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The Plight of the Melanin Poor


Creepy A** Crackers in their natural habitat


The pursuit of happiness (in my case, read:  “fun”) is the usual agenda for Texas Belle.  And while she normally is successful in those pursuits, occasionally real life can be a party pooper.  Personal disclosure:  Texas Belle has been in the trenches with her little Pre-K buckaroo and his acute illness.  He’s much better now but the last two weeks of intensive snuggling and comforting the little progeny have left me focused on him and wondering about his future.  As I stroked his little clammy, pale cheeks, I called to mind the reality that this is only a fleeting moment.  He will one day not have his adoring Mommy to cuddle him in his discomfort.  What sort of world will greet my little rosy cheeked cherub, when he is a man?

The world has turned on the Caucasian male.  To an extent, he is the author of his own undoing.  Specifically, it is primarily the fault of the Caucasian subspecies Homo Sapiens Babyboomerus.  I blame his kind for the proliferation of many ills that now plague us.  Thanks to the ‘Boomers, we enjoy firmly entrenched liberal cultural values, AIDS, absurd chase scenes in movies, and the various male enhancement ads. Really guys, how is sitting in separate tubs on the beach getting us closer to the goal line?  H.S. Babyboomerus has systematically thrown away his position of power with both hands with the grace of a failed layup.  It was the distinct privilege and leisure accorded to ‘Boomers as children and young adults that afforded them the idle time crucial to even conceive of “White Guilt.”  In his attempt to assuage his guilt, he effectively set in motion a power transfer from himself to everyone else through political mandate.  He may yet think he has scored a few points along the way, as with “free love.”  What guy doesn’t enjoy the idea of no commitment sex?  And how handy is it that nowadays, practically every woman expects to earn as much dough as her man…if not more?  It sure makes it easier to take advantage of that No-Fault divorce thingy, without the bothersome guilt.  The ladies can obviously take of themselves much better than the guys can anyway, right?  After all, we are all equals and it leaves the modern guy time for important self improvement activities, like Worlds of Warcraft.

The question of what our sons can expect in the future is an endless conversation I’ve been having with my younger sister, who has a little guy of her own.  We both worry about the place of men and in particular, Caucasian men.  We’re both agitated that each of our sons should not necessarily expect to enter his chosen institution of higher learning, simply because he performed the best academically and scored the highest on exams.  No, despite the fact that we are all “equals,” my son will suffer discrimination based on his creamy white complexion.  His Scotch-Irish lineage has left him melanin deficient.  You could say he is “Melanin Poor.”  And for that one factor, he will be disadvantaged academically, and therefore, financially.  Fisher V. University of Texas may have warmed the Affirmative Action glacier enough to begin to melt but any benefit to White guys will be in the far distant future.  Just a few days ago, Jesse Jackson declared that “Britain needs its own plan of affirmative action to stamp out generations of racial injustice.”  Oh boy.

The racist bias against white males has naturally contaminated the highest reaches of society and government.  Humbly, it is submitted that our own current POTUS is in office only because he has some genetic heritage from the African continent.  I remember thinking about the importance of role models, as I watched Obama’s Grant Park victory speech, election night 2008.  I thought of my young, successful hipsters friends who’d voted for Obama and were doubtlessly gratified that any non-Old White Guy was now controlling the world.  At last they could get a full night’s rest!

Forget all the other presidents and leaders in our great history, because, apparently, one can only be a role model to people of his own color.  No matter how great the person and the achievement, whether George Washington or Moses, today we are told there are more important people to revere.  Today’s children are pushed by schools to honor the achievements of the Melanin Rich.  The relevance of all those dusty ol’ whities is now carefully sidestepped, while the questionable activities and “achievements” of Jay-Z, Oprah and community organizers are lauded.  If I hear anyone else try to put across that Egyptian Pharaohs were black, I’m going to go jump off the nearest pyramid.

While we see diverse ethnicities and cultures promoted in our schools, in music, media and advertising, Caucasian men have been demoted to bit players.  And they are often the butt of the joke.  How many countless commercials portray the fumbling, idiot White father who has to be tolerated, ignored or otherwise saved by his children, wife and the people at Allstate?  I wonder, who will be my son’s role model?  Likely won’t be a White guy, if society and popular culture hold sway.  The message my boy will receive is that it’s somehow not OK to simply be what he is.  In fact, he should be ashamed of his White privilege.

So where does all this leave my little dude?  The odds have been stacked against him.  He will be subjected to discrimination from every angle, at every turn.  Will his achievements be acknowledged as worthy?  Or will he be despised for expecting any kind of acknowledgement?  Our society is too busy handing out participant trophies to notice and reward hard work and true talent.  The message of late has been that traditionally privileged White dudes should keep quiet and work overtime to contribute their fair share to the slush fund of Progress.

