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We are winning the culture war. The evidence is overwhelming. The Trump phenomenon is somewhat mind-blowing. It is the sane people of America rising up and unifying against the major lies of our age. The left, meanwhile, is crumbling. They constitute a wall-to-wall freak show, and the freaks don’t even like each other. The gays and “transpeople” are prone to cat-fights. Blacks and Hispanics would like to genocide one another. The Bernie kooks loathe the Hillary kooks and Hillary is relying on a serial rapist to get out the woman vote. Muslims hate everyone, and are such an obvious cancer that it is a form of black comedy. The liberal dream has been realized and there is no paradise to be found. There is just a patchwork of embittered losers with the common cause of hating you and me.

The fake right holds nominal power, but they have been exposed. Jeb is a dead man walking. The neocon “wizards” are out of fashion. Trump mocks Krauthammer, the Fox News attack dogs and the Bush legacy, and only gains in the polls.

The establishment, in short, is falling apart. They have lost control of the Narrative. And if current trends continue, they will lose control of national policy. All we have to do is endure their desperate lashing out and keep up the pressure in the “info war.”

But, of course, the establishment is still extremely dangerous, and they know that they are losing by inches. Their only hope to regain the upper hand is a winner-take-all showdown. I fear that the Oregon militiamen are giving them that showdown. Here are your white men as “terrorists.” Here is a pretext for gun confiscation—which, as we all know, is the induction of a second Civil War. And should that war come about, the odds are against our side coming out on top.

Could be I’m reading too much into this situation, but we have seen these showdowns before, and we know how they can end. The Bundy Ranch incident was a lucky exception. Maybe this will go the same way, but if it doesn’t—if it becomes a mass murder fest—we are looking at a nightmare that, in the current climate, could go nationwide.

Like it or not, we are in a war to keep America from becoming a third world territory. We have a set of elites who openly hate our traditions, and openly hate our race. In any war you have to choose your battles. A bunch of armed white guys playing into the “domestic terrorist” narrative, planting themselves where they can be easily killed all at once, and possibly sparking a widespread shooting war with a government that is itching for such a development, doesn’t seem wise—especially when the left is already hemorrhaging credibility every minute of every day.

Bill Matheson has been employed doing everything from making sandwiches to selling industrial cleaning equipment, and has worked for himself doing everything from mowing lawns to building web sites. Bill’s first book, Under Bastard Christianity: A Handbook for Heretics in an Age of Equality Cultism, will be released in January of 2016. Follow Bill on Twitter and Facebook.



  1. The is an interesting take on the subject of the Oregon incident. I am torn. I applaud anyone who takes the battle to this illegal, undeserving government. I am glad to see militias doing what they should do. I was hoping this would trigger other takeovers elsewhere and put this government in embarrassing situations. Then again…you have a good point. I think that (if I were running that militia) I would not have gotten all my men and put them in one rarely used building so the FBI can eventually try to kill us all at one time. I know this is a protest of what the BLM did to innocent ranchers but if you want to fight, then fight. I would have simply come at night and burnt that building down. If I wanted a confrontation I would pick my area and attack. I would not go sit down somewhere I cannot get out of. This government deserves any punishment, death, or destruction it gets from the people.

    • Bill Matheson

      I am torn too. I agree with the principle these guys are standing on, but I think it could be a major tactical mistake. If the government gets a violent blow-out, featuring white men, the spin machine will go into overdrive, and it could escalate into something really bad, and could allow them to pull the rug out from under us.

      Meanwhile, with the Internet overtaking the controlled media, they are starting to seriously lose the propaganda war. If they lose that, everything else follows. My suggestion is that, since Trump and many other new factors are now in play, we should leverage that before we risk everything in a showdown.

    • I heard a sobering comment on making the enemy throw the first punch. FDR knew the Japanese were planning an attack. He let them go first with Pearl Harbor and the rest is history. Until I heard this, I’d despised FDR for allowing so many Americans to die there, but now I understand the tactic So be it with We the People. Bide our time. The left is itching for the final takedown of America. Hopefully Ammon Bundy does a strategic retreat.

  2. Spurwing Plover

    As you can guess these people will called Right wing extremists by the liberal leftists news media scum suckers as well as Scary Harry Reid and his little snot son Rory The Rotten then theres the various eco-freak groups(Greenpeace,Sierra Club,Audubon Society,WWF Etc)who will demand they be evicted and charged with some stupid crime cooked up by Obama the Fink as his Inferior Secetary

  3. rightwingterrorist

    I believe what they have done is ceded the moral high ground to the gov’t by their actions. A very bad tactical maneuver.
    If the gov’t does start shooting and there is another Waco, all hell will break loose.
    Many militias and lone wolves going active in their own area of operations.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    Harry Reid and Obama need sent to prison for life

  5. my heart is with these men…..110% ………..

    but it might not be the right time……we may have to stand and fight one day…..and it may be one day soon…..but today isn’t that day…………

    I wish these brave men well and that this will turn out well for our side…….the BLM has to be taken down……..and destroyed…………

    the BLM and the IRS……both of these agencies must be burned to the ground….arrest those who have terrorized us within these agencies……..and hang them in front of the white house……….

    they need to pay for their crimes……justice must be served one way or the other………….

  6. rightwingterrorist

    More and more is coming out all the time.
    Here’s something that is starting to cause quit a stir in the III community.

  7. a judge after my own heart…….

    finally, an Alabama judge defies the liberal Marxisist supreme court on legalized queers and their homosexual marriage……..if there is anything that I like it’s a judge that will defy the commie judges on the supreme court…….

    this is what we need…..”civil disobedience”……………

    fu_k the supreme court……….there are five of those Marxists judges that need to be hanged from the cherry trees lining Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the white house………….

  8. Spurwing Plover

    When ranchers and farmers can have their water cut off over some stupid fish when their land and posetions are taken over some damn rodent or lizard and when loggers lose their jobs over some owl its wrong and unconstitutional the ESA needs either ammended or repealed

  9. Men, stand down!

    Now is not the time for a confrontation.
    Your lives & potential are too precious to be wasted in a grand-standing statement like this!
    A Hell-Fire missile fired through your doorway by an anonymous aircraft at night would make your ‘good intentions’ meaningless & forgettable.
    The sheep would not care.

    Go home.
    Keep your weapons clean & nearby.
    We need to be seen as the ‘good-guys’ in the ‘white-hats’, when the ‘fit -hits -the- shan.’

  10. Oh come on. You have to draw the line somewhere. People who say Obama wants to impose Martial Law better explain to me why he hasn’t done it already. This “constitutional scholar” hates and ignores the law like any other dark skinned inmate of our penitentiary system. If this idiot could impose Martial Law he would have done it already. The lapdog media will make the excuses this idiot can’t come up with himself like they always do. There isn’t Martial law because they don’t have the soldiers. The Military hates the government. They’ve been constantly been doing tours in the Middle east and they have nothing to show for it but lost time with their families. And this BLM shooting cops has the police wondering whats up. I’ve never seen anyone shooting his own troops before a War, but stupid seems to be this guys real name.

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