I once read where someone said that all stereotypes are true. While there are always exceptions, I agree. Stereotypes come from somewhere. So stereotypes about liberals are nearly always accurate. And they’re not pretty.

AWD has dealt with many liberals who make or have made comments on this website over the years. Generally, most liberal commenters are highly emotional about issues. Facts, data, and logic contrary to their beliefs be damned, liberals are right and nothing will convince them otherwise. Liberals are what James Carville calls “low-information voters.” One can exchange the word “information” with “intelligence.”

One sure tactic of liberals is name-calling. It’s nearly certain that one will be labeled a racist, homophobe, sexist, Islamophobe, etc in any discussion with a liberal. Again, once liberals ignore facts, logic and data, how else can they win an argument? But liberals have found that nearly every conservative will crumple in the face of being labeled a racist. And that is exactly why the race card is consistently dropped by liberals. Name-calling is the only effective weapon liberals possess.

Liberals do not have a moral compass rooted in right and wrong as do most conservatives. Since most liberals don’t have a belief in God, their deities are government and leftist ideology. Every issue that shows poorly for liberals is either overlooked, ignored, or altered as long as it fits the liberal agenda. Hillary Clinton’s testimony this week with Congress is a perfect example. Liberals really don’t care that four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi due to the malfeasance of former Secretary of State Clinton and her subsequent lies and coverups. They don’t care if she was complicit in shipping weapons to ISIS in Syria. Nor that she broke the law in using a personal server for classified information that was read by every enemy government with access to the internet. Liberals only care that she defies the Republicans and is able to continue her campaign for the Democrat nomination. Nothing to see here folks. We’ll just ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton attracts scandals like Whoopi Goldberg attracts ugly.

Conservatives generally hold all to the same standard. Personally, AWD detests the Bush family because how two of them have performed as Presidents. I will not vote for the third and hopefully last Bush. Why? Because the Bush family are big-government moderates who spent money like Democrats while adding to the size and expense of the federal government. They are part of the problem.

Liberals don’t hold their fellow libs to any standard. Hillary Clinton could break any law ever written on a daily basis and it wouldn’t matter a whit to liberals. Republicans and conservatives, however, are held to their standards by liberals. Liberals judiciously utilize communist Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals to further their agenda and hold conservatives to standards liberals themselves would never keep.

Liberals generally are drawn to socialism and big government because they are generally under-achievers. They hold to an ideology of jealousy. Since most liberals are not as successful as conservatives, they attack the wealthy. Producers are viewed as greedy. Liberals don’t see the irony of demanding wealth forcefully taken by government from producers as greed! Again, logic is lost on liberals. Or conveniently ignored.

Liberals also view the enemy of conservatives as their friends. Liberals constantly complain about the so-called Republican War On Women but applaud the importation of tens of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East. Islam’s War On Women is written into their theocracy! But conservatives view Islam as a threat so liberals heartily support it! Never mind the daily instances of genital mutilation, beheadings, rapes, sexual slavery, hangings, beatings, etc of women under Islam. Liberals are much more concerned about the mythical Republican War On Women.

In the movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko said of liberals, “they love animals, they hate people.” Liberals will mourn the death of a kitten but protest and campaign for the abortion slaughterhouse industry that murders millions of viable children yearly. All in the name of Women’s Health. At their root core, liberals love the environment, Mother Earth, animals, anything but humans. Unless the humans are the tiny percentage of trans-freaky sexual types. But, then again, conservatives generally support same-sex marriage and traditional gender roles. Sexually abnormal people are not usually conservative. Enemies of their enemy.

Liberals view America as a problem for the world. Conservatives are patriotic and view America as the main force of global good. Liberals hate America because it grew strong and wealthy under Judeo/Christian values. Ergo, since liberals hate religion and Christianity, America is evil. As is the state of Israel.

Take any issue supported by conservatives and liberals will support the opposite. Even issues common national security. Take any issue from oil drilling to guns to environment to national defense to welfare to illegal immigration, liberals will be on the wrong end of the argument. And they will not be able to defend their positions if they even understand them. But they will portray their ignorance loudly!

America is in dire straights because the disease of leftist ideology has permeated far too many. This will not end well.


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