The Star of the Show



Brandon Dixon is the 35 year-old actor who currently plays the part of Aaron Burr in the musical Hamilton. He was also designated by the writers and cast to give the now infamous diatribe to VP-Elect Pence during a recent performance. It seems he felt it was his civic duty to do so. However, Mr. Dixon didn’t vote in the 2012 election and it remains to be seen if he even voted this year. So much for his civic duty.

The event represented for Brandon a chance to gain attention and to add a bit of notoriety to his resume. After all, hypocritical conservative bashing is a requirement for those of his ilk.

The big question is just who is Brandon Dixon and what gives him the moral authority to bash anyone in public? Mr. Dixon was born in the diverse but well to do community of Gaithersburg, Maryland. He attended the prestigious St. Albans School in DC and subsequently matriculated at Columbia University. It seems that Brandon must have had his “white privilege” really going for him. You can rest assured that his application to Columbia was in a different stack from mine. From there it seemed that has developed a solid but not spectacular career in the theater. That he’s a liberal and a supporter of Hillary Clinton is a given.

But the real Brandon Dixon is a bit “darker” if you pardon the pun, especially if you look at some of his Twitter messaging. Here are a few quotes.


*More good than bad? Until I see LEGIONS of good cops in the streets holding the bad cops accountable, they’re all complicit.

*St. Patty’s day weekend is like Christmas for black dudes who like white chicks. Happy holidays boys.

*”4 every racist comment I get about Trayvon Im going 2 turn 1 white married suburban housewife & mother n2 a jump off” The. Best.


For those of you who don’t know, a jump off is a casual sexual partner. It does seem that the true character of Brandon Dixon is quite clear. It also lends credence to the adage of that you can take the thug out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the thug. (But Brandon didn’t really grow up in the hood did he?)

It’s quite obvious that Mr. Dixon doesn’t like law enforcement but that would be rather stereotypical. What is also stereotypical is his attitude toward women in general and white women in particular. (And these people are the first to point a finger at Donald Trump for misogyny) We already know you’ve referred to the ladies as Ho’s in other tweets. You also don’t feel the need to apologize to Mr. Pence. Yet you wonder why black males are profiled. Go figure that one.

Hey Brandon, here’s a message for you. Mike Pence didn’t come into the theater whistling Dixie or requesting you sing “Those Old Cotton Field Back Home.” He came to be entertained not to be lectured to by a hypocritical punk. You spend so much time pretending to be other people that you don’t know reality when you look into a mirror. However, I know exactly who and what you are. You’re a bigoted, spoiled, third-rate talent who wouldn’t be in your position without the gift of affirmative action and the benefits of white society. Do you think St. Albans and Columbia were produced in the Hood? That must really irk you. It must piss you off beyond all recognition that you have to portray a famous white man. I know what you really think of whites, especially white women. I also know what you’d like to do to us as a race if you could. So don’t start complaining the next time a black criminal is shot by the police. It’s people like you that reinforce the “stereotypes” about African Americans.

If you were so worried about “social justice” (whatever that is) you might be a bit more concerned about the slaughter ongoing in the inner cities precipitated by blacks upon other blacks. Just recently the 15 year-old grandson of a US Congressman was shot and killed by another 15 year old for a beef over athletic shoes. What makes it even more pathetic is that this kind of event is nothing new or uncommon. Somehow you think making a difference is sexually assaulting intoxicated white women or criticizing Mike Pence.

It’s not me, the police, the NRA, the GOP or even whites in general driving the racial divide in America. You and others like you are the real reason. You had an opportunity to reach out across the aisle and be magnanimous. I would have considered you a moral hero and you would have had an instant fan. (QLB likes the theater and goes every time he has been to Nuevo Jork) Instead you blew it, just for the opportunity at a cheap insult. Typical.

Here’s some real life advice. You seem to believe in and promote stereotypes especially about law enforcement and white women. I suspect you also have them about white men in general. You’re too smart to engage in any violent action yourself. You’d much rather egg it on by others using your hateful bombast via the mainstream and social media. Money says that every time you hear about a report involving polar bear hunting or the knockout game you’re thrilled and high five with your buddies after talking about it. However, I’d think real hard about the “typecasting” that you place white men into and examine carefully the biographies of the patriots whose lives you try to emulate on the stage. Where I’m from all the cowboys are real and snowflakes don’t make it here.




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