Well, well, well…seems Dear Leader not only has stuck one foot in his yapper, he’s stuck both feet in!

Seems intimidating SCOTUS along with other judges was a ‘Stuck on Stupid’ thing to do…backlash is coming at him and others fast and furiously!

Here’s the order from 5th Circuit Court from Judge Jerry Smith to Obama via the American Spectator:

On Tuesday afternoon, in a stunning rebuke of President Obama, Judge Jerry Smith of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided he had heard enough of the president’s incessant hyper-partisan rhetoric challenging the independence of the federal judiciary. Judge Smith, who was appointed to the court by Ronald Reagan, “referring to statements by the president in the past few days to the effect… that it is somehow inappropriate for what he termed ‘unelected judges’ to strike acts of Congress,” said that Obama’s comments “have troubled a number of people who have read it as somehow a challenge to the federal courts or to their authority…. And that’s not a small matter.”

He then ordered the Justice Department to respond to the court by noon on Thursday with a letter (minimum three pages, single-spaced) explaining with specificity the DOJ’s position on “judicial review, as it relates to the specific statements of the president, in regard to Obamacare and to the authority of the federal courts to review that legislation.”

You can listen to Judge Jerry Smith here via audio. You can also read much more in the American Spectator about all of this by clicking the American Spectator link above…it’s a very good article.

Seems AG Holder says he will comply…you’ve got to wonder about that considering how they’ve ‘complied’ with others in the past…just ask congressman Issa when it comes to ‘Fast & Furious.’

Attorney General Eric Holder has said that the Department of Justice will respond to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals order to explain whether the Obama administration believes judges have the power to overturn federal laws. Holder said, “We are formulating a response now.” He continued, “It will be an appropriate response.”

Holder also added, “We’re confident health care reform will stand Constitutional muster.”

Of course you do Eric…of course you do!

You can read much more here in-depth regarding everything AG Holder yapped about when it comes to this matter, it’s well worth your time. Plus, since I was making this post, a new video surface that I inserted above instead of the picture I had there…here’s what all AG Holder said in the video if you don’t watch it. As usual, he uses the term ‘Affordable Care Act’…instead of ‘Obamacare’ as the 5th Circuit judge did in Houston, which was spot-on. Affordable Care Act my arse! By the way, Senator Jeff Sessions took to the floor last week saying Obamacare will cost 17 trillion more than what has been projected to us in the past. You can read more here. That’s trillion with a ‘T‘…not billion!

There are quite of few other videos on this matter, but I’m just going to add one more here that I saw live this morning when having coffee, wanted to share it with you all because it sums this up in a nutshell through how I see this through my ‘Viewfinder in Life.’

This is via Fox News Insider:

Rush Limbaugh is blasting President Obama for declaring that the Supreme Court would be engaging in judicial activism if it threw ObamaCare out.

Limbaugh said, “He has totally and incorrectly defined judicial activism … Nobody ever accuses judges of judicial activism for following the Constitution. Judicial activism is when judges do not follow the Constitution, when they legislate from the bench, when they write their own law … ‘The court must understand’ is one of his sound bites. No, the court must not, does not, have to listen to you. What is this the court must understand? That is a threat.”

In reference to Limbaugh’s statement, Judge Napolitano said, “No one could say it quite as directly and poignantly as our good friend and colleague Rush.” He believes what Limbaugh said is true and points out that it is the job of the courts to enforce the Constitution.

In terms of Obama’s comment that “the court must understand,” Napolitano thinks the radio host is correct on that point as well. He said the court doesn’t need to listen to Obama and he should not be threatening them.

“If he [Obama] shows up at their doorstep and tries to talk to them about this case, or play nice nice to them in public, they should lock the door and not see him.”

One things for certain, we need more Judges like Jerry Smith…seems Dear Leader has managed to anger a heck of a lot of people with his dictating blather the other day when he was threatening SCOTUS, and dare I say possible jury tampering as well…it’s the Chicago Way from their Number One thug dontcha know!

Add your two cents in friends…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


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