This is a repost from last June but it pretty much sums up why Trump and Cruz are kicking the wussified boo-tay of the wussypants Republican Establishment. I guess the Republican Establishment is learning they can’t piss on the boots of their conservative base and tell them its raining forever. Only Democrats believe stupidity and lies forever. Maybe the Repub Establishment should become Dims. Oh, they already are!

Since 2010, the Republican Establishment has made no secret of its hate for the Tea Party outside of Tea Party votes. The only time RINO Establishment types pretend to be Tea Partiers is at reelection time. Then they tear open their stuffed shirts to reveal their temporary Andrew Breitbart tattoos displayed on their wimpy, sunken chests. Then it’s back to Washington to continue screwing America.

Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, John “Boo Hoo” Boehner, Eric Cantor, and the entire Republican Establishment leadership in Congress view the Tea Party and it’s motives of fiscal responsibility and the destruction of the good ol’ corrupt boy system as enemies more than the Democrats. Why? Because the Establishment doesn’t view the Democrats as enemies.

Mitch McConnell called the Tea Party “bullies who need a punch in the nose.” One would think he would view the detestable, corrupt Harry Reid as the enemy who needs punching. But no, Reid is McConnell’s “good friend on the other side of the aisle.”

Truth is, there is no aisle. They are all part of the ruling club. Lifetime politicians who have voted themselves a life more posh and powerful than any group on Earth. The only true thing on which the Republicans view the Democrats as enemies is on floor of the House and Senate. Not that they will do anything demonstrably different from each other. It’s very simple. More power means more money. It’s that simple and that sickening.

There is virtually zero difference between the Republicans and Democrats. The only real difference is to whom they belong. The Democrats are owned by corrupt labor unions while Republicans sell their souls to large corporations for personal gain. Neither party gives one little damn about their constituents.

In Texas, a recently unseated RINO State Senator who had been in office for years held a fund raiser for a very liberal Democrat State Senator! When questioned, he said they were good friends. Lovely. This RINO Senator lost his primary after he and his opponent spent over $6 million for a job that pays less than $10k a year. Good riddance John Carona! Now you’re free to run as a Democrat!

Yet there are Republicans in America who still believe the GOP is the party of small government and low taxation. One only need look to the first six years of the George W Bush administration to see the truth. Republicans controlled all three branches of government for six years. A perfect opportunity to slash the size and expense of the federal government, right? Wrong! The Republicans spent money like Democrats. Perhaps more! No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, costly and unwinnable wars, Bush and his cronies added huge debt to America and paved the way for Obama, Reid and Pelosi to further destroy America at an even greater pace.

The Tea Party seeks to install a balanced budget in Washington. A budget that shrinks year to year as we have to achieve in the private sector. The Tea Party wants to curtail the power of special interest groups and lobbyists who buy legislation from corruptocrats in Washington. We seek to abolish costly, incompetent agencies in Washington and return more power to the States. We demand the repeal of ObamaCare. We also demand the end of crony capitalism and the enforcement of our borders and immigration laws. The Tea Party seeks free market capitalism without the restrictions of DC bureaucrats. We want Washington out of our life. The Establishment Republicans want none of these. Neither do the Democrats.

Congress has become an exclusive lifetime club where members look after each other, no matter what the party. Even those politicians who criticize Congress and the way things are done are in love with the lifestyle. How many of them ever step down unless they are certain to be unseated in the next election? A big, fat NONE of them! This past week, 91 year old Texas GOP and former Democrat relic Ralph Hall was unseated in a runoff after being in Congress longer than anyone in history! One would think a man who could die any minute would want to spend time with his family and friends. Wrong! Hall would sell his great, great, great grandchildren off to medical experiments to have another term in the Club of Kings in Washington!

AWD gave up on the Republican Party after the House elected John Boehner as Speaker after the Tea Party returned the GOP to House majority in 2010. We were used for votes. Promises were made and broken. The Establishment still uses us. Who else are we going to vote for? Certainly not a Democrat! Well, as I have explained, it makes no difference if you vote for a Republican or a Democrat unless the Republican has been in office for less than 3 terms. After that, they are bought off and corrupted. Much like the lawyers who worked for the law firm in the book The Firm. They sell their souls to special interests for THEIR betterment.

So there you have it. The RINO Establishment despises the Tea Party because we will upset their little rotten apple cart. No more cushy retirements and special programs for Congressmen and their staffs. No more legal insider trading. No more expensive, ridiculous lifetime pensions. No more opting out of laws they create that plague Americans. Don’t listen to their words. Watch their actions.

In AWD’s opinion, there are only two Senate members who can be trusted. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Rand Paul has been assimilated. He’s being used for his support of Mitch McConnell and criticism of the anti-Amnesty voices. Marco Rubio is a pure politician who will say anything to anyone at any time. He’s a fraud.

America is going backwards on the world stage at a shocking rate. We have enemies running the White House and appeasers in Congress. Obama has trampled on the Constitution while the Republicans hold sham show hearings where nothing happens! It’s all political theater. They are all in it together, one way or another.

The Tea Party was the last best hope for the last best hope on Earth. I’m afraid it came about 25 years too late to save America from the corrupt traitors in Washington.


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