While it’s trés compassionate that all you White dudes have gone overboard promoting every other group to your own detriment, you should ask yourselves when enough is enough.  Gentlemen, please remember, our nation, our world needs strong, intelligent White men.  We need to hear your voice and your perspective.  My son needs that role model.  There is enough political correctness and mandatory diversity training in the handbooks of government and corporate concerns to carry us through to the end of humanity.  Stop playing the wall flower and get back out on the dance floor!  If we’re going to have a Conga line, it’s OK for you to lead it.  It’s time for balance in our once-great land.  Melanin Poor men of the nation, rise up!



  1. If I hear anyone else try to put across that Egyptian Pharaohs were black, I’m going to go jump off the nearest pyramid.

    More sense it makes to throw person uttering nonsense off of pyramid!

  2. TB…

    Got this on twitter right after I read this great piece of work from you. You sure as heck touched many bases with your spot-on words.

    Gotta get to bed, but it’s going to be interesting to see what the majority of the guys say here tomorrow.

    Catch ya’ll later. ~

    • Hey bigtimer! This is very close to my heart. Virtually everyone who has a son, brother, cousin, etc., *should* be angered by the treatment they receive currently. Why is it commonly acceptable in our culture to trash and ridicule Caucasian men? The consensus that they are fair game must end. That or we should get to poke for at everyone!

  3. Let’s see now, the Cosmopolitans want to replace all the Blacks with Mexicans/Mestizos/South American Indians as low IQ muscle and the STEM folks with Indian H-1B Job Thieves:

    Your enemy is the same when it comes to guns AND immigration.

  4. Your little one has Scots-Irish blood flowing in him. You need to buy, BORN FIGHTING, How The Scots-Irish Shaped America The author is Viet Nam Vet and former Sec of the Navy, James Webb. He is one of the highest decorated Marines in the Vietnam War
    “Born Fighting shows that the Scots-Irish were 40% of the Revolutionary War Army;
    they included the pioneers Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clarke, Davy Crockett and Sam Houston; they were the writers Edgar Allen Poe, and Mark Twain; and they have given America numerous military leaders, to include Stonewall Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, Audie Murphy, George Patton as well as the soldiers of the Confederacy (only 5% owned slaves and fought against what was viewed an invading army.) It illustrates how the Scots-Irish redefined American politics, creating the populist movement and giving the country a dozen Presidents, including Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. And it explores how the Scots-Irish culture of isolation, hard luck, stubbornness and mistrust of the nations elite formed and still dominates blue-collar America, the military services, the Bible belt and country music.”
    I would buy the book and save it for him. It is simply the best book on the topic. He also wrote Fields of Fire, film maker(Rules Of Engagement).
    Your Son has good genetic material, raise him well, homeschool him.
    I assure you he will turn out fine. James Webb, he belongs in the group above. He was a true Conservative Maverick Democrat Senator for one term beating out a potential candidate for Republicans to run for President, a true RINO.
    Buy the book, save it to show him where he comes from. Scots-Irish have more than done due diligence in shaping our Country and they need to keep on.

    • I agree Michael! I will definitely grab a copy of “Born Fighting…”. I have “HOW THE IRISH SAVED CIVILIZATION, The Untold Story of Ireland’s Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe,” by Thomas Cahill. It’s also a great read.
      We are a DAR/SAR family, which is pretty cool, IMO. Now if you do some googling…apparently they are seen as “racist” groups by some. Gee, what a shocker. (eyerol) Imagine a group that celebrates the men who founded our nation with their blood. Well, duh, of course that’s a racist organization.


    A few years ago some bunch of wackos were claiming that Moses was a black man which is our course just more PC History revionists poppycock Its just as rediculous as the opening sceice to 2001 A SPACE ODDESY showing these dumb looking apemen I mean their rewritting history to favor their liberal ideas. I have seen THE TEN COMMANDMENTS with CHARELTON HESTON plenty of times to cut through this PC poppycock

  6. Belle,

    Your post is well taken, but I would not worry about your little dude. There are plenty of men for role models… probably don’t have to look any further than his grandpa. Get your son involved in sports… better yet, find a good self defense instructor and get your son started… talk about building confidence. Your son will find his niche in life and will be successful… you and your husband just need to teach him right from wrong and he’ll be well on his way in life… and don’t forget to bring the Lord into his life.

    Lastly… as far as those ads ridiculing the white male, they are most likely produced by some metrosexual who is insecure with himself and received a few too many wedges growing up.

    • Hey Belle,

      Is your son doing this?

      Why not?

      There are free programs all over the U.S. and guess who takes advantage of them.

      While you Ms. Belle and the rest of society is teaching him team sportsmanship, turn the other cheek, Oriental discipline, and never hit first. Black Mommies have already taught their three year old son or daughter to hit their numerous siblings and fight to get what they want.

      My next question, are you a single mother?

      • ++++Thumbs up!!!!!

        In the Old Navy we had smokers'(boxing)nights, now they have Ice Cream socials.

