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The Lying Liars In Charge



I will say one positive thing the Obama administration is finally doing. Working. For the last three and one half years the Lying Liars in Charge (LLC) have been going through the motions. Unfortunately for them, their labor is that of destroying our country. Could the last six months of this President’s work be disabling the chance of an election? This is what it may come to. Obama has lied to the American people when he was a Senator. He lied even before he was elected. Through his entire presidency, he has lied. Rather than bring America together, as promised, Obama has divided the country like no other public official in history.

Mr. Obama, everything you ran on for election in 2008 has not been demonstrated once. Transparency, building race relations, not raising taxes, no class warfare, creating jobs, cutting spending, have been proven to be lies. A country cannot survive or exist if their leaders lack integrity. Obama has failed Americans. Let’s talk about how he just stripped the integrity of our military.

Supreme Court: Lying about military medals is protected by Constitution

The Supreme Court, in another atrocious decision announced this week, allows Lying Liars Not In Charge to say they are military heroes when, in fact, they are pathetic impostors. My fellow veterans who have earned every award from the most junior Letter of Appreciation and rank of PFC to the highest decoration in the land, the Medal of Honor, now find that those honors mean nothing. Period. The Medal of Honor award, in contrast to what to the LLC has earned, has shaped history. It’s called nobility. Awards junior to the MOH, have shaped history, textbooks, and even the language we speak today. The future leaders of tomorrow are now insignificant in the eyes of the LLC.

This scares me even more because the judges who rule the courts are appointed officials. We cannot vote them out in November like we will the other LLCss ass. The Supreme Court justices have done damage that has never been done in our history. We are upset about it and will surely be called racists. Holder, help me out here, investigate this. Oh wait, you are a part of it and that now makes EVERY executive branch corrupt. The LLC. The Congress, Executive and Judicial brances. The Axis of LLC’s!

I have not earned anything close to a Medal of Honor while serving but I witnessed other brave men who I thought deserved one. I had the privileged of working close with a fellow Marine who earned the Navy Cross and several others who earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart. I cannot think of more courageous, solid Americans. My few combat awards are really my only prize possessions but my pride and memories carry much more than any award because of what they mean. In addition, something called a DD-214, this is my one thing that may allow me to get hired for a job. This Supreme Court ruling striking down the Stolen Valor law will allow this paper to be forged and anything involving a disability rating for me or others is compromised.

These last few days, what Americans have witnessed has been an outright attack on our nation and its freedoms. The last attack of this magnitude was 9/11. However, this form of aggression has been in the shape of dishonesty, creating a means to an end, stripping our Veterans and Military of their worth, adding more weight to the spine of the middle class, releasing classified information on our allies and military forces, and target lists. Just what one would expect from a LLC, communist, community organizer from Chicago. I wonder what awaits us the next six months? Like Han Solo said, “I have a bad feeling about this.”



  1. Ecellent, just excellent AI#1, you said it all for me. I saw red too about what SCOTUS did regarding ‘Stolen Valor’ decision…Thursday was a despicable day as far as I’m concerned.

    Your last thoughts say what I’ve been saying, along with others….we are scared when it comes to what the O-Team will do next to ‘We the People’ in the next 6 or more months before we have them evicted from our lives and they are forced to return to Thugland.

    • I can’t add anything to what you said to make your comment any more concise, so I’ll just say “Dittos, Big… and American Infidel #1.”

      • Excellent post. In fact it inspired me to wonder if we could in fact lie about paying our obama tax. Bravo AWD keep fighting.

    • American Infidel #1

      The anaology of Han Solo represents our troops and this SCOTUS decision. As childish as it may seem, his story was one of a soldier/pilot, who after serving for the “Empire” was left betrayed. Stripped of all his personal belongings from the Republic he served, betrayed. He went on to become that scoundrel, joined a rebellion and the rest, well is history. Our government is very naive in the manner in which they treat our Veterans. They assume our troops today are the drafted, uneducated, disfunctional, obedient Americans that will do as they are told. They are wrong. If this election turns out ugly, our troops, Veterans, and American Patriots will take law into their own hands if betrayed further. We are in the twilight of a second Revolution.

