There have been two times in AWD’s big sexy life where I’ve felt the excitement of being part of something new, powerful and energized with people who think like me. The first was in February, 2009 at the first Tea Party event in my town and the second was this Wednesday at, of all places, a fast food restaurant.

Chick fil A was the ground this week where millions of hard-working, patriotic, passionate, decent, law-abiding taxpayers decided to make our stand! Even though the restaurants were packed, it was hot, service was slow, there was no violence, vulgar language, heated arguments or perversion like America has seen from the Occupy and Poop movement. You could see the pride on the faces of Chick fil A customers showing they were making a statement being there. The Chicken Sandwich Revolution was attended by the good guys. The good guys are the vast majority of Americans, of every stripe, who stood up against those who would gladly prohibit freedom of speech while installing their leftist ideal of a fascist state….controlled by them, of course.

What is amazing is none of the traditional “conservative leaders” tucked tail and ran over being labeled homophobic. Of course, I’m sure Juan McPain will have his old liberal, wrinkled, lizard ass on the Sunday talk shows telling how he loves gays and those who attended the Chicken Sandwich Revolution were misguided. But no one listens to McPain except Democrats looking to discredit conservatives by pretending McCain is anything more than a worthless RINO. But the rest didn’t back down. That’s a good thing. Once conservatives finally decide to not allow the left to hold political correctness over our heads, we can then begin to righting the sinking American ship of state.

We are finally seeing in America patriots coming forward unafraid to loudly and peacefully voice their beliefs and opinions. For decades, if not generations, a tiny, loud group of out-of-the-mainstream anti-American turds have shouted and bullied their way into press coverage. Conservatives have been cowed into silence, lest we offend the ever-offended and always-offensive! Americans now seem to have realized the folly of keeping their mouths shut while the weirdo left minority railroads their beliefs down our throats.

A few days after the Chicken Sandwich Revolution, homosexuals had their sad, pathetic day. What did they do to respond to the millions of decent Americans speaking out for free speech? They held kiss-ins at Chick fil A restaurants. No better way to win support for your position than to gross out everyone around you. Of course, the Kiss-In was a tremendous failure, only attended by a few poofs who had nothing better to do. Of course, the Kiss-In got the lions share of mainstream propaganda media coverage while the Chicken Sandwich Revolution was largely blacked out.

The thing is, the Chicken Sandwich Revolution wasn’t really about support for traditional marriage. It started out supporting a traditional Christian, who incidentally owns Chick fil A, who opposes gay marriage but quickly turned into support for individual freedom of speech and opposition to liberal fascist mayors who believe they can prohibit businesses from opening because of political differences with the business owner!

The Chicken Sandwich Revolution was a tremendous success for decent people. The traditional and predictable charges of “hate” and “homophobia” didn’t work this time! And, with every victory, those politically correct weapons will be further dulled. Normal, decent Americans are learning we do not need the sanction of those with whom we politically disagree. I don’t need Al Sharpton to validate anything I say, write, believe, think or do. Or any other leftist, for that matter. Because there are two things in this world I don’t care about….and both of them are what leftists believe!

How great will be the day when political correctness is dead and Americans can stop pretending what is, is not and what is not, is! When we can discuss issues openly and honestly. This discussion won’t come from the left. They have an agenda…to hide the truth. AWD and a growing number of conservative Americans have an agenda too….to tell the truth, without apology!

Like the Tea Party movement, the Chicken Sandwich Revolution is the beginning of a bad ending for leftists, Democrats and weirdos (is there any difference?) outside of the American mainstream. They are failing their mission and are going away. Not because of hatred and intolerance from conservatives….it’s because what leftists do doesn’t work and leads to destruction. Always has, always will. And that is the TRUTH!


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