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I once read where someone said that all stereotypes are true. While there are always exceptions, I agree. Stereotypes come from somewhere. So stereotypes about liberals are nearly always accurate. And they’re not pretty.

AWD has dealt with many liberals who make or have made comments on this website over the years. Generally, most liberal commenters are highly emotional about issues. Facts, data, and logic contrary to their beliefs be damned, liberals are right and nothing will convince them otherwise. Liberals are what James Carville calls “low-information voters.” One can exchange the word “information” with “intelligence.”

One sure tactic of liberals is name-calling. It’s nearly certain that one will be labeled a racist, homophobe, sexist, Islamophobe, etc in any discussion with a liberal. Again, once liberals ignore facts, logic and data, how else can they win an argument? But liberals have found that nearly every conservative will crumple in the face of being labeled a racist. And that is exactly why the race card is consistently dropped by liberals. Name-calling is the only effective weapon liberals possess.

Liberals do not have a moral compass rooted in right and wrong as do most conservatives. Since most liberals don’t have a belief in God, their deities are government and leftist ideology. Every issue that shows poorly for liberals is either overlooked, ignored, or altered as long as it fits the liberal agenda. Hillary Clinton’s testimony this week with Congress is a perfect example. Liberals really don’t care that four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi due to the malfeasance of former Secretary of State Clinton and her subsequent lies and coverups. They don’t care if she was complicit in shipping weapons to ISIS in Syria. Nor that she broke the law in using a personal server for classified information that was read by every enemy government with access to the internet. Liberals only care that she defies the Republicans and is able to continue her campaign for the Democrat nomination. Nothing to see here folks. We’ll just ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton attracts scandals like Whoopi Goldberg attracts ugly.

Conservatives generally hold all to the same standard. Personally, AWD detests the Bush family because how two of them have performed as Presidents. I will not vote for the third and hopefully last Bush. Why? Because the Bush family are big-government moderates who spent money like Democrats while adding to the size and expense of the federal government. They are part of the problem.

Liberals don’t hold their fellow libs to any standard. Hillary Clinton could break any law ever written on a daily basis and it wouldn’t matter a whit to liberals. Republicans and conservatives, however, are held to their standards by liberals. Liberals judiciously utilize communist Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals to further their agenda and hold conservatives to standards liberals themselves would never keep.

Liberals generally are drawn to socialism and big government because they are generally under-achievers. They hold to an ideology of jealousy. Since most liberals are not as successful as conservatives, they attack the wealthy. Producers are viewed as greedy. Liberals don’t see the irony of demanding wealth forcefully taken by government from producers as greed! Again, logic is lost on liberals. Or conveniently ignored.

Liberals also view the enemy of conservatives as their friends. Liberals constantly complain about the so-called Republican War On Women but applaud the importation of tens of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East. Islam’s War On Women is written into their theocracy! But conservatives view Islam as a threat so liberals heartily support it! Never mind the daily instances of genital mutilation, beheadings, rapes, sexual slavery, hangings, beatings, etc of women under Islam. Liberals are much more concerned about the mythical Republican War On Women.

In the movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko said of liberals, “they love animals, they hate people.” Liberals will mourn the death of a kitten but protest and campaign for the abortion slaughterhouse industry that murders millions of viable children yearly. All in the name of Women’s Health. At their root core, liberals love the environment, Mother Earth, animals, anything but humans. Unless the humans are the tiny percentage of trans-freaky sexual types. But, then again, conservatives generally support same-sex marriage and traditional gender roles. Sexually abnormal people are not usually conservative. Enemies of their enemy.

Liberals view America as a problem for the world. Conservatives are patriotic and view America as the main force of global good. Liberals hate America because it grew strong and wealthy under Judeo/Christian values. Ergo, since liberals hate religion and Christianity, America is evil. As is the state of Israel.

Take any issue supported by conservatives and liberals will support the opposite. Even issues common national security. Take any issue from oil drilling to guns to environment to national defense to welfare to illegal immigration, liberals will be on the wrong end of the argument. And they will not be able to defend their positions if they even understand them. But they will portray their ignorance loudly!

America is in dire straights because the disease of leftist ideology has permeated far too many. This will not end well.



  1. “Liberals do not have a moral compass rooted in right and wrong…”

    Sure they do! After all, they’re the ones who tell us what ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are.

  2. As an Ex-Liberal (I was never extreme about it, but was raised by Democrats) I will say this. Liberal men are pussies. Liberals are obsessed with fairness and equality to an extreme. They’ve also become obsessed with Identity Politics, and Diversity which often translates into fetishizing “minorities”, including Gays, who are sexual minorities. Liberals are obsessed with victimhood. I disagree when you say more Liberals are failures, because at this point, the Democratic Party actually = Rich White People who live in lily-white, Upper Middle Class bubble worlds while claiming to love the other races and having almost no real experience with them and poor Blacks and Hispanics. I live in NYC and MOST of the Upper Middle Class White Hipster/Yuppie transplants are Liberals of some degree or another, most very far to the Left.

