Friends…it’s been beneath contempt the way the so-called media of all venues have refused to report the truth about Dear Leader year after year…the majority of them with the exception of less than a handful haven’t done any investigation whatsoever when it comes to their ‘Boy-Wonder’…and they wonder why they’re despised, heck…meththinks they don’t care about anything one way or the other except for their own leftist agenda they want accomplished decade after decade….’WE the PEOPLE‘ must put a stop to this election after election…or our country is destroyed by these enemies within.

The Blaze has been doing yeoman’s work the last week with some of their reporting, I’ve had some saved to share with you all when I could get the time to post it here, so I am this evening. Many of us have known about some, most or all of this…but many don’t, and for those of you who don’t…I hope it opens your eyes and you take off those rose-colored glasses once and for all!

First up we have this may want to click the link to get highlighetd links in this story for more information, it’s well worth your time. via TB:

Earlier this week, we told you about “2016: Obama’s America,” a documentary that is highly critical of President Barack Obama. On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter secured a clip from the film, showcasing an intriguing interview between King’s College president and writer Dinesh D’Souza (also the narrator of the film) and George Obama, the president’s half-brother.

The Blaze has secured a second clip from the film. Rather than focusing upon Obama’s relationship with his brother, this exclusive footage delves into the president’s kinship with avowed communist Frank Marshall Davis.

If you’re unfamiliar with this controversial figure, consider Dr. Paul G. Kengor, author of the upcoming Mercury Ink book about Davis called “The Communist,” and his recent Blaze contributor piece in which he further explains who he is. Kengor writes:

I know this area intimately well, given that my next book is on Obama’s mentor during those precise years: Frank Marshall Davis. I will not here lay out the litany of Davis’s astonishing career, but, in essence, he was a literal card-carrying member of Communist Party USA. For decades, he wrote the most harsh, outlandish pro-Soviet material you can imagine, with his worst demons being Democrats like Harry Truman and the men in Truman’s administration—George Marshall among them—who opposed Stalin and the Kremlin during the darkest days of the Cold War.

As I lay out in the book, Davis’s work was so bad that he was called to testify on his “Soviet activities” by the Senate Judiciary Committee (run by Democrats), was carefully investigated by the FBI (Davis’s FBI file is 600 pages long), and, most remarkably, was placed on the federal government’s Security Index—meaning that in the event of war breaking out between the United States and USSR, Davis could be immediately arrested.

And yet, this was the man that Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham, connected to a young Obama for the purpose of mentoring—precisely during these high school years.

Frank Marshall Davis is another of those radical associations in Obama’s past. There are so many, and so unusually bad, that Obama, if he were a typical citizen, probably wouldn’t get a security clearance for an entry-level government job.

In the clip, D’Souza takes viewers through the intriguing — some would argue disturbing — relationship between Obama and Davis. In the footage, D’Souza speaks, in detail, with Kengor about this connection and attempts to break it down for viewers.

Watch it, below:

Dudes and Dudettes…I don’t have enough room to put this second report here, so what I do put will have to do, just click on the link I insert below and you can read it all.

This is also via TB:

The Communist’ Part I: Obama’s Mentor Frank Marshall Davis Exposed

Imagine an American man so devout in his Communist beliefs, that during the Cold War the FBI placed him on its security index – meaning that if an armed conflict were to have erupted between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, Federal authorities would have looked to him as a prime suspect for treason.

Now imagine that man mentored the leader of the free world.

On July 17th, Mercury Ink and author Paul Kengor, PhD, will introduce the world to the real Frank Marshall Davis – the card-carrying member of the Communist Party U.S.A, and who all accounts indicate was Barack Obama’s closest role model and mentor. Devoid of outrageous conspiracy theories or sensational claims, Kengor painstakingly documents the historical facts of this dynamic, at times even sympathetic character, who walked the path from Republican roots clear through to the radical fringe of unfettered Marxism.

Read the rest of the story in the links above…here’s a great video.

Now…for the cherry on top after all of this, check out what happened with Dear Leader’s puppet on his string on the July 12th…see if this frosts your flakes. ~

This is via Washington Examiner:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney derided a reporter today for asking whether President Obama would release his college records in the campaign, to serve as an example of transparency.

“This is the Donald Trump question,” said Carney referring the reporter to the Obama campaign.

“This is preposterous,” Carney continued. “This is from the guy who insisted that the president wasn’t born in the United States.”

Carney reiterated that Obama was an “open book” and had an “extremely sound” record of transparency.

Defeat the leftists we must come November…and each election afterwards. If these reports don’t scare you…nothing will! Nip it in bud we must…as the left loves to say: Vote Early – Vote Often!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


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