ted cruz event

AWD attended and live-tweeted the Ted Cruz love-a-thon in Arlington, Texas last night. The place was rocking with energy long before the (only) good Senator from Texas arrived. Numerous Tea Party groups made up the 1200 who packed the standing-room only Arlington Music Hall. AWD saw several “right-wing extremists who cling to their guns and religion” that I hadn’t seen in some time. The event was hastily put together in only two days but came together nicely. One thing was made obviously clear…..Texans love them some Ted Cruz!

After the Pledge of Allegiance, the Texas Pledge of Allegiance (there is one), and the National Anthem, Ted’s father, Rafael, led the crowd in prayer before telling the story of Ted’s youth and how he gained his conservative roots. He told of a young Ted reading Locke, Milton Friedman, The Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, Adam Smith and others that helped Ted form his free-market, fiscally conservative views. AWD would venture most corruptocrats have no idea of any of the aforementioned authors or literature. A $17 trillion dollar national debt is all that’s needed for proof.

It’s no secret that Rafael Cruz is Ted’s biggest fan and cheerleader! As Ted entered the hall from the back to deafening applause and yelling, Rafael continued to praise Ted while yelling into the microphone “Ted’s got your back!” and “Thank You, Ted!” The crowd responded to Ted’s statesmanlike performance in Washington by honoring him with a 14-minute standing ovation. The energy of the crowd was at a fever pitch for Ted! Ted-Heads!

Ted gave a very good speech. He used several lines we have heard in other stump speeches but he managed to fire up the crowd. His first comment was his 21-hour ObamaCare filibuster “took almost as much time as it does to sign up for ObamaCare.” I think Ted’s being generous!

He went on to call out the weak Senatorial Republicans for not supporting him during his filibuster and for rolling over on ObamaCare. Numerous cat-calls from the crowd disparaged the weak Republicans in Congress.

Ted wasn’t finished with poking fun at ObamaCare. He said the Nigerians infamous for email scams were hired to run the ObamaCare website to huge laughs from the crowd.

Ted pointed out the wins common-sense Americans have had over the far-left Obama agenda by letting our voices be heard. He listed the gun control push from Obama and liberals after the Sandy Hook shootings that was voted down in the Senate. He also mentioned Obama’s desire to bomb Syria and get America involved in a Shia and Sunni conflict with no American security interest that was supported by the Democrats and several Republicans (are you listening McPain and “Fredo” Graham?). That was also shut down after massive outcry from Americans.

Cruz encouraged those in attendance to continue their push to elect politicians with conservative values and not give up. It was obvious from the crowd’s enthusiasm that giving up is not going to happen.

It crossed AWDs mind a few times that Ted Cruz may be considering a run for the presidency by his speech. He is far more intelligent than the vast majority of politicians. Of course, he is hated by the Democrats and hated more by the Republicans. He would certainly have unflinching Tea Party support but would that be enough? I’d like to find out! AWD won’t vote for Chris Christie or Jeb Bush. I’ve voted for them the past two presidential election cycles. Won’t happen again. Guaran-damn-tee you!


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