I voted for Donald Trump and now I might just be regretting it, thanks to Hollywood celebrities! I mean, I thought Trump was doing some great things even though he hasn’t officially entered office. He is appointing some pretty awesome cabinet members. He already has tens of thousands of jobs returning to America. Ford just announced today they were not building a billion dollar plant in Me-hee-co but would upgrade a plant in Detroit. Yes, I thought Trump was doing pretty great for a POTUS-elect.

Then Hollywood celebrities taught me how to think. To think like them.

Thank you Hollywood actors! Thank you for showing me the way to form my own opinions that are shaped by you! Yeah, hell with Trump! He’s a…well, he’s a racist for starters!! And innocent beautiful liberal women are being beaten up by Trump Nazi voters for no reason at all! And don’t get me started on all the attacks on minorities who opposed Trump by beating the hell out of little old lady Trump voters! Yes, lucky for us Hollywood celebrities are so smart! Thank you, celebrities!!

Here’s the deal. There are two things in this world that I don’t care about. And both of them are Hollywood celebrities. And I care less about their political opinions. After all, how smart can the gaggle of professional pretenders in that video be? And you could see them reading their one line parts! I have no idea who any of them are except the Flying Nun and Donny from Big Lebowski.

And did you see how fat Pee Wee Herman (I think that’s him) got? Steve Buscemi, you are dead to me.

I’ve said it before that actors are the least talented people in the world. Want proof? Rappers can star in movies but actors can’t rap. I rest my case. Score one for America.

There’s only one actress in this world who I respect and it’s my soul mate, Janine Turner. She’s such a great actress that she can totally convince you she’s not madly in love with me. But she really is. I just know it. Throwing in that restraining order perfectly illustrates her tremendous acting skill. I mean, you almost believe her! Janine is just that good. Academy Award talent!

The political opinions of Hollywood actors are about as worthy as AWD’s opinions on moisturizing!

I must admit I’m schadenfreuding my big sexy ass off enjoying these leftist idjits pitching little ol’ hissy fits trying to keep Trump from taking office. They haven’t looked at the voting results to see that the only people who wanted Hillary as President live within a driver and a five iron from Hollywood!

Hey celebrities! I didn’t vote for racism or sexism either! I voted for Trump!

And Janine? Call me.


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