The SRV’s (Stupid Republican Voters) of Arizona have once again cursed America for yet another 6 years. Last night, Juan McCain, the worst man in America, won his primary vote against Kelli Ward by…get this…4,251 votes. 4,251 lousy votes and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Harry Reid would have lost their closest ally who pretends to be a Republican.

Here’s the worst part you #NeverTrump and Gary Johnson morons out there. Another 17,000 votes were split between two other idiots running for the GOP nomination who had ZERO chance of winning! Had those two attention whores focused on the better good of ridding America of the curse of McCain, today would have been a day of celebration! They were probably supported by McCain. McCain won with only 46.7% of the vote. Not even half the Republicans he represents can stand the old leathery worm.

AWD predicted that McCain would have run as an independent had he lost to Ward. And he would have.

The problem here is not McCain. By now, everyone knows what he is. The problem is the SRV. And the SRV is why the Republican Party must die. The SRV is too many in number. As discussed last week, AWD will never do ANYTHING to support the Republican Party. If I do, it’s because a conservative of my choosing happens to run under their banner.

AWD wrote:

Since Republican voters returned the GOP to power in the Senate and House, we have gotten exactly nothing in return! Unless conservatives are now pleased with a $20 trillion national debt, $1.3 billion Paul Ryan spending bill, no cuts in spending, no reductions in government programs, no repeal and/or defunding of the collapsing ObamaCare (as the Republicans promised in 2010), or anything different from what we suffered from Pelosi and Harry Reid.

…The Establishment has done everything they can to destroy Trump. They have made it clear they much prefer Hillary over Trump. Why? Because her globalist agenda is their agenda. As we have discussed here on numerous occasions, Republicans = Democrats in Washington. They are all Globalists who seek to destroy America through debt, massive Third World and Muslims immigration, unwinnable and unending wars, and further destruction of Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties.

Conservatives must have a Party that will represent them. The Republican Party ain’t it! And it’s the SRV’s who are to blame. And they are too great in number for any real change to take effect. They are your naive neighbors and family that still believe Republicans = good and Democrats = bad. They are too stupid to realize Republicans = Democrats. And it’s all there before their eyes!

If you want to have fun and lose friends on FB, look for the morons who post the George W Bush memes with “Miss Me Yet?” and write, “Hell no!”

Yesterday, AWD had a conversation with a young woman who is “very politically aware” (her words) and calls herself an independent. She said she is fiscally conservative but socially moderate. I asked her who she votes for. She said, “I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats.” Uh huh.

I asked her who she supports this election cycle. She said she will “probably vote for Trump but he just needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.” I asked what he said that is so offensive. She said, “he called all Mexicans rapists.” Now understand this. This is a young woman who considers herself very politically aware who has completely bought the Propaganda Media lie line on Trump.

I asked her to continue what was it about Trump. She kept saying he just needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and get off of social media. I asked her to be specific. She had nothing. Like EVERYONE who opposes Trump, they cannot offer specifics. They follow the Mainstream Propaganda Media’s BS.

Here we have Hillary Clinton, who may be the most corrupt, evil woman in the history of the world who has broken every law she could and has a very curious long line of dead bodies in her wake running for President and people like my young friend is worried because Trump may offend illegal aliens.

Continuing my conversation, the young woman told me that Trump cannot win the Electoral College and the election is already over. I asked her where she got that information. She said, “Everybody knows it. He doesn’t have the Electoral College votes to win, even if he wins the popular vote.” Again, I’m sure she heard this wisdom on MSNBC. I told her that Electoral Votes nearly always mirror the popular vote. Then I showed her a LA Times poll showing Trump up by 3 points and Hillary hemorrhaging support.

She then said she’d get behind Trump if he’d fire his campaign chief. I asked her if she knew Trump had hired Steve Bannon from two weeks ago as the new CEO of his campaign? Or had she even heard of Breitbart? She said no to both. I then clicked my phone and showed her Steve Bannon’s personal cell number and said, “Don’t ever debate politics with me again.”

The problem with voters in America is the American voter. Half are welfare moochers and socialists (Democrats) and the other half is too stupid to realize the Republicans are essentially Democrat Globalists.

I truly believe it’s time for a Constitutional Party. We might not have the majority but at least we’d have a few elected leaders who can do the will of their constituency and have fun destroying the Republican Establishment old guard and their brothers in the Democrat Party. And a Constitutional Party can grow! It worked in England with the hard work of Nigel Farage. What we have in America isn’t working. And electing McCain for another 6 years will be just the latest disaster placed upon America.

I know this doesn’t have much to do with John McCain but today I proclaim August 31, 2016 as “Screw You, Arizona Day!” So Screw You, Arizona!


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