The Super Bowl Is Gay


Madonna and Dancers

Nothing gay here. Nothing at all.

Ah yes, it is that time of year when America comes together for a Sunday evening around the tube with BBQ and beer. A day that has had some even consider the following Monday a National Holiday! I remember growing up as a kid and watching football with my father, seeing the rival of the Cowboys vs. “The Steel Curtain”! Wow, those were the days when football was brutal…

Characters that ran the ranks of the good ol’ NFL were Lyle Alzado, Jack Youngblood, Jake Kenny “The Snake” Stabler, Earl Cambell, and Mike Singletary—to name a few. Pansies just did not exist in the NFL during that era, and the media would never allow such a “taming down” of America’s sport that saw such brutal hits as Lawrence Taylor snapping Joe Theisman’s leg in half on a nice Monday evening. Hell, the NFL, its announcers, fans, and the Oakland Raiders even gave a nickname to a defensive back who wore the number 37. Yep, that’s right: Lester “The Molester” Hayes. I am sure in today’s NFL and media that probably would not fly; everyone would be up in arms. THANKS, PENN STATE!

Now with the NFL playing with kid gloves (and pink shoes), and restrictions being put in place to protect players from injuries in a sport that they willingly play (and make millions in doing so!), what we need to do is restart the USFL. The idea of this league back in the 1980s was a great idea; it was just not competing at the right time. Players named above were the monsters of the league back then—how could the USFL have ever competed with them? Now is the time to bring a league in to compete with the NFL—allowing the hits to occur, ticket prices lowered, and real men to play for the love of the game. That love is what the individuals get so comfortably compensated for.

Case in point: the UFC’s takedown of the PBA. Boxing is non-existent as a result of thirteen to fifteen rounds of pure boredom. The public is tired of the high paid, illiterate athletes being protected and fans not getting their money’s worth. To take my wife to see the Chargers play (and lose of course), I would drop easily $400, only to be disappointed in the end…and then read in the papers of an impending hold out. WTF!

The Gayest?

Nope, not as gay as the NFL. Oh, wait--it IS the NFL!

So, in today’s NFL, instead of brutal hits, “offensive” nicknames, great beer commercials, taped bloody knuckles, and teeth knocked out, we are given—drum roll please—a halftime show with Madonna! Are you f’n kidding me?! Who’s next—Cher and the Black Eyed Peas? Oh, right—the Black Peas already did it.

The NFL is officially GAY. Now, there maybe a few who take offense to me using this term. I am sorry. But watch the halftime show, if able to stomach it, and tell me different after Madonna struts around with her “guys” and “music”. And why is Metallica not playing the halftime show? Oh, because they think the Super Bowl is GAY too. I am sure European and Middle East Soccer fans would appreciate a show like that. They would riot at the drop of a hat! The death toll in Egypt would be minimal by comparison. If anyone has ever been to a pub in Scotland or England and seen the fans drinking, you would completely understand. Ask their fans if they would like Madonna to play a Manchester United vs. Armory halftime show. It would be pure chaos! So I am here to protest the NFL. They have officially stepped down off the pedestal, jumped the shark and have given up the Man Sport Reign.

I would love to hear what Jack Lambert’s opinion of today’s NFL is.

Soccer and the UFC are now today’s BRUTAL sports!


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