      • Martial arts are great. We were raised with it but I never appreciated the training until later in life. “Single” mothering has never been on the agenda, so no. 🙂 Widowhood could happen to anyone I suppose, as contrasted with out of wedlock “single parenting” is something that is easily avoided. Many do not bother though, do they?
        I agree with you and Paul B. that we do as much to train and guide our little ones. However, children, teens and young adults are *heavily* influenced by PEERS. Also educators. I would be a fool to believe that peer relationships, the entertainment culture and the public indoctrination systems will not influence a little brain which doesn’t gel completed until around 24 years, or so they say.

        • master of sinanju

          Many praises and good wishes to you dear lady, raise you son well, although a father would be better in a young boy’s/man’s life a good strong morally upstanding woman can do the job with the guidance of our Heavenly Father and his Son’s teachings. I was raised by a widowed Mother and although she was barely five feet tall, she hit like a two hundred pound man!! (LOL)

        • OK, excellent your son has a mom and a dad,

          Dad needs to be your sons first role model. And dad also needs your help and support in this endeavor. You obviously know this and I am preaching to the choir.

          Let me leave you with this thought, I am appalled at the number of Black belts I have met that are excellent artist with beautiful kicks and Katas but cannot fight. Too many Black Belts have never been in a real fight, start your son off with boxing.

          We are all subjected to lies and manipulations, and we all get taken in by our peers, false priest, and mendacious educators. It’s part of the learning process, your son has the basics and he will persevere.

  7. GREAT POST!!!

    Unlike the Marxist in our society want us to believe… being tolerant of other races does NOT mean we have to be ashamed of ours

  8. Imtoooldforthis

    I used to believe that you should never kick a dog (translate that into any skin color you want) when they’re down. Since the violence against whites has increased so dramatically I now believe you should not only kick them but step on their head, crack their spine and leave them for dead. A helping hand is no longer available from me and a kick to the kneecaps is.

  9. Read ”Gods of Color” by Gunnar Sinclaire. It’s the most extreme look at the future of Whites. Parts of the book are pretty far fetched,and it IS fiction.but if I had read it twenty years ago I wouldn’t have believed any of it could happen.

    • Hi, Saw this! Awesome!!! God bless them all!!! Wish I could be riding with them !! They are not breaking any laws so the evil ones in DC cannot stop them!!! BRAVO

  10. Here’s a feel good video that should be a lesson
    Take some MMA classes NOW!

    White guy beats up 4 blacks at one time:

  11. When the real shtf, you know it will be strong white males who will rise to the occasion like they have done so many times before. You can’t find many positive contributions to civilization that were created by other than white males. Oh there are a few to be sure, but look at the number of non-whites in the world and in history and the paltry number of achievements of same. I’m just saying……

  12. Since Whitey is the only guy that knows how to invent fundamental things (like cars, shoes, forks and stuff), I look forward to the coming collapse because then all the great unwashed will remain unwashed until a white guy reinvents the soap dish.

  13. Beautiful, poignant article. As the father of two beautiful teenage sons here in Georgia, I share Texas Belle’s heartache and foreboding.

  14. Here’s a report that belongs right in with this topic.

    • responded to your post below… the “reply” button seems to turn invisible with me sometimes… or its the pain meds from my back surgery making me stupid LOL

  15. Bigtimer

    sad.. very sad

    I think that a mother AND a father are very important in a child’s life

    A friend of mine is a corrections officer and he says one of the things that most inmates have in common is a poor upbringing and a father that was never around.. the story is the same regardless of race too. This is in NO WAY and indictment on single mothers.. its proof that men who refuse to take responsibility for their children are the problem and proves that BOTH parents are needed for a well adjusted child to grow into a productive adult

  16. riverlife_callie

    As a baby boomer, I have always been a conservative, I have never done drugs and have been a productive member of society. I am now retired. I am getting more than a little angry at what seems to be a plethora of articles citing boomers as the cause of all the world’s ills. It is sloppy thinking to paint an entire generation with this same black brush. I pray when your little boy grows up he doesn’t look upon your generation with the same contempt. But he probably will.

  17. Melanin poor indeed. We bin missin you roun here Ms. Belle. Well if you don’t lose contact when you are relocated to the reeducation camp and the offspring don’t off his own self before he hots 20 like hellions are wont to do; I have a suggestion, of I may. Save your shekels and pack the little dude off to my beloved Wales for college or if he don’t like college so much then Belfast for training. More and more I dread returning to the states but Jessi won’t let me stay. Would you believe they have the endangered species masculinus straight and feminimus curvaceous walking the streets. It is only a question of time till Wales assumes its rightful place as the independent head of a revised UK of which has given itself to almost complete wussification. You realize your youngin is a born warrior?

  18. And that is my last comment from Amtrak wifi. I thought it was the kindle so I used the iPhone and that only made it worse. I started typing just across the Hudson and finished in Philthy. I only wish you could have seen one of the first three comments trashed. Y Amtrak wifi. You got my drift I hope .

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