can still win the war in a few years. Ted’s speech tonight sealed his doom. Not endorsing Trump will not be forgotten. I will watch the video but from what I’m hearing from friends, Ted is dead to them.

My guess is the Establishment got their hooks into Ted. They will do everything possible to destroy a Trump presidency. Perhaps they promised Ted he would be next in line if he played ball. Who knows but something in Ted tripped the kook factor.

Ted, you blew it. You were great in the Senate in your first term. You poked the eye of the Establishment, called out and exposed the Elites, and threw wrenches into their corrupt machine. What the hell happened to you?

You had us. You lost us.



  1. ragincajun

    I get he is still pissed from primary but by not endorsing he is helping hillary. I guess its true as the saying goes ( who would you trust more in a fox hole republican are democrat, democrats fight , republicans stab you in the back are join the enemy)

    • ragincajun

      Thinking about it now after reading comments online im thinking trump planned this to get cruz supporters .

      • BubblePuppy7

        You could be right. The Trump team knew what was in Ted’s speech before it was given. Perhaps they knew what an uproar it would cause.

  2. I am amazed at the vitriol that Cruz has garnered for himself amongst republicans……I’ve been reading the comments on a few of the websites covering the Cruz speech………….Ted is hated……and I mean hated……….

    I supported this guy almost to the very end……and I also saw the preacher crap and religious piety and told myself to ignore it……..It appears he hasn’t learned how to play ball… suck it up….take his lumps and live to fight again……..too bad but he did himself in…….
    I had nothing to do with his demise……he did it to himself………

    oh well…….win some lose some……’s time to turn our attention to defeating Stalin’s housekeeper……..a lying-ass scrub woman that wants to go back into the white house to steal the furniture, the china, and anything else she can lay her damn hands on……..

    Trump can beat Stalin’s housekeeper……..the one thing that Trump has got is charisma…..he’s got charisma and loads of it……it’s gonna take some one like Trump to beat that bitch………..

    all in for Trump……..

    • Bluto,

      I have to agree with you 100%. I too was a staunch Cruz supporter. Not that I hated Trump, I don’t. I just don’t trust him yet. But with this latest political tantrum from Cruz, he is off my list for good. In the military we often said, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” Cruz, along with Kaisick and the Bush Dynasty, have forever lost my vote.

      I’m only a single voter, but I NEVER forget a betrayal. Regardless of my feelings for Trump, Hillary is NOT an option! For better or worse, I am now behind Trump 100%. Donald, please don’t make me regret this.

    • great post Bluto

  3. (((conscience)))?????

    What are you even trying to say?

    I had to look at the byline to make sure it wasn’t that putz Matheson

  4. Hell, if Cruz wants to go down the drain with Beck, let him. At least he did it now, instead of in the White House!

    Cruz looked like a fool, especially compared to Trump’s son, who I believe knocked it out of the park!

  5. Mic doodle

    I can only hope somewhere, somehow some when, a sex tape is released of Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck. At least at that point the idiots I know who will blindly write in Cruz (guess it’s down to one guy after this stunt) will have to vote for that. What a complete piece of shit our Cuban “savior” has proven himself to be.

  6. Punk Ass Politician Preacher. Period.

  7. Quartierleblanc

    What if the whole thing was planned in the first place? Cruz is not that politically stupid by taking a political chance that gives him nothing in the short term. He could have dealt himself a SCOTUS nomination if Trump wins. Lets see what happens tonight.

  8. No doubt Cruz was deeply offended in the course of the primary but does he really think that Clinton, and the machine that destroys their enemies, would not have been even much worse. If Cruz is unable to withstand the mild attacks from Trump he could NEVER have survived a run against that machine. I would be interested in learning how the Beck’s close relationship had to do with his loss. On his radio show he evidently was speaking with Cruz and it sounds like the speech reflecting Beck’s advice.

  9. Honestly, leading up to the convention, I was asking myself, why would Trump allow Cruz to speak knowing it was almost a100% chance that Cruz would give no endorsement.

    Well, I think we have the answer…Trump probably predicted the convention floor backlash against Ted when no endorsement was given…and, it seems that that has sealed Cruz’s fate…I think he’s done as far as ever running for POTUS (at least in 2020).


    Btw, I voted for Cruz in the NC primary…kind of regret that now but Trump won anyway. I think Ted made a big mistake when he allowed Glenn Beck to hitch his wagon to the Cruz campaign…Beck is toxic at this point and borderline delusional (and that’s coming from someone who listened to and respected Beck up until about 3 years ago).

    Finally, what about Mike Pence? I thought his speech was very good…I was impressed.

  10. I’m sure there are people here old enough to remember 1976, when after a bitter fight, Ford won and Reagan bowed out gracefully. After Reagan spoke he made many of us second guess ourselves, he made us think that maybe we had made a mistake, and he was the better candidate. Fortunately, he behaved graciously and lived to fight another day.

