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The Outrage Starts Here


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Six trillion in new National Debt.  Where is the outrage?

Obamacare — This is a massive and incredibly intrusive bill which exponentially increases the federal government’s control over our personal lives. Neither Obama nor a single Democrat even read the full bill before passing, and it will likely bankrupt our nation. Obama then handed out over 1,200 waivers to those politically connected to him.Where is the outrage?

Billions of taxpayer dollars gambled and lost on green companies. Where is the outrage?

Intentional refusal to enforce federal immigration laws.  Where is the outrage?

Skyrocketing unemployment.  Where is the outrage?

Operation Fast & Furious, a government-sponsored illegal gun-running scheme designed to purposely go awry so as to induce public outcry for gun control. Where is the outrage?

Obama greatly increased the size of government through unaccountable Czars.  Where is the outrage?

Obama handed out $800 billion in stimulus cash for ‘shovel ready’ jobs that didn’t exist.  Where is the outrage?

Americas credit rating downgraded under Obama’s watch due to his poor economic policies.  Where is the outrage?

The intentional bankrupting and regulating of America’s coal industry will cause the cost of electricity to skyrocket. Where is the outrage?

Used the IRS to target and harass conservative Americans.  Where is the outrage?

Benghazi.  Where is the outrage? 

Drone strikes against Americans, increased debt limit, ignoring voter intimidation tactics, Arab Spring, GM bailout, Where is the outrage? 

“Where is the outrage” is a question I have seen over and over again during the Obama administration.  Let’s start the outrage here and now. 

God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

Where is the outrage?  I’ve seen this statement written over and over the past few years. Someone sees a post on Facebook or on a blog or a news article and replies with, Where is the outrage?   We continue to see our Constitution being violated and ignored and assume that if we ignore it all will be ok. We just assume that someone will show up and make everything right, we assume everything will be ok.  If we keep assuming it may be too late.  The one to do something about it is you and me.  

It’s time to stop assuming, it’s time to stop asking, “Where is the outrage?”, and start doing something about it.  The outrage starts here!!!



  1. Where’s the outrage? RIGHT HERE IN MY HEART!!!! I’ve had it and I feel that no one give a rats ass. Everyone I know thinks that I let news consume my daily life as they go about uninformed and uncaring to oblivious. God help the republic. If an R was in the WH there would be at least ten special prosecutors working 24/7 on 10 phony scandals as I type. Lock and Load time is approaching faster we think.

    • I feel the same way!!!!! Time to ACT.Take back our country. LOCK&LOAD.

      • and don’t forget Big Brother is watching us.

        • Chesty Puller

          LOL a visit to this site or any site where the prevailing attitude is less than admiration for the federal government will more than likely get you on a domestic terrorist watch list no matter what we say…

          • Which is why everyone should visit sites like this; they don’t have the resources to deal with 100k, let alone 10 million.

  2. angrylittlesouthernwoman

    I agree. I feel so helpless.. it’s like we can see an impending car accident.. we can wave our arms, shout to get attention and we can do nothing to avoid the inevitable. I just don’t get it.. I’m 63 and have seen a lot. My parents are in their late 80’s and cannot put into words the disappointment and yes, grief they feel watching this country self-destruct. Like a snowball rolling down a slope, the problems are only getting larger and larger and I fear are out of control. Trust in God and Smith and Wesson.

    • A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.

      Thomas Jefferson

  3. There cannot be any change in a Demoncratic Presidency and a Demoncratic Senate!!!! That’s right,,not democratic,,,,BUT DEMONCRATIC!!!!! Remember this description of a demoncrat!!

    One must vote out these demoncratic bastards IF you want to have a USA like it used to be.
    Once the Conservatives get elected,and all these demoncratic communists thrown out of office, the welfare bleeding and National Debt will be back in control of politicians that want the USA to concur and follow our existing Constitution to the letter!!!
    Lets get politicians into office that are NOT DEMONCRATIC!!

  4. Spurwing Plover

    The outrage that a elected pig Obama sneers his big fat snout at the U.S. CONSTITUTION ignores the law and is a TRAITOR

    • Family Tradition

      Whoops, I linked you to the comment section. Here is the story.


      • Mr. Rational

        Those weren’t “warning shots”.  She left the scene with her ex, got a gun, CAME BACK (instead of leaving), and then fired two shots not aimed at any particular person.  Here is what the judge said:

        A judge ruled that Alexander was actually in the wrong, saying that she could have exited to safety through one of the other doors or windows in the house instead of crossing paths with her husband in the kitchen.

        In other words, it was pure TNB, unencumbered by the thought process.

