In what should have happened a long time ago, Texas will vote Monday to allow concealed carry license holders to carry firearms openly. It will pass hugely. This is a good thing and Texas will join nearly every other state (except the hardcore leftist states like California and Nueva Jork) in allowing open carry.

The only reason Open Carry is passing is because the Tea Party in Texas elected numerous conservatives who are staunch believers of the 2nd Amendment. We retired RINO wastes-of-spaces like former Lt Governor David Dewhurst who would have sat on any bill for reducing gun laws. Next, we go after RINO/Democrat Speaker Joe Straus.

AWD would have preferred to see all gun laws abolished in Texas as they only penalize the law abiding. But there is too much money involved in fees for concealed carry. And politicians love them some money. So the law abiding will still send in vast sums for the “right” to carry concealed while criminals will do so for free.

We will, of course, hear the wailing and prophecies of shootouts in the Wal Mart by anti-gun leftists once the bill is signed into law. We always do. When concealed carry passed, leftists foretold of the coming shootouts in traffic that would plague the state. Of course, nothing happened. But anti-gunners aren’t concerned with safety. Disarming the American people is their goal. It always is with believers in tyranny.

AWD’s Austrian Glock friend, Gunter, sits quietly at my side as I post this from an undisclosed location. It’s undisclosed because I don’t want my mama to get on me for hanging out in “those places.” But I see two buddies walking in. One a former member of Delta and the other a former member of Seal Team 4. I wonder if they’re carrying? Heh heh.

Any time a gun law is abolished, Americans win. And with this law, Texas gets even more awesomer!!

So what are y’all carrying these days? AWD has Gunter but lately I’ve been carrying an old Ruger P95 in 9mm. I must admit, I love the Glock in .40 and all my 1911’s but 19 rounds of 9mm hollow point with two spare mags in tow puts a lot of firepower in the hands of the Big Sexy. But I always have been a big believer in diversity!


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