    Cruz was not gracious, and I believe he gave that speech knowing that it might hurt Trump’s campaign, and gleefully gave it hoping that it would. It smacks of a sore loser using “principle” to justify the lack of basic manners. He knew the crowd would boo him, and when they did, he made a point of naming the New York delegation, another dig at “New York values.”

    I had hope for Cruz early, but his thin skin and hubris made me second guess my original opinion. I suspect there are many today who instead of feeling they made a mistake, (like many did after Reagan’s speech), are feeling relieved that Ted Cruz will now be nothing but a footnote to history. Pride does come before a fall, and nobody likes a sore loser.

  11. One of the things that impresses me about Trump is that he knows how to play people. He has been playing the media so much that they have given him free air time. Now he allowed Cruz to talk. He was not obligated to do so. So why? As I see it, he could not lose. He had a bitter campaign with Cruz and this would be the way to calm the water. If Cruz was wise, he would take the opportunity to show how big a man he was and get national air time that could help him latter. On the other hand, Trump knew Cruz too well and knew what he would really do and he did it. He made an ass of himself. All those that supported Cruz now see the real man. And it is not pretty. Thus, Trump got the accolades and a unified party. If this is a true assessment, then Trump is an exceptional candidate.

  12. Now, full stream ahead against Hillary. It’s going to be interesting watching her cough her way out of difficult questions, amid endless glasses of water and bathroom breaks.

    • Not to mention her recent little Mini Seizure which MSM overlooked. She has a problem from that fall a ways back.

  13. Unapologetic White Man

    Either Ted’s classless betrayal was not included in the speech submitted to the Trump team, or else, if it was included, Trump decided he’d give Ted enough rope to hang himself.

    It’s worth noting that soon after the booing began, Trump popped out and onto the convention floor to grab the attention from Ted. It’s almost as if he was just waiting for the right moment to do that, and his timing was perfect.

    Ted’s pretending that it was only the NY delegation that was booing him was loathsome, as was his creepy grin upon doing so.

    Bye bye, Ted. We hardly knew ye.

  14. minuteman26

    As a conservative Texas voter Ted Cruz is now dead to me. Do some digging and you’ll find Ted is joined at the hip to the Bushies and supports a one world government. Suspect his “conservative” campaign was just BS to fool the voters.

  15. FishEagle

    Ted Cruz was able to make the distinction between the Republican Party nominee and Donald Trump, which shows he hasn’t been completely duped yet by US presidential demagoguery. He encouraged conservatives to go and vote, which is exactly what I would have done in his position. He is under absolutely no obligation to give his endorsement to Trump, who is a despicable character that had no problem stepping on Ted Cruz when it suited him. Republican delegates chose Donald Trump and Ted Cruz had no power over their choice. Still Cruz did the decent thing by telling Americans to go and vote for the chosen Republican candidate, Donald Trump. I have much more admiration now than ever for Ted Cruz!

  16. I’ll just leave this here…
    Trump, the Puppet Master

  17. Teddy Bear And soccer ball Cruz is toast. Shameful performance. I never bought into his schtick and glad I didn’t.

  18. Ted is a smarmy weasel and con artist who talks about the Constitution and knows damn well that the child of a alien father has never been a article 2 natural born citizen

  19. Yeah…. Cruz forever lost my respect for aiding Hillary with his sore-loser speech.

  20. I can remember posting comments on this website, where I warned AWD and others about Ted Cruz, and I even took pains to provide links to youtube videos of the guy, or to articles that contained the words that Cruz himself was on the record for speaking and to votes that he had cast on various issues that were in direct contradiction to the wishes of the White conservative base of the GOP – and, I’d come back the next day, and my comment would have a -20 or -30 thumbs down score on it.

    Well, all I say to AWD is that it takes a big man to admit when he is wrong, and I admire you for admitting that you’ve seen the light.

    BTW: I shared a few critiques of the speech by Ivanka Trump that was the introduction speech for Donald Trump on Thursday night with a Trump supporting buddy – and this guy automatically ignored my criticism, despite its validity – and accused me of being a Hildebeast supporter. This is the sort stubborn blindness to reality that really does baffle me. In my case, I consider all of these politicians – of both parties – to be nothing more than greasy dog excrement. None of them can be fully trusted and therefore, I fall in love with NO POLITICIAN or candidate. In fact, if I am considering voting for a particular candidate – I put a special microscope on that bastard and I scrutinize the SOB down to the tiniest detail. If they have a wart on them, I find it. Which simply means this:

    No candidate is off limits for legitimate criticism. Yet, we still have White Americans within the conservative movement who let themselves fall for these snake charming weasels who are trotted out every election cycle and these idiots act as if they’ve been hypnotized by the ‘glow’ that the media masters make sure emanates off of these clowns – so much so, that they stomp their feet and cry like little bitches if anyone observes that their new ‘hero’ has a few fairly serious flaws?

    White conservative American voters need to get over this kind of childish behavior.

  21. My opinion, we need Ted Cruz in this fight!

    I just hope he stays in the picture.

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