      • Speaking of which..what disgusts me the most is when our military votes aren’t counted….they should be counted first and foremost, then count the rest of he votes thereafter…just some thoughts I’m throwing in real fast.

  2. Death to Libtards

    I agree. If it’s against the law to impersonate a police officer, why should it not be illegal to claim medals never earned. That also goes for all the fake SEALS, Green Berets, and other elite military personnel. The upside is these phonies usually run their mouths in the wrong bar and get a much deserved butt whooping. I especially enjoyed the episode when real SEAL Chris Kyle punched out delusional liar Jesse “the (not yet dead) body” Ventura.

  3. Paul Bonnichsen

    Hey Al,

    Great article… wanted to e-mail to friends but for some unknown reason it will not e-mail. Never had trouble e-mailing to friends before on this site… anybody else having trouble??? Maybe SS is protecting this administration.

  4. Death to Libtards

    Completely off topic, but guess where revrum Al and revrum Jesse are today. Hint, a certain POS who couldn’t swim is being “funeralized” today (their made up word, not mine).


    PS: The family is requesting donations to help defray expenses to cover up the turd, er I mean funeralize the civil rights pioneer.

    • Paul Bonnichsen


      By now, you know I’m not a PC type of guy. I’m disgusted with the videos I see where blacks attack whites, or where the young white kid here in Kansas City was set on fire by blacks and no hate crimes are ever filed… but if the shoe was on the other foot, hate crimes would be filed immediately.

      With that said, I recently saw a video on TMZ where Rodney King was interviewed about his past… his age apparently brought some wisdom and I for one am glad he found some peace in his life.

      • I’ve seen a couple of those too Paul regarding Rodney King…I feel the same as you summed it up in your last lines. ~

        • Death to Libtards

          I respect both of your opinions and I too saw those interviews. I just interpreted them to be the MSM trying to rehabilitate his image. This is in the context of him trying to sell a book, and the race pimps and gangbangers taking a victory lap on the twentieth anniversary of the riots. Rodney rose to fame by getting drunk and high and driving at 110 miles per hour. He died drunk and high at the bottom of a swimming pool funded by the taxpayers of Los Angeles. If he had pulled over and surrendered not a hair on his head would have been harmed. In fact that is what his two passengers did and they were not harmed. The video tape of the arrest was heavily edited. Twenty seconds of the officers beating King was shown repeatedly. Twenty minutes of him repeatedly jumping up and charging at the officers was left on the cutting room floor. Two of the officers were sent to prison as a human sacrifice to the race pimps and mob, much like George Zimmerman. We’ll respectfully agree to disagree about the worth of Rodney King.

  5. Swamp Muisic

    I heard this in the mix this week. I may be somewhat outside the norm here with some of my comments, but the one thing I will never waiver from is my gratitude and awe at the Veterans who serve and have served in the past. I can never know what it feels like on the field of battle because I have never been there.

    The honors earned by those who have been in harms way are to me a sacred honor, not to be stolen by imposters with a twisted agenda. I have my fathers medals that he earned in combat in World War Two. They are displayed with the Flag that was presented to my mother at his funeral with full military honors. When she passed they were intrusted to me.

    I’m no Constitutional scholar, but I am going to go through my copy of the Founding Documents and see if I can find out what it says. As we’ve seen with Justice Roberts, this document can be twisted and turned around to fit what they want it to say.

    I always enjoy your posts AI#1, just wish you would post more often.

    For your service I am eternally grateful.

    Swamp Music

  6. AA#1…

    The bulk of our society are liars, and have been all of their lives. Truth, honor, respect, and love are now despised and looked on as evil in the minds of our liar heavy nation and world. Even today, knowing what I now know, I have to fight the urge to tell lies. Man has been enslaved by the first liar in Eden up to today’s POTUS, who is likened to “lightning fall from heaven”.

    It is time to make peace with the one who loves us.

  7. Give ’em well-deserved hell, AWD. Your blog is very important to me in these uncertain times, by helping me stay connected with my fellow Americans who think as I do. It’s very reassuring to realize that I’m not alone, but am part of a community that is highly alarmed about the state of America. Keep up the great work.

