The Meltdown Games


Yep, let the games begin. I have to say that I’m thoroughly entertained by the numerous meltdowns on the left. It’s almost as if the lunatic libs are trying to outdo each other in the idiot department. There are just so many, that you can’t document them all.

The winner of stuck on stupid has to be the unnamed guy who set himself on fire in front of the Trump Hotel in DC protesting the election of our new POTUS. Unlike the Buddhist monks in SE Asia who knew how to do it right he survived with reportedly only 2nd degree burns. Here’s a guy who could have gone to the top of the Darwin Award list and blows it big time. I will give him a huge hint. On your next attempt use a lot more gasoline and avoid lighter fluid. You don’t want to look like an amateur.

The runner up is the kid who identified himself as “Carter” on Fox News. When queried about why he was protesting and setting fires he said, “Because I felt like it and because I’m just saying, uh, screw our president.” QLB’s dearly departed Cajun grandmother could have fixed “Carter” inside an afternoon, though with todays norms she might have had to do 3 to 5 in Angola. Nevertheless this juvenile delinquent, who couldn’t have been more than 15, would have had himself completely and utterly rehabilitated. But of course these people are really nothing more than useful idiots, soon to be forgotten and not even deserving of a footnote in the history books. It’s the celebrity and MSM meltdowns that are truly epic.

There’s nothing like a “has been” celebrity meltdown as demonstrated by a foul tirade from Ashley Judd reading a poem about “nasty women.” Yep Ashley, you are nasty, and you are 47, no longer hot and not even relevant. Just keep in mind that in a few years some of those sought after “grandmother” roles will be available for you.

Not to be upstaged was Madonna’s expletive ridden rant at the “hairy legged women” march. Lets face it, Madonna is not only the poster girl for has been, but would also be a great face for the next preventing STD’s campaign.

But even some of the A-listers are getting in the game. Wierdo actor Shia LaBeouf is protesting by running a “live stream” for the next four years. Considering that this guy is bat shit crazy I’m just wondering how this works. His mantra is “he (Trump) will not divide us.” Hey Shia, it’s your side that is doing the dividing. So pull your head out of your ass, get a shave and take a bath. You’re just another liberal moron on my no see list.

It was the MSM who provided some of the best examples of imbecilic ramblings since the Three Stooges or a Joe Biden speech.

The idiotic Matt Lauer, stated that he was fearful that “unruly” Trump supporters might get out of hand and attack if they saw Hillary Clinton on the inauguration podium. Really Matt? When was the last time you saw conservatives cause a riot? What do you expect from a guy who admitted he cried during the ceremony for former VP Biden when he was awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom recently?

Then there was the alcoholic Chris Matthews who was concerned that President Trump had access to nuclear weapons. Not to worry Chris, after Obama we’re not sure if they even work anymore. Just try not to pound down a half dozen Jameson’s on the rocks before you go on air.

Rachal Maddow was so glum, that if you listened to her synopsis of the inaugural address, you’d think that a killer asteroid was going to hit the planet. For your side, that might be true Rachal. BTW how is that “reinventing your show” plan going for you, especially after Tucker cleaned your clock in the ratings?

There’s just so much, it would take a book and a weeklong TV special to document most of them. Plus they’re still coming fast and furious. If you ever needed examples of why liberalism is a mental illness and a path to societal suicide, here they are in spades.



PS: Just a word of warning to you celebrity types. Realize what you are and that is entertainment and like all forms of entertainment I can turn you off. There are plenty of quality films, and programs made before 1965 that would take years to watch. I don’t have to watch yours. If you are a mouthy musician then I’d really worry about your work being pirated. So before you people start spouting off, check your wallet first and your mouth at the door.



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