The “Intelligentsia”


You know what’s wrong with the left? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the left.


The Intelligentsia

"Like, dig it, maaan…"

That came from a pack of 52 “fun date cards”—each one with a different idea of something to do with your little filly. This card, in particular, suggested we—and I quote—”[j]oin the intelligentsia around town at…poetry readings”, etc.

You guys are probably too young to remember this, but when I was a kid, there were these trading cards called “Garbage Pail Kids” (which played off the [then] insanity-inducing Cabbage Patch Kids). The above picture immediately brought this Garbage Pail Kid to mind:

Hip Kip

The observant will notice not just what, but also how, he's "reading"…

Form trumps substance. Pretention trumps knowledge. Fancy-pants verbosity trump nuts-and-bolts know-how.

And the left wonders why no one wants to voluntarily follow their “lead”?

Mustard Guy


The above picture’s kinda random, but it’s what always comes to mind when I think of the left. They’re constantly effing up even the simplest of tasks because they’re completely retarded, and yet…and yet…they believe themselves to be gods, so nothing’s ever their fault. So they’ll find some scapegoat (conservatives, cough cough), as they double-down on their insanity.

But, of course, we all know this.

Anyway, my point is: How sad is it that the twisted minds behind this squirmtastic train wreck of a film…

…demonstrated, many moons ago, an infinitely better grasp on what’s really going on behind the curtain of our supposedly great and powerful “intelligentsia,” than do millions of today’s eligible voters who continue to march blithely along to the siren songs of their presumed betters—i.e., the ridiculous intellectual lepers more popularly known as “liberals.”

Anyone remember this guy?

“The experimenters found that those subjects who believed that the author of the text was a high-status intellectual were significantly more likely to claim that the text was comprehensible, interesting and valuable. The results of the experiment thus suggested that Sokal was correct to claim that academic status may account for the intellectual appeal of unintelligible academic texts.”

Yes…the “intelligentsia.” Indeed.

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