  8. Enoch Powell

    Speaking of liars, it’s hard to beat the Democrats. Like all would-be tyrants, they must lie in order to implement their evil (I don’t use the word lightly) agenda. Lenin, Mao, Hitler all lied like Clintons and Obamas to gain power.

    The problem is that we have no real alternative.

    During the nomination process, Romney made all kinds of semi-tough promises to get tough on immigration.

    Now that he’s been nominated, he’s busy dropping trou for the lively, vibrant diverses.

    This week Romney declared that the Republicans will do a “better job reaching out” to Hispanics. He lied to us during the primaries. Now he’s lying again. What he means is that the Republicans will do a “better job” surrendering to hostile, third-world savages that are destroying the U.S. Romney is a monumental liar. It’s as if he thinks we’re not even paying attention.

    Because Romney is so obviously a liar, I am not reassured when he promises to repeal that leftist money and power grab ObamaCare. I am certain that he will do nothing to roll back the malignant leftist bureaucratic tyranny that has destroyed our economy, our schools, our military, the white middle class, the Constitution and everything else that made the U.S. a success.

    But really, I don’t think Obama will allow himself to be removed from office. In full view of everyone he has committed a leftist coup d’etat already.

    • Paul Bonnichsen


      Romney will do better than McShame, but once again we may be forced to hold our nose when voting in November. As far as Obama not allowing himself to be removed from office… no way… I’m sixty-one and the Army taught me well… I can still fire a gun without any problem… enough said before I get in trouble again.

  9. @EnochPowell: Wise words and well said, however thoroughly depressing they are.

  10. The game is over. The Great American experiment is over. Roberts wiped Americas A$$ with the Constitution. Makes no difference who is in the whitehouse, who controls congress or who is select justice czar for the supreme court. The results in the last 25 years have been the same: Bigger GIvernment, More Debt, More Taxes and less freedom.

    This week will mark Justice Roberts as the Pontious Pilot of the crucification of the American Consitution.

  11. The Savage Nation – June 28 2012 FULL SHOW (Obamacare passed the Supreme Court)


  12. Actually, President O’Muslim ran on virtually nothing during is ’08 campaign (unless you consider “Yes We Can! or “Hope and Change” or “I’m going to transform America!” as agendas). He was an unknown junior senator whose only verifiable occupation was as community organizer for blacks. Beyond that, he had no legitimate records whatsoever . . . and still doesn’t.
    Having paid lawyers to make all of his paper trail disappear makes him the perfect president for the radical left wing (moon bats and moochers).

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56RUclV0A6U&feature=related

    I sense an evil in the land and it is unmistakable


    I see a dark sail on the horizon set under a black
    cloud that hides the sun.

    Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding.
    Bring me my cross of gold as a talisman.
    Get up to the roundhouse on the cliff-top standing.
    Take women and children and bed them down.

    Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding.
    Bring me my cross of gold as a talisman.
    Bless with a hard heart those who surround me.
    Bless the women and children who firm our hands.
    Put our backs to the north wind. Hold fast by the river.
    Sweet memories to drive us on for the motherland.

  14. AmInfidel that was a “Sierra Hotel” post. I agree with you 110%. It also puts me in a “Starship Troopers”/Heinlein MOOD. SERVICE=CITIZENSHIP.
    Some Proverbs for a sat night; “When the righteous thrive,the people rejoice,when the wicked rule,the people groan.”
    “Like a roaring lion or a charging bear is a wicked man ruling over a helpless people.”
    “By justice a king gives a country stability,but one who is greedy for bribes tears it down.”
    “Wicked men are overthrown and are no more,but the house of the righteous stands firm.”

  15. angrywhitejarhead

    I challenge any one of these fake “heroes” to a duel. Like in the old days. It’s about honor, integrity and sacrifice. But no…these liberal peices of fecal matter wouldn’t take me up on that. Cowards do what they do…oh, and the freedom sponges they represent. People who abuse our country and give nothing back…no sacrifice, no honor, no integrity. That should be the motto of the liberal movement.

  16. Well the Nobel Peace Prize was given out willy nilly to a President who fought wars without congressional approval. How can they let earned military honors stand? They are trying to present a consistent lie to REPLACE TRUTH! Just works better with their narrative.

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