The Lying Liars In Charge



I will say one positive thing the Obama administration is finally doing. Working. For the last three and one half years the Lying Liars in Charge (LLC) have been going through the motions. Unfortunately for them, their labor is that of destroying our country. Could the last six months of this President’s work be disabling the chance of an election? This is what it may come to. Obama has lied to the American people when he was a Senator. He lied even before he was elected. Through his entire presidency, he has lied. Rather than bring America together, as promised, Obama has divided the country like no other public official in history.

Mr. Obama, everything you ran on for election in 2008 has not been demonstrated once. Transparency, building race relations, not raising taxes, no class warfare, creating jobs, cutting spending, have been proven to be lies. A country cannot survive or exist if their leaders lack integrity. Obama has failed Americans. Let’s talk about how he just stripped the integrity of our military.

Supreme Court: Lying about military medals is protected by Constitution

The Supreme Court, in another atrocious decision announced this week, allows Lying Liars Not In Charge to say they are military heroes when, in fact, they are pathetic impostors. My fellow veterans who have earned every award from the most junior Letter of Appreciation and rank of PFC to the highest decoration in the land, the Medal of Honor, now find that those honors mean nothing. Period. The Medal of Honor award, in contrast to what to the LLC has earned, has shaped history. It’s called nobility. Awards junior to the MOH, have shaped history, textbooks, and even the language we speak today. The future leaders of tomorrow are now insignificant in the eyes of the LLC.

This scares me even more because the judges who rule the courts are appointed officials. We cannot vote them out in November like we will the other LLCss ass. The Supreme Court justices have done damage that has never been done in our history. We are upset about it and will surely be called racists. Holder, help me out here, investigate this. Oh wait, you are a part of it and that now makes EVERY executive branch corrupt. The LLC. The Congress, Executive and Judicial brances. The Axis of LLC’s!

I have not earned anything close to a Medal of Honor while serving but I witnessed other brave men who I thought deserved one. I had the privileged of working close with a fellow Marine who earned the Navy Cross and several others who earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart. I cannot think of more courageous, solid Americans. My few combat awards are really my only prize possessions but my pride and memories carry much more than any award because of what they mean. In addition, something called a DD-214, this is my one thing that may allow me to get hired for a job. This Supreme Court ruling striking down the Stolen Valor law will allow this paper to be forged and anything involving a disability rating for me or others is compromised.

These last few days, what Americans have witnessed has been an outright attack on our nation and its freedoms. The last attack of this magnitude was 9/11. However, this form of aggression has been in the shape of dishonesty, creating a means to an end, stripping our Veterans and Military of their worth, adding more weight to the spine of the middle class, releasing classified information on our allies and military forces, and target lists. Just what one would expect from a LLC, communist, community organizer from Chicago. I wonder what awaits us the next six months? Like Han Solo said, “I have a bad feeling about this.”


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