Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson are soaring in the polls for the same reason El Jeb Bush isn’t. The former aren’t wussypants Republican Establishment types while El Jeb…well, we all know about El Jeb.

Now word is getting out that the wussypants Establishment Republicans will not vote for Trump should he win the GOP nomination. No surprise there. The Republican Establishment hates conservative voters. They love our votes, hate our message.

AWD has long surmised that the Republicans don’t want to win the White House. Republican presidents leave the GOP nowhere to hide. They need a Democrat on which to blame their massive big-government and fiscally disastrous failures. By losing presidential campaigns, Republicans always have the evil Democrat in the White House stopping all the things the Republicans really want stopped anyway. Stupid Republican Voters (SRV’s) back home who don’t pay attention will continue to send their money to the RNC, RNCC, RNSC and believe they are fighting the evil Democrats. They are only feeding evil Republicans in Washington who are really evil Democrats themselves.

Republicans find themselves in a fix. They campaign on smaller government, reduced spending, lower taxes, etc but vote the opposite when in office. It’s hard to dodge a voting record unless the votes don’t matter. We see it all the time. “We don’t have the votes in the Senate to overcome a filibuster or veto” says Mitch McConnell. This didn’t pose a problem for Harry Reid when he ran the joint (it’s debatable if he still does). He just did away with the filibuster rule when it got in the way.

The House Republicans have been led by Democrat John Boehner since the Tea Party movement returned the GOP to power in 2010. When Boehner finally had angered enough of the “conservative” Republicans in the House, they sought to vote him out of the Speaker’s seat. He resigned instead. But what did the “conservative” Republicans do? They voted in Paul Ryan who is every bit as liberal as John Boehner! Smoke and mirrors! Political pro wrestling. Nothing ever changes in Washington. Just keep the SRV’s happy back home.

The wussypants Republican Establishment has a huge problem on their hands. Donald Effin’ Trump. He isn’t one of them. Hell, nobody really knows what he is. But he has balls and isn’t afraid to bloody noses of those conservative Republicans despise, including the GOP Establishment. And after McCain and Romney balls is enough in 2016.

Ted Cruz is creeping up rapidly and AWD believes Cruz will win the nomination. The Establishment also despises Cruz. He has been a huge pain in their little corrupt bony asses since he replaced Kay Bailout Hutchison.

Now it’s coming out that the Establishment Republicans won’t vote for Trump nor Cruz when they win the nomination. It’s OK. Millions of conservatives won’t vote for an Establishment puke like El Jeb or Gang Of Eight Rubio, either. I won’t.

So the Republican Party is totally divided. And a political party without a consistent, unifying set of principles will certainly fail. In keeping, the Republican Party must die. Conservatives should not feel compelled to vote for just the latest big-government moderate RINO loser like we did with John McCain or Mitt Romney. We won’t vote for El Jeb or Gang of Eight. Screw them. They’ve screwed us for years. At this point, AWD has as much concern for the Republican Party as I have for the broadcast longevity of The View.

Personally, I see very little difference between El Jeb and Hillary Clinton. They both are owned by and support the same big-government and Wall Street programs. When El Jeb isn’t criticizing Hillary, he’s hanging Medals of Freedom around her neck. Political professional wrestling.

If the Republican Party loses to Barack Obama twice and Hillary, a woman who is a alcoholic crook who used the State Department as a fund raising mechanism and gave away Top Secret information, it deserves to be consigned to the toilet of history. Years from now, political science students will study how the Republican Party learned the hard way it’s never a good idea to piss off your constituents.

So, by conservatives not voting for El Jeb or Gang of Eight and wussypants Republicans and their SRV’s not voting for Trump or Cruz, Hillary wins. I’m not sure the USA can survive 4 or 8 years of Hillary. Or El Jeb. I’m not sure America can survive 4 more years of Congress. But maybe that’s what needs to happen. Stupid consequences come from stupid decisions. And America has electorally made just about the most stupid decisions possible since Reagan left office. Of course, what did we have to choose from? Aw hell, the illegal alien vote will win the Swing States for Hillary anyway. Maybe Hillary will be the final nail.

Did you hear that a Texas legislator is seeking to put secession on the next legislative calendar??


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