    I do agree with you that Liberals are emotional and their desire to believe in Equality has led them to deny very basic SOCIAL SCIENCE facts about racial differences in crime, intelligence, family structure, etc. That and their naivety. Liberals reject god and are atheists, claiming to love science, but reject social science data on group differences (whether those differences are genetic or cultural, I am not saying, I’m just saying Liberals deny these statistics altogether- many I know claim all statistics can be manipulated, crime stats come from “racist white cops”, etc.

    They’re mostly just brainwashed and extremely conformist. There’s a lot to lose by not being Liberal these days when it comes to Race- your job, your social scene, etc. It’s a hard road we take.

  3. I also think Liberals feel sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for Blacks and other groups because they’ve had very few negative experiences with them. They isolate themselves from Black/Non-White racial hostility and diversity related issues by living in Lily White bubble worlds where they trump up the minimal experience they do have with exception to the rule Blacks, etc.

    They never come in close and sustained enough contact with Blacks and other groups to notice the patterns of hostility, to notice the unpleasant cultural differences and to get why “race matters”.
    They assume we’re “all the same” and blacks, whites, asians, hispanics , etc totallly culturally inter-changable.

    Those of us who know better know about the tensions, friction, fighting over “inequality”. We get why “race matters”. We know what it means and we know what the consequences of Blacks blaming their social failures on us means. We know from EXPERIENCE being on the receiving end of racial violence/hostility COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT is NOT Ok. In the abstract, many Whites, including my former self, made excuses for Blacks awful racist behavior, not knowing what it’s REALLY LIKE to live it- a nightmare.

    We know why it’s so important to defend White people- we know we are under attack (white-bashing poetry readings, rap, culture), we know we are targetted as being “uniquely evil” and therefore deserving of abuse.

    We are more HONEST than them, more KNOWLEDGABLE about difference cultural groups and how they treat Whites. We know covering up the Truth about Black on White violence/hostility is a crime in itself.

    Liberals deal in woulds, coulds and shoulds- Utopias. Conservatives are more realistic/pragmatic and deal with what IS.

    Liberals see Blacks as victims. We know the Truth- they are more like the suspects in this whole Race thing, getting away with bullying Whites.

  4. Clinton State Department approved U.S. weapons shipment to Libya despite ban

    “The State Department initially approved a weapons shipment from a California company to Libyans seeking to oust Moammar Gadhafi in 2011 even though a United Nations arms ban was in place, according to memos recovered from the burned-out compound in Benghazi.”

    “The end-user certificate for the one Dolarian transfer, obtained by The Times, details an itemized list of Soviet developed weapons including 10 Konkrus missile launchers, 6,900 RPK, AKM, SPG-9 machine guns and 100 grenade launchers. It also included two Soviet SVD sniper rifles and nearly 8 million rounds of ammunition.”

    Let me see, Obama ships Fast & Furious assault weapons through Eric Holder’s BATF to Mexican criminals, resulting in deaths throughout Mexico, and apparently, real honest to God machineguns to Libya (and ROCKET Launchers too), yet Obama and his news media accuse the NRA of being responsible for the deaths of “The CHILDREN” in schools!

  5. I am constantly called a racist by my family as I will equate certain behavior to specific ethnicity. Such as the fact that red necks will do some fairly stupid things. Or that blacks will be violent and think opposite to a white man. Or that Asians can beat me on math. But, then I say, no, not 100% are like this, but 80% are. That means that 20% will act in a different manner. For instance, not all whites are perfect little angels, but 80% are. Not all blacks are criminals, but 80% are. As to liberals, they are different. They just can’t think appropriately. Given a problem, such as climate change, they will not understand the basic science of CO2 and will thus take the advice of a scientist, who may have a different agenda from telling the truth in order to get academic appointments or government grant money. Then when challenged with how to solve the problem, they can’t understand the concept of filters or other forms of energy, such as nuclear. They can only understand that the government must take care of the situation and that a tax and redistribution of wealth will cure all ills. Thus, they are nuts, 100%.

  6. I have noticed what the left (in its 21st century form) is cultural marxism.

    What you think is fair and equal treatment, is not what they are talking about.

    The funny thing is, the proscribed methods they have to ending such inequalities will only in up creating the opposite affect.

    It is an ideal that generates servere emotional imblances within the mind.

  7. SalsaChupacabra

    If all liberals are underachieving losers in life, how do we explain the overwhelmingly liberal tech sector full of well payed leftists; Or the fact that 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the U.S. vote solid blue? Please note, I’m no liberal except in the classical 18th century sense. I’m suggesting that there are all too many successful people who feel guilty about doing well in life and support political idiocy to sop their faltering consciences. How do we get these erstwhile intelligent and capable (though doubtless not overly manly) people to stop hating themselves and tearing down the institutions that made them successful like traditional morality and nuclear family structures?

    • successful liberals don’t get their money from a free market system……liberals are part of the crony capitalist system……in bed with the government…….supported by the government…… they make deals with the government by supporting the government through the back door and campaign funds………pay the dhimicrats enormous campaign contributions and you get favoritism through legislation giving you an edge over competitors……….

      in other words they “rig the system”……………………..