        It’s also emblematic of the “solution” we’re being force-fed by liberals:  with the masses-who-cannot-think-or-control-themselves “liberated”, White people are being treated as children too.

  5. And John Boehner twiittles his thumbs while McCain goes nuts…

  6. Seal Team 6 was sent to their deaths in Afghanistan in an outdated helicopter (See Extortion 17)

    The Presidential dog “Bo”, was sent to Martha’s Vinyard in a state of the art Osprey helicopter.

    Michael Savage – The Savage Nation – Full Show – August 12, 2013


  7. Where is the outrage?

    Extortion 17: Navy SEAL’s Dad Hammers Regime: “THEY SET UP MY SON TO BE EXECUTED” (Audio)
    July, 30, 2013 — nicedeb

    On July 24, radio talk-host Michael Savage interviewed Charles Strange, the father of Michael Strange, one of the 22 SEAL Team Six members who died in that Chinook helicopter crash in August of 2011. This was a momentous, blockbuster interview that seems to have gone unnoticed by most of the internet.

    After listening to this interview, I’ve concluded Benghazi isn’t the biggest Regime scandal. EXTORTION 17 is.

    Among the claims made by Mr. Strange:

    – His son and his fellow SEALS knew “something was going on with the team”, and “somebody’s leaking things out”….(besides Former CIA Director Leon Panetta and Vice President Joe Biden?) They knew “something was going on” and were putting their affairs in order.

    – According to Mr. Strange, Michael along with 8 other SEALS made it out of the Chinook and were fighting on the ground.

    – Mr. Strange stated that he was “100% sure” that the Regime had executed his son and the others on purpose.

    – Mr. Strange was told “Michael knew what only 4 people in the world knew.”

    – The chopper’s black box was never recovered because it was supposedly “washed away in a flash flood.”

    – At Dover Airforce Base, after Obama told Mr Strange his son “changed the way Americans live” he embraced the weeping father, who proceeded to wipe his nose on the president’s jacket (a story Mr. Strange loves to tell, according to his wife.)

    – Imam at ceremony at Bagram Air Force base condemned the men as “white devils” and “infidels”.

    – All the bodies were cremated.

    – According to Mr. Strange, some of the families are not speaking out because they are getting “threatened by the command”: “The checks could stop – or the kid who doesn’t have a father now, might not get a scholarship for college.”

    – Mr. Strange believes his phones are tapped.

    – Recently Michael Strange was awarded the Silver Star for valor. His parents were not invited to the White House for the Ceremony.

  8. “It’s time to stop assuming, it’s time to stop asking, “Where is the outrage?”, and start doing something about it. The outrage starts here!!!”

    We don’t need to ask where the outrage is, we’ve all been outraged for a long time, and it grows daily. The question is, practically speaking, what does one actually do about it? We vote, and it’s meaningless. We write letters, and they’re ignored. We try to talk to people, and they are distracted by the next text message coming through. We pray, and we can’t see what the answer is. Armed is great, but with no organization, how do you actually, practically, resist tyranny?

    The question is not meant to be sarcastic, I’m really asking.

    • “Armed is great, but with no organization, how do you actually, practically, resist tyranny?”
      The first thing that must be stated, PA (and I know it’s only a reminder, not enlightening news) is that there is no silver bullet. I.e., there will be a thousand things–big and small–to be done to combat the tyranny of the Liberal Establishment.

      The second thing is that I think one of the “big” things to be done is exactly what you touched upon–organize. This starts off with simple networking amongst like-minded patriots, both locally (i.e., face-to-face in your neighborhood) and nationally (via blogs such as this, Facebook, etc.).

      A few patriots will be gathering in NYC this weekend to continue to hammer out some sort of formalization of this process. I’ll share the results with the group next week.

      The time for talk is long over; the time for mobilizing is well past due.

    • Kansas Gun Girl

      I understand your frustration! Yes, there are a few of us who are taking action and doing all the right things. Sadly, there are all to few. The majority of people that I know COMPLAIN, but take no action If the phones to Congress were lit up on a daily basis, I believe they would have no choice but to listen. When Americans care enough to make a difference and do what it takes, we can see change. Posting on facebook is not taking action. Sharing information, while good, is not action. There must be a consistent employment of action. We must all decide what freedom is worth and what we are willing to do about it. For example, I know many who SAY they are strong 2nd Amendment supporters – and they are, until they need a new washer and dryer and the store with the NO CONCEAL CARRY sign on the door has them $30 less than their competition. We must be able to answer the question, “What am I willing to do to stay free?” KGG

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  10. I’m getting too old to be constantly pissed off. you want to fight Fedzilla, you’ll lose.

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