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The Democrats are In Trouble



By Bill Matheson

From an electoral standpoint, the libs are in rough shape these days. They are without a way to sell their message beyond the crackpot base and their party has, for the time being, been hijacked by the Clinton political machine.

Not that I think they have stood for anything other than soft communism since FDR. But their operation relies on fantastic levels of spin. They played their trump card, so to speak, with Obama—their ultimate feel-good, equality-proving poster boy—and they have nowhere to go from here. Their only gambit is to prove more magical equality by following up a black president with a woman president. But their woman is Hillary, and that is one hell of a tough sell.

The Dem bosses don’t want Bernie Sanders, because they’re afraid that he takes all of their idiotic clichés seriously, and he might actually take power away from money printers and string pullers. Although he’s a buffoon, Sanders is, evidently, a genuine insurgent. In any other presidential election in the last 50 years he would have gotten as much traction as Miss Lindsay Graham has gotten among Republicans.

But Sanders’ popularity has nothing to do with Sanders. It is a comment on the utter lack of appeal Hillary brings to the table.

The fact that Hillary is almost certainly behind the attempt to have Sanders blackballed from the DNC—over a data breach, of all things—shows how desperate, and incredibly vulnerable, she is—and by extension, how vulnerable her party is. Her support is in all likelihood much, much thinner than what it is depicted as in the media.

The bizarre case of Hillary not turning up for some time when the Democratic debates resumed after a commercial break is a symptom of a terminal disease . . . if not a physical one, then a political one. The Dems’ current champion is a disaster. Remember: her health has long been in question, and some reliable sources claim that she is barely functional. She is a bitter, frail old woman attempting to keep up with the relentless schedule of a top-tier presidential campaign, and, at the same time, attempting to keep the lid on her life of crime.

When she can’t pull off something as simple as returning to the debate stage, on live TV, in a timely fashion, we know her various sicknesses have just about got her beat. Hillary is already a thinly-veiled catastrophe due to Benghazi, money laundering, email-related crimes, the trail of dead bodies stretching back decades, and her complicity in Bill’s rape career. But her health could be the figurative and literal final nail in her coffin. Her single selling point has been that she is a “strong woman.” She wants to inspire the lib base, to be like the bicep-flexing lesbian from the old propaganda posters. That front is crumbling, and the pathetic, palsy-stricken, Depends-dependent hag is showing through.

This late in the game, the Dems have no Plan B. If it isn’t Hillary they have to move forward with a cranky old communist or a bland nothing like Martin O’Malley. This doesn’t mean the election will not be stolen somehow. We are dealing with a hardcore criminal organization, after all. But as matters stand at the moment, the Republicans would have to go out of their way to lose next November.

Bio: Bill Matheson has been employed doing everything from making sandwiches to selling industrial cleaning equipment, and has worked for himself doing everything from mowing lawns to building web sites. Bill’s first book, Under Bastard Christianity: A Handbook for Heretics in an Age of Equality Cultism, [] will be released in January of 2016.



  1. Spurwing Plover

    At our local county fair back in August the demac-CRAPS had a sign in their booth TAKE BACK AMERICA What hypocracy from this party of former slave owners and KKK(Robert Byrd)Grand Wizard wanks in bedsheets

  2. much of the conversation amongst those I have talked with seems to be very upbeat…..there seems to be a feeling that we’ve got this election and no matter how much the media screams, yells, lies, pisses and moans about the so-called outside candidates the feeling is very upbeat about this crop of conservatives and their chances to take control of the top seat………..

    we know we have to root out the statists…..the Karl Rove types and get rid of them……and the only way to do that is to take control of the party and literally force them out…..and those we can’t force out need to be primaried like Paul Rino, er I mean Ryan…………..

    I keep hearing every where Trump and Cruz are our guys and I whole heartily agree…….no one else seems to have a china-mans chance in hell……we know who the establishment candidates are and we have rejected them……..and that includes Marco Rubio……..we don’t need any more traitorous bastards like him………….

    Barack Obongo’s favorite line he describes us with……”that’s not who we are”…… falling flat on it’s ass…….we know it’s code for “you’re a bunch of racists”….and we are sick and tired of it and him………..

    take the presidency and then go to work rooting out the establishment commies embedded in the woodwork of our government….root them out…….reverse everything this communist bastard Obama has done………kill all of his legislation….his EPA…..his IRS….his corrupt Justice Dept…….everything that Obongo has touched must be destroyed………..everything…….

  3. If Hillary ever walks over the White House lawn again, Vince Foster will reach up,,grab her by the neck and pull her back into his grave! And she knows this!

  4. ………………………………….feel the Bern………………………

    Bwahahahahahahaha…….what a fool…….or maybe he thinks we are the fools……….I don’t think we are that stupid Bernie……….

  5. ya know ,it is very possible that the Hildabeast Clinton mafia may once again occupy the White house….
    I often marvel at the crap the Clintons have gotta away with over the years….
    here is an article that i find interesting …the Clinton Body count…scroll down on it and be amazed at this list…

    I wonder when Karma will caught up with em??

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