  8. liberals are the “hate America first crowd”……they will always hate America first and foremost…….

    liberals hate western civilization and all it’s manifestations and are actively seeking the destruction of this civilization……at any cost….wanton destruction is their goal……they errantly think that if they destroy this civilization they can rebuild it to their liking…..”a utopia”……..a pie in the sky that can never be reached or obtained…….the truth of the matter, liberalism leads to oppression……authoritarianism……and subjugation……….absolute big governmental control and to a totalitarian state destroying every vestige of freedom and individualism………..

    no group of American morons should be feared more…..liberals should be feared more than the Russians……more than Al qaeda……more than any other invasion force……the liberals and the liberalism ideology is the most dangerous ideology embraced by transformational dimwits that the country has faced in over a hundred years……….these are the truly dangerous………these are the kind that a new civil war should be fought over……..the liberals should be crushed…..stomped out…….pushed into the sea……….”eliminated”……………not tolerated, but eliminated…….every last one of them…………….

  9. ………………I know which one I consider the greatest threat to freedom……..

  10. AWD, not to worry, Jeb is done. You won’t have to worry about voting for another Bush. Although isn’t there a young hipster Bush lurking around?

  11. The fundamental differences between left-wing and right-wing ideologies center around the the rights of individuals vs. the power of the government.

    Liberals are the Left-wing idiots of America. They claim to love America, yet at the same time contradict themselves by bashing any actions taken by the government to protect our nation. They say they love freedom, but will be the first to deny any action that spreads freedom in the world. Their main philosophy is “protecting peoples’ rights” and they do this by bashing Christianity calling it “an infringement of people’s freedom”, although they will grant freedom to rapists, murderers, child molesters, etc, thus endangering people. With liberals in control, anarchy would occur. The ACLU (Anti-Christian Liberal Ulcers), will criticize a business for simply using the word Christmas or putting a nativity scene in the mall, but will allow Islamic groups to hold religious meetings in a public school.

    Liberals will support abortion, saying that “its the woman’s choice” without any regard to the baby that is killed. These idiots are trying to redefine the real definition of marriage (man and woman) into man and man, in an attempt to make being gay seem normal. Liberals will support welfare programs in response to unemployment, but in time this creates more unemployment as a lazy generation of welfare recipients is created.

    When asked to defend their policies, Liberals will jump around the issue, since they have nothing to back up their beliefs. These left-wing lunatics will put out terrorist-supporting propaganda such as “Fahrenheit 911” in attempt to defeat the fact that these ruthless terrorist factions exist. Sadly, the media brainwashes more and more Americans into the Liberal cause. These people cannot think for themselves and unfortunately the majority of young people are liberals. There is a saying and it goes: “If you’re not a Liberal by age 20 you have no heart, if you’re not a Conservative by age 40, you have NO BRAIN!” I guess I have no heart then, but at least I can make sensible decisions!

    There has to be a cure for the disease of leftist ideology. Or a way to avoid it all together. It hasn’t ended yet. I feel like there is hope for those of us that are immune to their hypocrisy. Who knows, maybe Trump can pull America back before it’s too late.

  12. Spurwing Plover

    Liberals beleive that guns make people evil they think that if all the guns are confiscated(Just like Hilary the Hag want to do)then everybody would live in peace and harmony becuase most liberals are still reliving their days from the Summer of Love still hooked on dope and LSD trips

  13. John Boehner looking to fu_k us in the ass one more time……and this time he ain’t using no grease……………this time he is going to make it hurt……………….he’s going to make sure he puts it to us one more time………….

    Boehner’s message to us is ……”fu_k you America”…….

  14. Libs try and stay on the offensive and Conservatives always play catch-up. That has to stop. Libs cannot really defend their beliefs nor their positions to a normal intelligent person and they know it. That is why they stay on the offensive and call names. Libs have so many errors and disgusting beliefs that we have a large number of things to attack if we would. Libs seem happy and confident because most are drugged and self-medicated. Do not think I am lying when I say this. Drugs are the only way they can live with themselves. Attack them on all of their hateful blemishes and beliefs and they will tremble and fall.

  15. Spurwing Plover

    Q. How many liberals dose it take to screw in a lightbulb? A. None they prefer to live in the dark

  16. The way I see it, liberals go by emotion and live in total denial, and they want to go against nature.

    I can’t stand egalitarianism. The old “if someone has more than you it’s not fair” whine. They probably don’t think it’s fair that white in general have more smarts than blacks…so they call the difference “white privilege” and try to dumb us down so as to level the playing field–that’s how I see it.

    It is not natural to be in a same-sex relationship/marriage.
    It is not natural for a mother to want to kill her child.
    It is not natural for animals to be on the same level as humans.
    It is not natural to want to be in a “diverse” society.

    See what I’m getting at?

  17. Obongo knows there are those who want to “pee” on his grave………

    if it were up to me…..I’d “piss” in his face while he was still around……I don’t want to wait for him to die……I’d just as soon do it now……………….

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