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If you’ve seen the Geico Insurance “Bro” commercial, you’ve probably thrown up in your mouth also. It’s just plain creepy and makes AWD say “No Go Bro” to Geico.

AWD just doesn’t like looking at dudes lifting weights. Hell, I don’t like looking at dudes doing anything! There’s a word for men who do. Well, actually there are quite a few words to describe men who like looking at other men. One is “liberal.”

If you haven’t just eaten, here’s the commercial:

[yt id=”1AFZQOfj7nw”]

OK, so the big creepy guy gets more muscle as he and the leering little creepy guy exchange “bro” words. I really don’t get the “bro” thing. Is this what creepy guys who lift weights say to each other? Is there a bro-culture I’m not aware of? Like the gay-looking lumberjack beard thing?

Since most commercials are written in New York and San Francisco, I think we all can imagine where this is all going. We’ll have to ask RedStater since he lives behind enemy lines in Nueva Jork. Hell, he might work out with those creepy bro cats!

AWD and his friends don’t call each other “bro.” We greet each other warmly with:

“Hey there, homo.”
“Getting any?”
“Pressure’s off, I’m back.”
“Don’t any of you have homes?”
“You still alive? Dayum!”
“I never liked you.”

Of course, AWD doesn’t spend a lot of time in weight rooms befriending men who don’t wear shirts. Actually, I don’t spend a lot of time in weight rooms either. Weights are too heavy and I prefer yoga. Well, not really but the views are a whole hell of a lot better. OK, I went to one yoga class. Once! Crucify me, bro!


You can plainly see yoga is much better than weight lifting. At least from the back of the class. But only if the class is full of fillies.

I never thought I’d long to waste my time watching that little Englishter Geico green lizard bastid on commercials until I saw these two creeps who look like they’re about to welcome a new inmate on Cell Block D.

What’s the over/under that we see Obama in a Geico commercial after he leaves office? Maybe ‘Bro’-bama’s circus maximus with the Aryan Brotherhood in San Quentin? I don’t even want to think about it.

I hate Geico.




  1. Spurwing Plover

    Oh man i hates little green lizards i cant stands geico

  2. QuartierLeBlanc

    I mentioned in my latest post how White men are portrayed in TV commercials. The one that really galls me are the two nitwits in the Jack in Box commercial or any one of them involving a Black professional athlete.

  3. I like Geico coverage and it’s cost, coverage, but hate this commercial.
    Also, I am awaiting patiently for that “gecko lizard” to be squashed by an 18 wheeler.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    When i dont like their commercials i don’t buy their products

  5. Commercials on television are all getting obtrusive and stupid. It seems that these companies are trying to get any attention,….good are bad….as long as it is attention. Well….If a commercial angers me I don’t by the product….ever.

  6. I use Auto Owners ins. Owned by policy holders

    They been great Check it out

  7. I have Progressive myself, changed over from Esurance. Man, that Esurance wanted to charge me close to $60 a month (a couple years ago I’d been paying $40 a month to those guys) and they charge you a $4 service fee per month for paying monthly.

    Progressive…paying about $40 a month, SAME coverage, $1 a month service fee.

    The nice part was, due to the timing when canceling Esurance, I had no payments for two months on any insurance, I was still covered…and I had enough money for my son’s birthday.

  8. The overtones of unconcealed homoeroticism in that commercial are beyond creepy…they are downright disturbing, and not in a good way.

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Remember back when Campbells soup was making their MAN HANDLERS soups? and they were not showing some little wussietard riding his stupid bicycle and singing some dumb liberal song and back in 1963 FIRESTONE commercial showing one KEEPING THE PEACE and showing a large missle being transported not a bunch of hippie freaks in a VW bus painted with flowers and chicken footprint peace logos

  10. Chill out, broheim, it’s funny.

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