Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, we’ve seen the lunacy of the left concerning their hatred of guns and the NRA come out in various ways. Many call for violence on members of the NRA. On May 5, AWD posted a link to an NRA-hating editorial from a pitiful blog masquerading as a newspaper from Colorado called WANT TO SEE THE DISEASED MIND OF THE LIBERAL? READ THIS! The editorial shows just how far liberals have their head up their collective asses when it comes to common sense and constitutional rights.

AWD has long stated that liberals depend on stupid. If not for stupidity, liberals would be conservatives. But liberals do not tend to be bright. Liberals run strong on emotion, weak on facts or logic and are quick to call for violence against those who disagree with them. Why? AWD has also stated that at their root core, liberals are nothing more than common thugs.

We are witnessing now how the IRS was used to persecute and terrorize law-abiding citizens merely because they no not share the socialist ideology of the current administration. We see how the Attorney General of the United States tapped email and phone lines of members of the press and later committed perjury attempting to cover it up. The EPA has also been used to intimidate and restrict political enemies of Obama and his administration. Is there any doubt where this is all heading? Tyranny is upon us.

Here’s another difference between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives believe in freedom while liberals demand total control. If conservatives don’t like guns, they don’t own them but allow others their 2nd Amendment rights. If Democrats don’t like guns, they want to take yours away while they keep theirs. Gabrielle Giffords and her hypocritical husband Mark Kelly are perfect examples.

Today, a not-so-bright Marshall University journalism professor (moron alert!) posted an anti-NRA rant in The Charleston Gazette. His editorial proves AWD’s oft-made point that political opponents under the control of liberals always end up on the wrong end of the gun. This guy, Professor Christopher Swindell, wants to turn the US military with tanks and fighter jets against members of the NRA. It’s simply amazing how often liberals want to kill law-abiding American citizens for simply exercising their constitutional rights to own firearms. This is not one isolated, moronic college teacher. We hear this same talk of control and violence time and time again from liberals. This is how these people think! Their words show quite literally the need for the Second Amendment.

Here’s a sample of Mr Swindell’s editorial:

“The NRA advocates armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States of America. That’s treason, and it’s worthy of the firing squad.”

I must have missed that part about armed rebellion when I signed up with the NRA! AWD challenges Mr Swindell to provide one piece of evidence the NRA advocates armed rebellion of the duly elected government! I must have missed all that armed rebellion stuff from the NRA when I signed up! And Swindell also reminds all us gun nuts who believe in the potential tyranny of the US government that we must be crushed by the military to settle us down!

Here’s the link to Mr. Swindell’s brilliance. Warning! He uses the usual libtarded talking points using terms like “rich, old white man” (like that’s a bad thing), gives false information about the US Civil War straight off of MSNBC, and refers to Sarah Palin as a “half wit half term quitter” while criticizing her being allowed to speak at the NRA Convention. So predictable. So boring, too, if not for all the liberal lunacy and factual inaccuracies in the article.

Marshall University must be really hurting for journalism professors! I guess MSNBC recruits heavily for its on-air ‘talent’ there. This Swindell tool actually posted his editorial with mispellings! He certainly doesn’t do much to dispel the backwoods, negative stereotypes of West Virginia!

Please do yourself a favor and read the comments. They’re priceless. AWD would take apart this guy’s liberal pretzel logic but those making comments following his article beat me to it. They pound him into a big, fat puddle of Marxist goo. I think I even saw one of our AWD dudes verbally smacking Swindell around. It’s amazing to me how a professor of journalism like Swindell publishes an editorial he can’t begin to defend. Welcome to the wacky world of liberal, thug rants!

Here’s Swindell’s video titled “Why We’re Not Getting Along.” Probably because leftist thugs want to murder law-abiding citizens who belong to the NRA. This guy’s got the plan for everything to work perfectly! Perfectly for stupid leftists, that is. But, like Mike Tyson says, “everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”


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