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Friends, I’ve had a lot of heavy thoughts running through my mind for the last couple of months, and something I remembered the other day gave me “the chestnut” that I needed to tie all my thoughts together, so here I go!

The Republican party could have run Ham Sandwich or Mop N.A. Suit for their candidate in this election year and would have had a good shot at the White House. Too bad for the party, and us, Mr. Sandwich and Mr. Suit were quite content to stay where they are. As AWD is fond of saying, ‘we’re not going to have another Reagan this time around.’ It looks like they’re going to be stuck with Massachusetts Moderate Mitt. I say “they,” not “we,” because as you all know I’m not stuck on the Republicans, I’m more Libertarian. I’m not hung up on the party of stupid or the party of evil. But then I had a thought:
Maybe I’m wrong!

Yeah, it happens from time to time… I needed to talk to my dad, but I no longer have him. So I called mom. I asked my mother what dad thought of Reagan in 1980. Oh! Dad hated him! I was only 13 when all that happened, but I remember I was nuts over Reagan. My father, not so much. After all, he was the guy who lost to the guy who lost in the previous election. But the sentiment of the day was that Carter had to go. Wait a minute, maybe there’s a connection… what other parallels might exist?

A lot of people like to compare Obammy to Carter. As far as pure “suck-tion” power, I see more parallels with FDR. More broadly, with Hoover/FDR and “W”/Obama. Hoover and George W Bush both saw massive panics in the markets. Nothing new there, look up “the panic of 1907” or “the panic of 1873.” 1907 was bigger than Black Friday in 1929, yet we recovered in mere months. On the other hand, Hoover and Bush both made the same mistake- they attempted to intervene in the economy.

Bush was in a bit of a squeeze with the election only 6 months away, but Hoover had longer- 3 years for the economy to turn around. But he tried to poke and prod it, and it got angry. This kicked off the Great Depression, and set the stage for the election of FDR in 1932.

What else was similar between FDR and Obama? Let’s see… well, both tried to hide who they really were and build a cult of personality (FDR was only hiding that he was half-crippled from polio!). Both had great rhetorical power. Both instituted huge jobs programs and nationalized industries. Both were Keynesian, and spent government money like drunk Mexican sailors. Both instituted broad new sweeping regulatory programs that stifled businesses and free markets. FDR brought inflation by confiscating gold and “revaluing” it from $20/oz to $35. Obama printed money until there was three times as much. But there’s one other thing that is similar- and this was my “chestnut”-

FDR had an extremely contentious relationship with the Supreme Court. After his National Industrial Recovery Act was found unconstitutional, he came up with a court-packing scheme that would have allowed him to appoint 6 more justices to the Court. Fortunately, Congress rejected this idea. FDR’s “signature” piece of legislation- Social Security- was also challenged in the Supreme Court on grounds of Constitutionality. This was a very contentious piece of legislation, and quite unpopular at the time. America’s first entitlement program. He argued that it fell under the general welfare clause. The Court rejected the President’s legal argument, but upheld the Constitutionality of Social Security- as a tax. Does that remind you of another recent case?!?

I’ve read the hoodoo in the “History” books in school too, just like the rest of you. The ones that paint FDR as a choirboy who was brave, and led the country out of the Depression and got us through WWII. Sound like the hoopla over “dear leader” these days?

Well, let me tell you the kicker, then- FDR did get us out of the Great Depression. By dying. Not by his death, per se, but by his removal from office. Even Truman, another Democrat, was much more a free-marketeer. Oh, great guy FDR was! Good man! After this episode in American history we even ratified the 22nd Amendment, limiting a President to two terms to prevent this kind of thing ever happening again.

I’m a “Paulie,” a “Ronulan.” Libertarian to the core. And, we Americans have been debating the very nature of Liberty since before there was an America. We can continue that debate- later! Do I like Romnoid? No. He’s a turd. He’s had more positions than the Kama Sutra. But you know, Reagan used to be a Democrat, so I guess anybody can change their mind. I held off writing this until after he made his VP pick. Ryan is better in my opinion than Mittens, but it was a tipping point for me.

I’m amazed at the progress that the Tea Party and a bunch of pissed-off Americans have made in four years. Some have declared that the Tea Party is dead, but nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve just gone from large demonstrations to quiet, behind-the-scenes work. The victories of 2010 were significant, but we’ve made a lot more progress since then. Look at the primaries this year- Mourdock over Lugar, Cruz in Texas, total takeover of Kansas GOP, Wisconsin recall efforts defeated. I could go on and on… We The People will take over the Republican Party, or we will vote those RINO-tards out of office, too. Or, we can embark on Redstater’s brave new two-party system of Republicans vs. Libertarians.

I’m optimistic, but this is truly a bottom-up movement. It will take some time to conquer the top. Is Romney any better than Obama on some of the issues? “Gay rights,” illegal immigration, abortion, etc.? Dunno. I don’t think he’s much better, but he can’t be worse. But Romney will be good for the economy. The first rule, upon finding one’s self in a hole, is to stop digging. Friends, let’s stop digging! We are in a generational crisis, and Ron isn’t going to win at this point. Maybe Romney will turn out to be a Reagan after all.

OMG- Obama Must Go!

Now, I leave you with some obligatory Music that Sucketh Not:

And after that, this will be appropriate!

And some “tip of the iceberg” reading material for any of you who may be hung up on FDR:

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